Laughing at KiwiFarm’s last agonized gasp

The Hater is a noble profession, making a mockery of some aspect of society that is so collectively embarrassing and destructive for us all it must be revealed, sometimes even with deception, trickery, and subversion. The noble Hater is not to be confused with highly prolific, repetitive goblins who rely on their numbers to create a public nuisance. Of course, I could only be speaking of the sad, braindead mobs emanating from KiwiFarms, and their emotionally-handicapped spin doctor, Joshua Moon.

In the last cruel moments of his pale and ultimately pointless existence, site owner Josh Moon has opened a final thread for KiwiFarmers to post the kinds of important speech that he has sacrificed his life and freedom to protect. There is not a breath of record, knowledge, satire, subversion, opinion, or journalism in this last agonized gasp of so-called “freedom,” but only a list of slurs that will get users banned from most websites, classrooms, or dinner parties. There is no humor involved, no comedy bit like George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

Moon’s far reaching, heroic rhetoric in these final moments stress a politics advocating for absolutist free speech without mentioning why it is so important to him or his site. The classic arguments for protected speech underline the many goods that journalism, satire, academic research, and religious expression can do for a society that  does not censor minority opinions. For anyone who has paid attention to recent events, these classic examples of protected speech are deeply and openly hated by Moon and many KiwiFarmers, who are all too happy to orchestrate brutal campaigns intended to silence journalists, comedians, academics, and pundits like Keffals who represent certain minority opinions. Agree with them or not, it is blindingly obvious that a website like KiwiFarms, in facilitating this mob behavior, is actively destroying freedom of speech.

That is, of course, not to say that a sprawling, heavily trafficked forum like KiwiFarms is a monolithic abuse site with a singular agenda. However often KiwiFarmers want to point this out, it still does not change the obvious fact that the forum is easily the largest platform where mobs organize for silencing protected speech, because this activity is promoted and orchestrated by site administrators.

According to Moon, who seems to be on the verge of a schizophrenic break, there is a power mad conspiracy involving the ADL, the US government, various news outlets, and others who are  completely focused on destroying his humble, simple operation. He notes that the success of KiwiFarms could be replicated by any young person who wanted to fill his shoes. Never mind the bloody trail of rival wannabe KiwiFarms websites which have suspiciously disappeared after coming into competition with Moon, or the absolute expense and personal sacrifice Moon has put himself through in his lifelong quest to destroy protected speech. “They” are power mad tyrants, who will stop at nothing to destroy “freedom.”

Moon’s projecting, ridiculous ideas read much like the suicide note of a madman who is reaching for immortality through martyrdom. But like most of the vast reaches at humor on KiwiFarms, it is only a pretext, a poor attempt to convince himself of the rightness in something that is so obviously wrong. Josh Moon, the hero for free speech, is another absurd stretch that will soon be forgotten. If he is remembered, it will not be for this shallow, pseudo-intellectual drivel, but for the truth that he was a cruel piece of shit, obviously consumed by guilt and shame at the joy he took in silencing people, and too much of a moaning, self-absorbed, attention-seeking, pretend intellectual bitch to off himself, his one and only shot in life at doing something to protect freedom of expression.

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