Jodi Arias dead from apparent suicide

Jodi Arias was found dead in her prison cell from self-inflicted asphyxiation.
Jodi Arias was found dead in her prison cell from self-inflicted asphyxiation.

PHOENIX — Jodi Arias was found dead on Friday in her prison cell as she awaited sentencing, amid reports of a strict suicide watch. The murderess, who slit the throat of her boyfriend, shot him in the head, and then stabbed him repeatedly, was found guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday after testifying that the killing had been done in self-defense.

Despite the watch, investigators believe she quietly hung herself using hair-extensions smuggled into prison. Her death and subsequent escape from justice has triggered outrage among family members of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. “We wanted her dead, but we’ve been robbed of the pleasure of watching a lethal injection on closed-circuit television,” said a relative of Alexander’s who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s an affront to justice, and now my family will never be satisfied.”

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This is bogus! She’s not dead, cus if she w this would e posted on other Internet websites, such as yahoo, msnbc, msn, HLN , CNN , etc. stop posting shi that n true!

This is bogus! She’s not dead, cause she was, this would be posted on other Internet websites, such as yahoo, msnbc, msn, HLN , CNN , etc. stop posting shit that isn’t true! !

Nice try, but no such luck. Ding, dong, the witch is NOT dead. The good people of Arizona won’t get off that easy, she’s gonna get life or death, on their dime, and it will be expensive. Why would you think a narcissist like her would kill herself? How could she? In her mind, she’s the shining white light at the center of the universe!! Killing herself would probably be like killing God, in her twisted, egotistical way of thinking. And I don’t believe for one second that she wants to receive the death penalty like she says she does. I think she says it because she knows they’ll be loathe to give her what she “wants”, so she says “I’d LOVE the death penalty!” In hopes that they’ll “make her suffer” with a life sentence. She’s a tricky, slippery fish and a pathological liar.

Jodi is so hot, and we have so much in common, We’ve been both kinda blonde and who’s to say it didn’t look good, I mean I’d totally kill to nail that bitch, I mean seriously. And If she would have done mine, I could’ve done her’s and none would be the wiser! We could be happy, inter-prison conjugal visits. Jodi – Ill wait for you , if you wait for me!

Yo, yo dawg listen up peeps, white ho is mighty fine, mighty fine. I’d make an extra slit in her just to do her up right, know what i mean, i’d make it fit so you cant acquit! Jodi – hit me up, when you’ get out, or maibees i come visit you!

this pic haunts me because how could anyone smile after murdering someone so brutally like that. I can only hope she never gets to walk freely among us and that the jury will make sure we never have to. Please give her death.

Too bad it’s not true, but the pathetic narcissist is simply too damn vain to kill herself. She is the most arrogant, egomaniac I’ve ever seen and I simply don’t understand where in the heck she got the idea that she’s all that. I mean, someone should have informed her long ago that she is barely attractive (cross-eyed, too, for crying out loud!), has no clue about the importance of listening to her lawyers in the middle of a murder trial, i. e., she’s no Einstein, and has no soul, like most sociopaths. She actually thinks she’s the smartest and hottest person in the room wherever she is, but can you tell how badly she can’t stand it whenever there’s another woman nearby who’s even remotely attractive? She has got to be the ugliest, greenest monster that has ever represented the word, “Jealous.” Talk about an obsessive, immature idiot–I think she has the emotional maturity of a six-year old girl. I furthermore don’t think she has any redeeming qualities whatsoever–she is nothing more than a worthless piece of human garbage; a truly ridiculous, evil female. Even some of the worst convicts on death row show some type of remorse, but not this maggot. Put her where she belongs: with all the other maggots six feet under!

You are calling her evil and you are basically trying doing what she has done lol
Have you ever heard 2 wrongs don’t make a right? I think you need to get your morals right
before you speak .. #1 Travis isnt innocent either. He broke the #1 rule and that is… don’t mess with a girls heart or she will mess with yours. She is wrong for killing him and he is wrong for telling her he dont want her but yet he wants to stick his little peanut in her. Girls hearts are NOT a game to be played with. This is a prime example for all the players out there… becareful whos heart you play with it could be the last heart you play with xD. Now as for Jodi.. she should not be killed fir the simple reason that she acted on the situation travis using the hurt and being kicked around by other guys that she let into her heart. This will make any human on this planet think the same way that Jodi thought but the only difference is we dont act on it.. she should be in a mental institution for the criminally insane

she’s not dead you fucking morons. she’s still alive in prison awaiting trial. i don’t know who posted this horseshit.

All of you hating on her and wishing her dead are doing the same thing she did. Try to think”what if it was you? ” Americans, always stupid hateful racist discriminatory idiotic useless jobless people I mean what is wrong with you people, you’re not the police of the world so stop butting into other country’s business. You don’t rule the world so get your head out of your arses and get lives. IO Know I just did what you guys did but I had to get it out.

This nothing but a money grubbing hore
She should get the same thing. She inflected on him but worse
She thinks its funny she is sick and fucked up
Hope this bitch dies a painful death
And she goes to hell. For ever

There were four, people, minimum, at the kill site, as evidenced, by, Travis, the girl in the black sock, the sasquatch, bigfoot, in the bootprint, in, fresh blood; the only one of the group, capable of taking, Travis, down, and, the person, fourth; taking pictures, used for evidence, yet, concealed, from exoneration of the bogus charges against, Jodi; 130 pounds, supposedly, overpowering, Travis, at over 200 pounds, and, a werestler, martial arts kickboxer, fighting for his life…. The concealment, was repudiated by the spastic prostitutor, who years later, confessed to recant, the lies at law, he perjured, to get, an interstate kidnapping, warrent of extradition…. then, to continue his soap opera, in reverse, as if, no matter what lies he floats, his lack of credibility, is meaningless; wioth not a bleat, out of the entire court, of, sheeple… Edgrrr…

you without[ sin] or ever doing[ anything wrong ]? throw the first stone. TAKE a GOOD look at yourself and after that, tell yourself how perfect you are……….. and if you believe that then you are worst off than this girl, at least she confessed/ how about YOUUUUUU. mayo e-mail and let me hear how perfect you are, I would love to speak to[ stupidity] , there is a phrase ,reads . their is no logical way to deal with stupidity . will wait,. mayo in corona

THEIR is a old saying, so old it probably has never crossed your lazy minds, [reads]you without [sin] or ever[ never ] done ANYTHIHG wrong , throw the [ first ] stone…….. look at yourself and think of your past . IF you agree you are perfect, then you[ are worst] than JODI. she told the truth, most likely after getting over the shock to her nervous system. all I have read from , [ your actions] remind me of a mob| I HAVE never been around a group of blood thirsty AMERICANS , if you are truly , show America what americans truly are. [civilized] now STOP IT, behave? If you can . Their is an issue higher than our finite minds are able to comprehend. So quit hurting yourself and quit being a problem to are hearts, if you know what that is. good bye, you have my e-mail but I hope I never hear from any of you. their is another old saying, and with this I will close. there is no logical way to deal with stupidity|. MAYO VARGAS… corona ca. 92878


i have been personaly in arizonia after may 10 2013 . i never saw her in court, closed hearings all six times. i never got to visit with her, threatend and lied too. all six times. but i tell you what, that ain’t the same court the one on the internet as is the one in ariazona! somethings wrong! very wrong! how about a writ of habeus corpous?

She’s pathetic narcissist, unfortunately she’s never take her OWN life. Knowing that, didn’t even have to look to see what stupid rag told this lie, just knew it was a lie.

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