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Self-proclaimed “Anonymous Queen,” Heather Marsh, steers #OpDeathEaters towards Fascism


INTERNET — Heather Marsh declared herself “Anonymous Queen” Monday after riling up hundreds of thousands of Twitter users and sparking a harassment campaign against pedophiles, or “paedo-sadists,” as she has labeled them.

Originally aimed at undermining the credibility of governments everywhere by fabricating a myth of universal pedophilia in high offices, #OpDeathEaters’ pogroms against neighborhood pedophiles are just a distraction from Marsh’s fascistic rise to power.

#OpDeathEaters ultimately plans to round up all pedophiles into permanent special hospitals where we will never have to worry for the children again.

Former stealth Neo-Nazi “Anonymous Queen,” Jamie Jo Brinkman, acquired vast power much like Marsh: She maintained a clique of young journalists writing for her publication, Presstorm. Marsh’s publication, Wikileaks Central and Anonymous Central staffs several of the same writers as Jamie Jo Brinkman. Some analysts have suggested in earnest that Marsh began to act as a proxy for Jamie Jo Brinkman after Brinkman was run out of Anonymous.

Marsh and her staff authored an excessively long wikipedia page in Marsh’s honor, outlining every contour of her ideology and citing every article on the Internet that has ever mentioned her name. As it turns out, Marsh is a practitioner of stigmergy, a pseudoscientific form of witchcraft similar to her dubious field, “scientific journalism.”

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Oh how A$$ange seduced those feral (fascist) children (Anonymous) of the intrawebs with his phrase (propaganda) of “scientific journalism”.


Jamie Jo Brinkman isn’t just a liar and thief – she is an extremely dangerous SOCIOPATH and career criminal. She is a twice convicted felon (she was diagnosed in prison as a sociopath) and prison escapee, with current multiple outstanding warrants for fraud, theft and ASSAULT.

She also uses the aliases Jamie Lambertz, Jamie Corne, Jamie Smith and Menomi Smith

She is a violent and predatory career con artist who engages in relentless, obsessive stalking and vicious harassment of anyone who complains about her robbing them, including the public posting of all personal information she may have, lies posted online to encourage attacks on them (claiming you are a pedophile, rapist, whatever) filing fraudulent lawsuits and protection orders, calling child services with fabricated reports of abuse, etc. etc.

Verification of all of this is available all over the web.

Her felony convictions and prison escape:

Her outstanding arrest warrants:

A web page from some of her previous victims:

Current location of Jamie Brinkman has been VERIFIED as a house on the corner of Leo and Norway in the small community of Ruthton, Minnesota.

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