Melania Trump files for divorce

Melania Trump filed for divorce Sunday, hours before the town hall debate
Melania Trump filed for divorce Sunday, hours before the town hall debate

INTERNET — Melania Trump filed divorce papers Sunday, following the surfacing of explicit tapes vividly displaying husband and presidential nominee Donald Trump’s adulterous and lecherous depravity. Trump jokingly admitted that he joyously molested women and committed adultery in audio clips that will be played on repeat until the election in November. Melania’s divorce comes just hours before the nominee takes the stage at the town hall debate in St. Louis.

Despite the increasingly impossible odds facing Trump as he struggles to hold onto voters who pride themselves in family values, his alt-right partisans continue to cling to maniacal right wing clickbait, some even making the racist suggestion that such proud molestation will only help Trump gain minority voters. Others in the alt-right also touted WikiLeaks’ curious disclosures that purportedly show Hillary as an undercover conservative. This may damage Trump further, as disgusted Republican families — and his own wife — look for any escape.

The absurd eschatological pitch for Republican victory in which a Democratic victory is seen as the end to the United States is under strain by a more basic demand for human decency and presidential character. High profile Republican politicians are at long last bailing on Trump. As the establishment begins to see Trump’s campaign as increasingly doomed, cutting losses to save downballot votes is the unthinkable but strategically acceptable losing move for more and more Republicans. Inside the campaign, however, the mad necessity to salvage the phony end-of-America hook means Trump must depict Hillary as equally depraved as himself. Now facing a divorce over his admissions of adultery and sex assault, his defensive mudslinging will almost surely backfire so explosively that not only will the presidency be lost for Republicans, but so will congress. The push back from Republicans appears to be too little too late. But perhaps not. After all, it’s not too late for Melania to divorce the monster.

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