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Leaker: Bin Laden’s corpse kept “like stuffed animal” in White House

Osama's corpse was not buried at sea.
Osama’s corpse was not buried at sea.

WASHINGTON — After WikiLeaks reported that there were no witnesses to Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea, an anonymous leaker from the Secret Service stepped forward with a startling claim — Bin Laden’s corpse was stuffed and put on display in Obama’s smoking room, perpetually locked in a ferocious and terrifying gesture next to the president’s favorite pinball machine.

Abu Muhammed, ISIS general, said, “The Islamic State will battle all the way to Washington DC and reclaim the defiled body of the Great Martyr.” Islamic theology holds that one day Islam is destined to control the entire world.

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Leaker vs the Whistleblower narrative eh fishfag. And isn’t Julian A$$ange just a walking corpse anywho!?
Ps-I once attend a debate between a well know feminazi and an assortment of sex positive advocates … so one of the stripper in the debate went behind the curtain on stage and peed into a wine glass making sure the audience heard it all in THX surround sound.

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