Trump presents Putin with symbolic “reset button” to restore friendly relations between US and Russia

Trump offered a symbolic ‘reset’ with Putin as a sign of friendship.

INTERNET — Donald Trump presented Vladimir Putin with a symbolic “reset button” as a gesture of restoration of friendly relations with Russia. After pressing the button at Trump’s tropical Mar-A-Lago resort, the pair grabbed rifles and rode off into Florida’s interior on a fan boat. Returning twelve hours later with twelve alligator corpses, Trump said, “Part of our deal is that Putin’s got to try out my golf course next time.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a nearly identical gesture in 2009, which was later proclaimed a horrible failure that only enabled the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the proliferation of advanced Russian weaponry in the middle east.

Donald Trump’s “reset button,” however, is seen as an entirely different gesture since it’s become clear that Russia’s recalcitrant foreign policies will only be encouraged in this manner. Geopolitical relationship counselor Dr. Angstrom Hubert Troubador told Internet Chronicle reporters, “Trump and Putin’s friendship seems unstable. They’re in that honeymoon stage that wears off so quickly, and it’s all founded on mutual interests that are, at best, momentary. They both hate Hillary, sure, but they also love her. Why else are they celebrating and mocking her efforts in this way? She’s the centerpiece of their relationship and it’s just weird and creepy at this point. I’d advise them to stop seeing each other and block one another’s accounts. Putin shouldn’t be reading Trump’s twitter account, either. That’s the only chance they have of ending things amicably at this point, in my professional opinion. It may be the only way to avert a nuclear war.”

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Love the crazy in this YouRubes vid fishbabefag. since ya on dat TerrorMaxin’ Trump/Putin/WackyLeakz/Pizzagate/ fake raeptrain.
::: orders supplies from, a M-29 Davy Crockett, & a fuckton of cement.

Why am I not surprised that #pissgate involves Russian whore$, Trump, and probably the most expensive golden shower in the history of mankind. It now brings new meaning to the term ‘streaming’, amirite ….

It’s time to throw the bath water out (impreach) with the baby (trump). It’s either that or assassination AND he ain’t no John Kennedy martyr type, js.

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