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Everything the Jester was once known for has been taken away. He has been castrated by Apache developers, posted an embarrassing music video encompassing his feelings toward small children, and is now shitting himself in fear of Lebal Drocer, Incorporated. The wolves are closing in.


Everything the Jester was once known for has been taken away. He has been castrated by Apache developers, posted an embarrassing music video which encompasses his feelings toward small children, and is now shitting himself in fear of Lebal Drocer, Incorporated.

JESTER DEFEATS CHRONICLE | OOPS!Recently, I met th3j35t3r in Barrett Brown’s empty tinychat room, where he bragged about taking the Chronicle down for a few days. Which is true, he did: by running a simple script against BlueHost, who we paid to host the Chronicle, he caused one of their servers to seize up and a whole bunch of their clientele’s websites went down with And when I met him, he had just “quit hacking” – supposedly on a whim, so before I left him in there, I was sure to point out the true reason the attacks stopped:

The script Jester used to attack us – and many others – is now obsolete since Apache developers updated their software. No big deal, just a little update and web hosts everywhere are fine again. We updated and now we are fine. But the Jester’s afraid BlueHost and Lebal Drocer are pissed off about it. And he’s probably right. Sure, maybe we provoked him, but this is what happens when you attack the 1%. They do not forgive. They do not forget. So just because he took us down in August doesn’t mean our old host doesn’t want their fucking money now.

Take one quick moment to absorb our small victory, for we have beaten the Jester at his own silly game. You see, the Jester is a terrorist. His goal is to create terror. For example, he wants to chill our speech – by attacking our site, he hoped to make us afraid to write. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But now he’s afraid that our team of lawyers are coming after him in the name of Lebal Drocer, Inc. [Editor’s note: Fact is, he attacked us on shared hosting, on one of the largest webhosts in the world. Did “the jester” really think Bluehost would tolerate him downing thousands of clients’ sites at once?]

What a cowardly bitch. He took everything down, including his picture of the cease-and-desist order they sent him. That means Bluehost actually knows the identity of “the jester.” But we don’t, and neither do you. Still, we can characterize him for you anyway, using all the information we do have.

Who is th3j35t3r?

The Jester, a known pedophile, is an otherwise sexless man – a “script kiddie” that somehow figured out he could bloat up outdated Apache servers to uselessness. This is achieved by holding a large number of connections open with the server at one time. He is a longtime fan of the Insane Clown Posse, who eroded his creativity before it ever had a chance to bloom. Having no web design skills, his only alternative was to destroy. So he went to “work.” But who to attack?

Over time, the fatass Jesterfag became so well known for torturing Urdu (language) Islamic website owners, he became widely recognized as the world’s most likely hacker to vote a third time for Bush and Cheney.

Later on, as he gained Twitter followers, he took on feelings of Unwarranted Self-Importance and pretended to harbor political convictions after the mainstream media assassinated Wikileaks for being better at journalism than them.

He soon claimed attacks on Wikileaks, as well as the Westboro Baptist Church of Trolling Art.

But he fucked up when I provoked him to attack us. If you’ve been reading up till this point, you know how: he took my bait, ultimately unleashing a ravenous team of coked up Lebal Drocer lawyers who seek to hunt him down like a runaway slave – they are on so much cocaine they’re representing the web hosts of jihadists.

Cocaine lawyer does not use cocaine

The Jester thought he could bitch and complain to our host that we were running profanity and “slandering” his fake name. [ Editor’s note: libel is written. Slander is spoken. ] But he doesn’t know about the law and how there are no laws which protect false identities from libel.

If the Jester read more, he might have learned the laws before making an ass out of himself. But books are for faggots. Still, he is willing to pull Steinbeck quotes from wikiquote. #pseudointellectual #pedophile

Steinbeck wrote about the Great Depression – a time when men were men, and you didn’t fuck with other people’s accounts unless they were fucking with your moonshine operation. But if you did, you learned the hard way not to. The Jester, too, will learn.

The Chronicle always wins.

Mach2600 is a slut. Her #pussy stinks..

Anonymously37 gets dragged into our shit for the lulz. He has no idea why.

Mockingbird = sockpuppet of the sockpuppet, or #sockingbird

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Poor pathetic chester I do feel bad for him. I know how that sounds but I do. He sits in front of his computer all day waiting for someone to talk about him, good or bad. If it is good the person gets a thumbs up from him, if not they most times get blocked, this is so your post do not show up in his string of positive posts aimed at him. He has made around 500 twitter accounts to troll people who say something bad about him because the great @th3j35t3r does not have time to waste on such low level people. If you are a known Anon, he will not block you, instead he sucks all the attention for him that he can get out of you.
Yes it is true he is a child molester “pedophile” I was told that most pictures that were found on his army owned computer were boys around 7 to 11 years of age. And yes it is true he was kicked out of the army where he was station in Germany for the porn and he was caught for molesting little boys when police talk to kids around his neighborhood.
I only outed him because he attacked an organization I seen and still do as fighting for the people.
I have more but do not want to make this to long. I do hope he comes clean some day before he is caught and put in prison for his hacking or better put “bot clicking”. People do not treat child molester to good in there. I seen 4 get dropped off of the tiers and around 10 get cut up. Him being in a wheel chair he would be toast.
Never forget, For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.
P. S. The law do know who he is but till he uses his bot on a site that they get mad about(, they are going to let him be.
Merry Christmas to EVERY ONE!, hope all is good with you and your loved ones.

I call bullshit. The only way you saw 4 pedos dropped off a tier is if you’re a pedo yourself. They are separated from the rest of the gen pop due to the nature of their crime and housed in protective custody. You don’t get a choice in the matter. I could care less about the rest of what you said. so you either were in p.c. as well or you’re lying.

Well mike if you knew what your were talking about you wouldnt be writing what you wrote for one thing. 2nd I did my time at OPH Super max, Stillwater Prison, Moose Lake prison, Lino Lakes Prison, And Appleton Private Prison. In Minnesota there is no protective custody. You do your time with everyone or its the hole. and I’m a native american so I did not have to worry about a thing, we ran the prison and no one would ever fuck with the group. Even if I wasnt native american, half my neighborhood was in there and a shit load of friends I did crime with. lol and on top of that, some people just do not get fucked with for a reason. There was a dude that was in there for fucking seals and a dude that was into little girls both were ok in our book, another who raped and beat a old lady she was 87 and she had no legs and no one fucked with him, he was not worth anything just a real nut case and he just had friends in the right places. They let him out and two weeks latter he killed two men in north minnesota after driving them around in the trunk of his car and torturing them for a week. The guy that was into seals was the best hooch maker in the world and the dude that was into little girls knew numbers and he made a lot of money for us. The way we looked at them were they are sick and their dicks get hard over seals and little girls. Also Christopher Boyce from the movie The Falcon and the Snowman, harvey the hammer well known serial killer, and more nut jobs were left to walk around with the rest of us nut jobs. If charles manson did his time in minnesota he would be with the rest of us also. Yes it is true I did see many die in there some by their own hands others overdose and some killed by others. Not the best place in the world but not the worse ether. I had a good time doing time sorry but I did.

They need to give John a job writing here at the chronicle since his story is much more interesting and entertaining then Tyler Bass’s soap opera BAWWWWWfest.

I don’t get it, you can’t sue people you don’t know the name of, and your bragging about lawyers that would defend terrorist, are you saying you are a terrorist? And the jester doesn’t even need to use that method anymore anyways, so what’s the good in updating your apache so he can’t dos you if he can turn your servers backend to dust?

I still fail to see where you have ‘executed retribution’ on th3j35t3r. Seems to me this article is a PBM (piss bitch moan) post. If you are so talented why have you failed to dox him? Seems like the first step your lawyers need to take is to find out who he is. PBM Losers….

I for one do not want to see any personal harm come to the Jester. I’ve never publicly doxed anyone, and I’m not about to start now just because he attacked my website. We’re just having fun, and I honestly wish he didn’t take it so personally.

I mean, surely he is doing more with his life than just “being the Jester,” right? Like his Snow Patrol video (so gay) said, “This isn’t everything that you are.” So then why take it personally? Why publish our IP address – again – in the hopes that a better hacker will attack us?

Right, so that’s my two cents. Everybody lighten the fuck up and remember: we are a satire website.

If you think we’re abusing the freedom of speech, write to your congressman and ask what is being done to quell it.

March 11, 2012 at 5:20 AM · Reply
oh hai jester! i see you think you an ub3r h4ck3r. i wil put that to an end while i leave in in the t0x1c trap! you caught my eye because you think you are a genius. well i guess its time you learn your place, i will devote my time alone when my wife sleeps to construct a plan so elegant and DESTRUCTIVE you shall learn the meaning of “FUCK WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST” i am done with hex as of now ive gotten a lil kick in thar, but now i haz some new fagz to getz! jester you sir are my first target as i have doxed you and i am planning some fun for you tommorow(; 3/11/12 if you keep talking shit after you receive your punishment i will not stop and i will be relentless, i will destroy your life like i did to richard and i will have you begging for mercy! so after you are owned tommorow admit it and move on because you dont want to have the same fate as richard who beg me for mercy, well as i promised heres your dox
      Ryan, Thomas  [email protected]
      Provide Security, Inc.
      86 Amber St
      Staten Island, New York 10306-2022
      United States
remember anons and brothers, get trusted TRUST NO ONE. dont trust me or anyother hacker if you want to stay anonymous or you WILL end up like lulzsec

Ahahahahaha he was just running his mouth all over twitter tonight. Looks good on that stupid fuck. Hope the terrorist come and get his ass #JhadiMOTHERFUCKER$

[…] The hacker collective Anonymous – which is controlled almost exclusively by federal agents – has vowed to track down all unknown Islamists, wherever they hide, and to dox and expose them to random acts of savagery. The group has already renewed a global attack on Urdu speaking websites the likes of which the world has not seen since th3je5t3r took Slowloris live in 2011. […]

I just find interesting how thejestergroupfags like to promote the black phone and Alienware. The more you know …

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