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Milo Yiannopoulis to undergo conversion therapy

Milo: “Being gay is wrong.”

INTERNET — Banned Twitter bad boy & right wing homosexual Milo Yiannopoolis held a press conference to announce a reality TV show that will follow his tragic struggle with homosexuality in a grueling gay conversion camp. “I can’t promise that it’ll work, but I hope it does. I want to be cured before I fall victim to disease,” Yiannapoilis said, “But that’s not right. I — I keep forgetting. It’s a choice I’m making. Being gay is wrong.”

Weeping openly as he embraced Pastor Tom Stanley of the Nemelkist Church of Advanced God, Yiannapoulos said, “All this time I’ve been afraid of ISIS taking my freedom and faggotr– I can’t even…appreciate…” Trailing off for several seconds inaudibly, the internet star stared into his phone. Cutting off the pastor’s feeble attempt to break the silence, Milo announced, “To let everyone know I mean it, I’m ebaying my collection of buttplugs!” Photographers wildly jockeyed to get shots as he held up his phone to show that it wasn’t just a prank.

Representatives from Nemelka’s Gay Conversion Ranch were contacted by famed editor emeritus Ol’ Brutus, but they would not comment despite getting the business for over three hours straight. The Nemelkist web site advertises its conversion therapy in infinitely reaching superlatives, “The Nemelkist gay conversion camp uses the most Advanced methods available to science, philosophy, and religion ever devised in the entire history of the universe and through use of an app given to us by advanced human beings, living in the future, we can request incredible, instantaneous brain surgeries which will perfectly heal one’s entire personality upon demand. Nobody leaves without a certificate of Advanced Brain Surgery handed to him or her by the prophet Nemelka himself!”

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About time fishfag ya put the business to this self-hatin’ faggot by tHumpin’ him. And doesn’t Nemelka’s have a VD, I mean an ED page yet (askin’ for a friend). An Ol’ Brutus done advanced to the afterlife some years ago. just like Frank Mason did.
Happy New Years fuckers & may the force of hate be great in 2017. Now beam a radio podcast for your anti-fans.

2017 = Pours gas on the world/twitter/cyberspace AND lights a match
:::lights a joint with a blow torch & watches

WHY IS THAT WOMAN SCREAMING ON SKYPE WITH SEAN ‘GOEBBELS’ SPICE? (lol at trump to debut facebook live event) I can hear a reporter typing too haha. Speaking of haha, your country is insane …
A North Dakota bill is allowing drivers to “accidentally” run over protesters

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