Jamie Corne promotes genocide

Jamie (AKA TwistedGypsyChild) from is back again, now with a really cool “final solution” to the Muslim problem. In a post titled Why we must kill all Muslims, Corne praises her extreme Islamophobic propaganda video even though it is just a lame slideshow that flashes quotations more quickly than they can be read.

Corne has had her criminal past, as unearthed by Chronicle.SU, follow her to nearly every corner of the internet, and she is now facing extreme criticism from posters at In her “final” post (it wasn’t, but she has made several more “final” posts in the same thread), she breaks down and tells her side of the story.

“After I got out of prison, and was on parole, I once again tried to gain custody of my boys … He nailed me with child support so that the money I wanted to use for a lawyer on my 5.25 an hour pay went toward child support instead. I was co-owner of my own high performance auto shop shortly after I started paying child support … and soon was given a Honda s2000 by my current boyfriend that I tuned up and began street racing (and drag IHRA racing) with in hopes that I could raise enough money from the street racing to pay for the 5 thousand dollar retainer.”

Jamie Corne, a desperate mother on a mission to regain custody of her sons, enters the world of street racing to pay for a lawyer.

Several things in this story don’t add up. Tuning up free cars for street racing as a means to win a custody battle is just the funniest. The plot of Corne’s story ends with her as a wise and learned social commenter who knows more about life because of her struggles.

Corne’s past has relevance, but not in the way she has presented it. Her opinions are as impulsive and dangerous as her street racing career. She is actively and directly promoting violence against Muslims, carelessly feeding the flames of Islamophobia and attempting to influence violent acts.

Jamie is trying to cash in on her “famous” online persona by selling poorly made crafts. As it turns out, her earlier idea to collect donations fizzled out when she revealed that her involvement with Anonymous was all a clever ploy to allow her to better investigate their activities.

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That seems to be the sociopath’s downfall, impersonation….I see with her moonlighting as a woodcarver she does excel at using sharp instruments (probably from carving a shiv in jail out of toothbrush), so the homicide/suicide should happen soon enough :)

what makes a woman a better parent? i never did get that. but i would like to know how long this woman was in the joint, more then a year? if so why would she want to shake up her kids life now after a year or more? That is what she would be doing taking them from the father after all that time in jail.
As for Islamophobic, ? fear is a funny thing.

I don’t know. Anybody can shit out a kid. In some societies it is not uncommon to simply give birth on the move, without breaking pace or looking back to see whether it became assistant manager of the gas station – or just another wasted invalid.

We can only speculate but I would assume that, being white, Jamie is probably mighty proud of herself right about now. No matter what.

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