A strong conviction

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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I know not to expect that big league try from these communist sympathizing American drug addicts, but how much do you really care about what you do?
I get more information from Britney Spears songs on youtube, even the one without the lyrics.
I realize probably 78% of your readers don’t speak English, because you thought a fake ‘obituary’ for Akon would be so fucking hilarious. Had that happened to me, I guess I wouldn’t put a lot of effort into the writing, or general quality of my website. After all, your only sponsors don’t pay for advertisements here, those are just a bonus in the overall manipulation the feeble minds of American’s and Europeans alike. Your target is one ill-conceived, and your aim has been worse then off.
Most people see you for what you are, as they always have. Lucky for you, there are more than enough of people just like you, and company, bad company though it may be, causes delusions of normalcy. Because in reality, you’re the feeble minded ones. Enjoy your reputations as liars and deceivers, and the life that goes with that.

>enjoys brittany spears
>complete lack of logic as he relates nonsense about our readers not knowing english to akon’s obituary
>thinks we have sponsors
>implies he hurt our feelings

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