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WikiLeaks publishes Trump emails detailing final ‘catalyst’ chemtrailing

Wikileaks release shows Trump’s inauguration marks the end of humanity as elites deploy the final chemtrail catalyst.

INTERNET — After WikiLeaks quietly cancelled Julian Assange’s Ask Me Anything segment on Reddit, WikiLeaks backup spokesperson Sarah Harrison came forward with startling new hacks showing the inside of the Trump campaign. Harrison said nothing to dispel rumors that Assange has been murdered, but fans have begun mourning after hearing the shocking revelations.

The Trump campaign plans to annihilate over 99% of the world’s population on inauguration day. Billions around the world are sick with “the flu” as their bodies have absorbed the proper dose of non-fatal precursor chemicals spread through decades of worldwide chemtrailing. The final catalyst will be sprayed on inauguration day, turning the entire earth into a holocaust death chamber. Only a specially selected group of elites who have taken decades of antidotes will survive. These elites were selected equally from all races in order to ensure a healthy breeding population and avoid genetic sicknesses inherent in such a dramatic population bottleneck. The purpose of the population control chemtrail program is to avert unavoidable famines and cataclysmic nuclear wars that will come even with the most dramatic green energy initiatives and likely leave no survivors.

Analysts have pointed out the bitter irony that Trump publicly stands against racial diversity and green energy, keys to human survival, and that his victory in the presidential election justifies the policy of mass murder for the elites. Sarah Harrison told reporters, “From the point of view of the elites, you asked for this. You voted for this. We published, and now we’re damned.”

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Ain’t WackyLeaks just as irrelevant as th3j35t3rfag cockpuppet!? YET y’all here at the chronicle seem to be beating that dead glittered covered unicorn over and over again.

I see John ‘the pedobear mouth rapist’ rapist in your TL & I need a bleach shower for myself & then a can of gas, a tire & a blowtorch for him.

White Football Player Accused of Raping Black, Disabled Team-Mate Avoids Prison
‘An Idaho prosecutor’s declaration that an alleged rape of a black, mentally disabled football player with a coat hanger by his white team-mate was not a sex crime and was not racially motivated has sparked mounting criticism among campaigners against sexual assault.’
Humans do fucked up shit to each other, race is the distracting subtext. Human being are and will be assholes to each other. The Internet proves this time and time again.

So some skiddy wrote a script for gab for bitcoins, to drive users from Twitter due to fustration over suspensions is basically the summary of January 2017 so far. Someone is about to get raped & ruined worst than Hunter Moore and Aaron Barr combined.

Randomly lurks on twitter; Anonymous (FBI honeypot since 2011, well actually probably more likely since 2006 but ‘we’ digress) is going to war with Wikileaks (CIA blackopsy)?? ROFLOLOLOLOL
2:55 AM – 8 Jan 2017
THIS IS A THING AGAIN (remember the red paywall debacle) ….

@YourAnonCentral on Twitter: “Hello @Khanoisseur while we find your theory on Assange and Putin + blackmail, fascinating and quite in line with reality… (1)”
@YourAnonCentral on twitter:
“From earliest interviews, Assange is a racist, sexist, right wing libertarian who loved Rand Paul and the US constitution. (20) @Khanoisseur”
@YourAnonCentral on twitter:
“His Wikileaks Party met personally with Assad in 2013, they supported AU’s white nationalist fascist party ahead of Greens (21) @Khanoisseur”

I just checked the Wikileaks site and their Twitter account…i don’t see any Trump email releases. This is a fake news site. Horrible reporting here.

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