Hacking is performance art

Hackers have long held a place of fear in the minds of computer users everywhere. Movies have portrayed hackers as everything from sexually twisted introvert voyeurs to godlike masters of virtual reality. The rise of groups attempting to emulate the success of LulzSec has been intense and rapid, and it is a direct reaction to this distorted image.

Blah blah blah blah terrorism blah blah blah

To look at hackers like these and call them terrorists is beyond absurd. Accusations have been made that stolen information may put lives at risk. Bomb threats have been made under the alias of AntiSec. Critics complain that hackers are only quickening the pace of the inevitable internet clampdown that corporations have been lobbying for. It is these complaints that fuel the performance art of hacking.

Very serious and powerful people believe that cablegate has actually put lives at risk, despite the lack of a single shred of evidence. News companies have broadcast this contrived message to every home in America and it has become the effective truth. LulzSec forced these arguments to the most absurd level possible. The “chilling” hack on PBS proclaimed Tupac was still alive in New Zealand, propelling their Twitter account’s ascent. Terrorism? More like performance art.

In the aftermath of LulzSec, hackers have used the Fox News Twitter account to declare the death of Obama. SwagSec has defaced police web sites, leaving rap videos by Public Enemy and the kind of tongue-in-cheek death threats gangsta rappers love to make. Both the security of the internet and the general public fear for hackers are being mocked. The hackers are standing up to those who believe the internet is serious business. It’s more than just that, though. They’re standing up to everyone who would label civil disobedience as terrorism.

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i don told you once you sonofabitch im the best theres ever been, dun dun dun.
so where aer you guys from anyway?

anonymous is a clan of attention starved virgins. hacking is an art, but seeing what anonymous has become, no real hacker would ever claim to be a part of it. anonymous is a strange figure head for “hacktivist”, and i disfigured one at that. they concern themselves with trolling and trolls, they speak of revolution as though they are apart of it. do you see a reolution? i don’t. they’re pussies that hide behind mask and voice changers, “to avoid criminal charges” lolol. they don’t know their meme, they loosely follow a code written by someone they don’t know. they’re no better than christians.
real hackers are artist, anonymous is a virus, people follow them so willingly because they have nothing else to follow.
dear those at the chronicle,
stop bitching, start a revolution. are we just going to sit at our computers typing about all the bull shit that goes on, or are we going to incite revolution?
when you’re ready to stop talking and start doing, contact me. i’m ready to act

I like you for your subversive qualities, friend. I led the postmodern revolution within Anonymous, some called it an outbreak of cancer on AnonNews consisting of badly made press releases poorly defining Anonymous. I am currently working on hacking will you help? Did I mention that I like you? I do. Keep posting… maybe throw some ideas and shit into it?

i would help you, but my knowledge of hacking is…well lets say limited. and i don’t want my pc used for bandwidth. i think hacking companies such as lifelock and hbgary is a worthy cause, but it seems so…idk small scale? go listen to the cause of death by immortal technique. there are bigger evils than cyber-security companies. granted they usually have more resources and a better legal team. the revolution i long for is an intellectual one. people need to know that there are a lot of things they aren’t supposed to know. do you follow?
if you are a skilled hacker, and feel free to shoot down any suggestion i make, because i have no idea how one would accomplish such things, but one thing i’d really like to see is tapes from the pentagon on 9/11. actual, any information from that day would be great. i’ve read the official report, even written my own (i got a c for “lack of facts” lol). but anyway, information is constantly being witheld from the public eye, and whatever lies are used in the cover-ups are becoming less and less believable…yet people eat that shit like it came from gods ass hole.
do you see where i’m coming from? while i think you should continue taking down lifelock etc, it would be nice to see a wiki leak that would change public opinion, because lets be honest, the public opinion isn’t their own.

even if there was incontrovertible proof 9/11 was a false flag, it’s too uncomfortable to believe. folks like you think hey, if only people would believe 9/11 was a false flag everything would change and we’d depose our evil fucking government. maybe, but no. no one will believe it no matter what proof or evidence you can dredge up. people won’t even believe in illegal government surveillance and that shit’s printed for everyone to see in the patriot act.

this “importance” of 9/11 is based entirely on the idea that 3,000 american lives are much more important than the million or howevermanyfuck arab lives have been lost as a result. 9/11 false flag theories piss off anyone who has even the most remote affection for america. that’s damn near everybody. if you’re crying about 9/11, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

i don’t know real assembly and i’m not really a hacker. i joke about hacking lifelock because it’s schlock these conservative radio hosts sell while stirring up fear of hackers. exactly like these shitty gold coins and the horrible economy.

airing out your honest opinions on the internet is bringing a knife to a gun battle. we are not perfect information warriors, but we at the chronicle understand one thing – honesty, facts, leaks, journalism, research, really fucking great ideas, whatever the hell you think can make a revolution…you are mistaken. it is the liars and manipulators of emotions who have the advantage in the battlefield of public opinion. if that is below you, or beyond whatever set of morals you want to fight for, you set yourself at a disadvantage and will surely lose. i am here to hack minds and i’m not going to tell you i’m skilled at it. i will tell you who is, and would advise you to study these fuckers, because they’re really god damn good. once you see it, you can’t help but admire it. it is easy to ignore them and decide they are morons, but that is just wrong. they appear as morons only because they are demagogues (LOOK IT UP IF YOU HAVE TO). SEAN HANNITY, RUSH LIMBAUGH, O’REILLY… they do things that would make goebbels and hitler jealous. THEY are the enemy and no one is willing to play their game. maddow, stewart, and colbert…they are weaklings! they earn no converts because they do not inspire fear! fear is the enemy’s greatest weapon, but it is also their greatest weakness!

this is why anonymous is full of shit. right here. apparently they want people to fear them, in order to win their revolution. “expect us, we are legion, blah blah blah, fear us, we are the many headed hydra.” very good, way to go anonymous, some people now fear you AND your revolution. buttfuck backwards. anonymous should inspire fear of the government, in the same way that 9/11 conspiracy theories do…only package it in a way that isn’t so god damned divisive and wrong. we should fear the police, the war, hell …the bilderbergs and the bohemian grove! just put this 9/11 bullshit aside and start feeding people reasons to fear their evil government that they can actually digest.

/huge rant that will soon be rewritten as an article

wo wo wo, i’m responding only to your opening statement right now. don’t ever say i believe something, you don’t know what i believe

i gave an example, and like everyone at the chronicle you ran away with it as something it wasn’t meant to be.
you just lost all my respect. you put words in my mouth and then went on to tell me what i already know. only stewart and colbert are funny as shit.
colbert ran an overly-sarcastic fear campaign, jon stewart does the same thing only less obviously. i want to see tapes and info from 9/11 for my fucking self, because i’d like to know wtf happened that day. if you think those american lives are more important to me than the 3 ppl that die EVERY SECOND then you know even less about me than you assume you do. good luck hacking minds, only mentally-handicapped people, the likes of which believe in any religion or fox news report, will believe the shit you write.
so congrats on fooling fools, you should be so proud.
i thought, idk why, that maybe your views might piss you off a little, make you want revolution. but nooo all you care about is “teh lulz”

I’ve got your article right here:

Fear is clearly a tactic used by the goverment, the fourth branch of course being the media. Fear was the pretext of christianity. It’s very easy to see why. Fear causes need. Need for the government to regulate the food and drugs, need for a god to save you from burning forever. We get it. But apparently you’re aware of this tactic, and your response is simply to use those tactics for yourself?
Fox news may be one of the worst fear mongerers in our world today. But while you think your trolling them with your fake stories of imminent destruction or hackers taking over the world, they’re USING YOU. You are only tools, as are ALL TROLLS, and you think its okay because you get to laugh about it?
Be on the look-out for my revolution, but don’t expect it. Be ready for it, but don’t plan on it.
The biggest problem we face today is that everyone on the planet could be dead fifteen minutes from now. That gives us, the United States, free range to stomp all over everyone. We dare people to fight back, because we all know what will happen. Meanwhile every word i type is being monitored by google or steve jobs, i could be taken to prison for wanting revolution thanks to the patriot act. Yet i don’t care. i’m not happy with the way the world is run, and obviously neither are you. But your master solution in
Have fun with your lulz bitches, you just lost one of your few visitors to the site

Umad? You hit the nail on the head. The only rational fear for humanity is the ever-present nuclear winter. Yet here we are afraid of …what? 9/11 conspiracies? It’s ludicrous! I’m not sorry for putting words in your mouth, because you seem to speak for a larger group of 9/11 conspiracy revolutionaries.

Have fun not reading the Chronicle, shit’s just starting to get good.

hahhaahahahhhaha you think thats the only rational fear? At this point I feel like quoting a certain dead president, HE hit the nail on the head, which is why HE was killed.
My conspiracy theories range much wider than you could understand.
What is really ludicrous is that the few people that are aware of whats REALLY going on, shrug it off. Why?
Do you have a purpose, a reason for what you do? (other than for lulz, of course)

good article jmm/kt whatever. i like im’s replies. but a few speculative rants. granted the unified (and thus distorted) image of “hackers” by the media gestalt is bogus. media/power/money(s) distortion is a reductive (and thus simplistic) tactic to define the narrative/meaning of an human event(s). of course this convenient trope is false. the variety of hackers ( just as with trolls ) is wide and multi-variable. hacks can be a constellation acts: theft,destruction,mayhem,mischief,entertainment,speech-act,provocative satire (this last is i believe to be’s greatest tool). so yes, hacks CAN be performance art. but a real effort has to made to resist the temptation to reduction (simplistic thinking). and of course to play fair we have to resist the trope of the hacker with the heart of gold. hacker as robin hood,guerrilla patriot. neo as the one who has “woken_up” and is going to free you from the illusory world of the matrix to the free utopia of Zion. as a possible topic of discussion i would like to suggest the following:the game/situation which is always in play but rarely discussed. the unconscious but ubiquitous dialectics of power and domination which defines human history (marx anyone?). the cultural narrative is “always already” in place, as those epistemic prejudices which constitute “the very possibility of communication” (i.e. the arbitrary conditions , limitations , and rules of reading which define the possibility of discourse.).so, narratives,as we find them , are “always already” seeking to (re)present the desires of one group over another. the tension (history itself)is the contest for the nature/manner of the constitution of the subject(s).(and remember kids, this is how the “lifeworld” works, antagonistic relations define one another). the motherfucker in all this is that hierarchical positions/patterns of command and obedience are self-perpetuating. and i’m with im’s call for revolt. but the peril lies in the “meet the new boss,same as the old boss.” what might be new here is the nascence of a new sphere of human existence,cyberspace.what is the shape of cyberspace? what is the shape the contour lines of the evolution of memes chart? is cyberspace a body? a body without organs? without a single head? without an outside? what does the appearance of groupmind anonymity look like? is the unconsciousness of cyberspace human or something else? ALL HAIL THE COMING OF INGLIP.

emergence is ever present in social media. the revolution john stamos/ignorance movement/conspiracy theory/et al wants is a collective fantasy. but it’s an emerging one that’s taking ever more powerful shapes.

ahhh my fantasy. a world where i can believe what i’m told. a world where hemp isn’t called marijuana to be made illegal. a world where casey anthony, george bush, dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, rupert murdoch, etc…. would face a firing squad while being lethaly injected from their seats in the electric chair. a man can dream right

meet the new boss, worse than the old boss

“a world where casey anthony, george bush, dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, rupert murdoch, etc…. would face a firing squad while being lethaly injected from their seats in the electric chair.”

aahhhhhh i see your point. i don’t usually condone murder, i don’t think life is mine to take. but then i think about those mentioned few…they are far from innocent, and i don’t believe in an afterlife in which they’ll be punished, but i do believe the world would be better without them.

folks like murdoch and bush only give the masses what they desire. is the demagogue at fault, or are the millions who support them to blame?

a little of both i suppose. only george bush DIDNT win the first election. so no matter what the masses do, people like bush and murdoch will always have power. i realize the president doesn’t have nearly the control we’re made to think. he’s simply america’s jesus, crucified for the wrongs of the real oligarchy.
But to assume that because the public is ignorant to reality that their opinions can’t be changed is a defeatist attitude. there can be change, and it wont be easy. but can i be blamed for wanting to try? apparently yes, because i’m no longer in it for “teh lulz.”

“ignorant to reality” is not the problem. no leaks, no hacks, no slap in the face is going to bring people to “reality.”

only fear will bring about democratic uprising.

i’m going to have to disagree with you. ignorance IS the problem. however, you’re right that no leak or hack (at least not if the leaks and hacks stay so insignificant) with change public opinion.
So my question is: what will?
mass opinion has been manipulated in the past, granted using scare tactics combined with ignorance. but why can’t we do it differently? employing the same tactics taht we condemn isn’t the answer. You’re intelligent, or you used to be, so ponder with me on a solution to this. how can we change public opinion… i can’t see myself being elected even at the mayoral level, my views are more up and down than left and right. So what is there? A tweet surely won’t do, even if i had more followers.
I propose a neo-zeitgeist movement. while zeitgeist was wrong about a lot and over-exaggerated at nearly every level, it was on to something.
i think we, or rather you, the writers here, have a chance.
but again, your focus is on trolls and trolling and lulz and shit that doesn’t really matter.

the zeitgeist film played on fear. you want to fight a war of fear and hate using appeals to logic and rationality? you will win over the intelligent and the rational. they are a small minority who are mostly already on your side. win over the dumb and reactionary by making them fear the government. conspiracy theories are double edged, in that they discredit the believers. rational scare tactics are better than irrational scare tactics and can still hold ground against the demagogues you want to depose.

your absolutely right. only i said neo-zeitgeist. i think it can be done differently kilgore, i implore you to explore the options rather than assuming fear is the only rational solution. i don’t want a world of fear. it’s ridiculous.

fear is just fear and is not necessarily bad.

if people fear nuclear weapons, we might one day rid the world of them. if people fear corporatocracy, we might one day have a representative democracy. if people fear war, we may have peace. if people fear surveillance, we might have privacy.

might maybe possible if. the problem is fear will keep the majority from acting upon their impulses when they feel their human liberties are being violated. we’ve all seen the scene where the character says “how could this be any worse?” then it starts raining. people are too comfortable with their 3d camera phones and ps3s and facebooks. i just stumbled upon another major issue. comfort. people are made to feel if they have the new tv or car that they should feel content. but we both know they shouldn’t.
i wasn’t planning on quoting fdr, but he was soooo right. the only we have to fear is fear itself. so why should exercise such lame tactics. we’re better than that. at least i like to think so in my fantasy world

Corporate douche….

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I just saw a story on the front page of aol that said soldiers WANT to stay in the middle east. WHAT SOLDIERS! i’ve seen interviews with generals that said no1 wants to be there

its not jsut aol. i see stories all the time blatantly opposite of what really happened. i’ve watched full interviews and then seen reports the next day with gross misquotes, leading the reader to believe nearly the exact opposite of what was said. its depressing.

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