“Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett dead from alcohol poisoning

INTERNET — Fans mourn the death of “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennet Marieox, who passed away at the age of 24. Akron Ohio’s Coroner ruled the death an accidental alcohol poisoning. “Gun Girl” famously posed at the scene of the tragic massacre at Kent State University, wielding her Assault Rifle in an implicit threat to any who would challenge her glamorous liberty.

“She’s a heavy drinker,” said husband Joel Marieox, who found her deceased Saturday afternoon, following a long night of partying. “I never thought it could come to this. She was just so young and full of life.”

Fans and haters have have taken to social media, discussing details of her death. “I saw all those pictures where she passed out drunk and soiled herself, so I’m not surprised,” said one comment on twitter. “She’s really annoying. Like she just got up in people’s faces and tried to bother them. I’m not even a liberal and I still hate her.”

However, some supporters are disputing her ignominious death. “This didn’t happen by accident as the fake news media claims. She was so dangerous that the Antifa Dems took her out, shamed her like this,” tweeted PatriotForGod. “She stood up for our gun rights and you know what? They got to her. I’m sure of it.”

Akron police spokesperson Gerald McCarthy announced the department was conducting a routine investigatiion, but at the moment there are no signs of foul play.

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