Julian Assange’s Spurned Lover Reveals Secret Affair Inside Ecuadorean Embassy

Assange has slowly lost grip on reality from the confines of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

[pullquote]”I was like a personal sex slave.”[/pullquote]LONDON–Julian Assange’s former personal assistant, now also a spurned lover, gave the Internet Chronicle exclusive details of her sordid affair with the Wikileaks spokesperson–all of which took place within the Ecuadorean embassy. “We’d do meth all day and all night, mainlining it straight into our thighs so as not to alert the Ecuadorean ambassador. That’s why Assange appears completely collected in some interviews and totally out of it in others,” said the anonymous ex-lover and assistant.

Ecuadorean officials recently stated concern that Assange is suffering medical complications related to his confinement in the embassy, and suggested that this is a human rights issue. The anonymous lover said, “He’s been driven to paranoia and ill-health by all the methamphetamine–he called it the mega sex juice–that I smuggled in to him. We injected all the time and fucked around the clock. Sometimes even while he was tweeting! It was great fun, but then he began to suspect I was part of the conspiracy against him.”

As Assange’s stay in the confining embassy wore on, increasingly he directed his energy in a fight against the concerted smear campaign he believed was being perpetrated by every single newspaper in the western world. This paranoid mindset was too much for the relationship. Said the ex-assistant, “We were both really fucked up on meth, and I made a joke about recording him–like I was wearing a wire. He threw me out in a rage, and we haven’t spoken since. He barely tweeted for well over a week. It was the meth withdrawal.”

When asked about whether the nature of their professional relationship in any way shaped their personal encounters, the anonymous ex-lover said, “At first I was just his assistant. I brought him meth, food, washed his clothes–basically did everything for him. It paid well, and he was definitely my boss. Looking back, I do believe he exploited his position of power for sexual ends. Yes, it was definitely far beyond sexual harassment. I was like a personal sex slave.”

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Anywho Assange strike me as a closeted crossdresser (remember he has a history of dressing in burka to allude media and police surveillance), with his tall and thin frame, and not some bi-sexual methhead!

“I was like a personal sex slave.”

Whatever …slaves don’t get paid….hookers do tho and no one likes a snitch.

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