John Cena dead after "relentless cyberbullying"

John Cena dead at 37 from bullying
John Cena dead at 37 from bullying

INTERNET — John Cena, twelve time heavyweight champion and professional wrestler for the WWE was found dead Wednesday morning. Investigators said Cena drank a gallon of bleach after cyberbullies targeted him with “life ruining” tactics and death hoaxes.

Detective Greg Samberg, who is investigating Cena’s case, issued a threat to the bullies at an impromptu press conference, saying, “We know who did this. We know where you live. We’re coming for you. You aren’t the real Anonymous.”

Cena was reportedly inundated with muscle-shaming messages belittling his physique and exploiting his most profound psychological weakness until he could no longer continue living. Fans of “trolling” often use such life ruining tactics on vulnerable young women, but it seems they have found easier targets in muscle-bound alpha males. One troll, known only as AnonymouSabu, said in a post on John Cena’s facebook, “It’s easier and more satisfying to destroy these big men who think they’re hot shit than weak teenage girls. OMG I’m never going back.”

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