Cracktivist group SwagSec jump on Justin Bieber's dick

Cracktivism, bitch

Oh hell yeah

Online cracktivist group Swagger Security has declared all-out war on Justin Bieber, d0xing anyone who looks like a fan. “Thirty million trillion 8 year old bitches” have been d0xed so far.

Accusations have been made that Gay Niggers Association of America is actually behind SwagSec’s cracktivism.

“The Gay Nigger Association of America (often referred to as the GNAA) is an anti-bloggingInternet trolling organization that aims to disrupt the Internet. They take their name from the 1992 Danish movie Gayniggers from Outer Space, and do not promote racism or homophobia. They have trolled several prominent websites and Internet commentators, including members of blogging culture, SlashdotWikipedia, and CNN. They have also released software products and leaked information about operating systems. In addition, they maintain a wiki-based site dedicated to Internet commentary in a style parodying Slashdot posts and offer a Subversion-based software repository containing various GNAA coding projects.

Members of the GNAA also founded Goatse Security, a white hat information security group. Members of Goatse Security released information in June 2010 about a vulnerability located on AT&T‘s website that notably affected the privacy of people who pre-ordered the iPad. After the information was released, the then-president of the GNAA, weev, and GNAA member “JacksonBrown” were arrested.” -Wikipedia

While GNAA has been participating in mock Homosexual African American internet trolling and cracktivism since 2002, SwagSec vehemently denies all charges that they are in any way related to GNAA. GNAA is known for founding GoatseSec, a white-hat security group committed to exposing gaping holes in the internet.

Is this SwagSec?

You can donate to SwagSec’s bitcoin address, 1NfqStTYyBGkGrmB7JiQjzmndBE77CaJPD, to help pay for their weed and 40s. SwagSec promises to post jail bait dumpz if you donate.

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