FBI #Antisec false-flag operation targets FBI

INTERNET–Antisec, a subgroup of Anonymous, the “hackers on steroids,” released a million out of twelve million Apple IDs allegedly obtained from an FBI laptop. Antisec’s former leader Sabu worked with the FBI just days after it was created, sending a string of young idealistic hacktivists to prison. The leak of information on Apple users appears to have been orchestrated by the FBI, as it is common knowledge the FBI has been in control of Antisec since its inception.

Barrett Brown, official spokesperson for Anonymous and CIA plant, stated in a tinychat that within 5-10 years America will be overthrown. “You think I’m insane?” The megalomaniac pariah in charge of ruining the image of Anonymous stated, “these people in government, they’re responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and you say I’m insane? You’re some fucking defense contractor, and when the revolution comes we’ll string you all up, no matter how many of you there are.”

Apple did not immediately comment, but Android developers have close ties to the FBI, according to a leaked Stratfor document from WikiLeaks GIFiles.

Commander X, leader of the People’s Liberation Front, another subgroup of Anonymous and DHS plant, stated that he doesn’t really like gays, and Apple is for gays and women. Representative Dan Gordon, America’s only Anonymous official, agreed that all women are “liars and sluts, except for Amber Lyon and Gabriella Coleman.”  Meanwhile, a network of sex workers led by a secretive activist closely allied with Chronicle.SU who prefers to stay anonymous, has been keeping an eye on these misogynist revolutionaries.

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Just luvs me a game of chicken on the intrawebz….it will be interesting to see who says uncle in this latest round of ‘antisec’ (wake tards antisec was and still is a #FBI gov operation (and sabu is still helping them, obvious is obvious) xD
A whore in all things except publicity, but there was a time…..lolz about teh secretive sex worker cabal working to shed light on the tardiness/tardom among certain ppl/groups fagging up shit on the super info highway (goes for those prosuck/infosex charlatans too).
Serially if you anonytards want a decent, yet totally ‘epic’ revolution maybe u guise/chicks should try not picking a junkie informant (BarrettTEHclown), and a schizophrenic homeless guy (Col. Klink has been spotted hanging around U of T campus (repeatedly), in Toronto, it must be the free wifi & campus hotties) who is btw also a total fuard as a hacker.
*plants these necessary seeds of doubt

@TomRyanBlog/part-time jesterfag trying too hard… ‘Why do I have a feeling the UDID Data came from a disgruntled Apple Employee and is being turned into a conspiracy theory. Thoughts?’
10:09pm – 4 Sep 12
@TomRyanBlog being cryptic…’ you knw the world is coming to an end when @AdrianChen and I have something in common. Be afraid, be very afraid!’ (Moar like Laurel and Hardy, expect lulz!)
1:21am – 5 Sep 12

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