Mothman spotted on White House during Trump inauguration

Mothman, the unparalleled bad omen, was spotted landing on the White House as Donald Trump was inaugurated.

INTERNET — As President Donald Trump was sworn in at the Lincoln memorial, Benjamin Price was one of the few photographers not in attendance. A photo of what he called, “a tremendous, dark, winged  creature” landing on top of the White House has gone viral, with Roseanne calling it ‘the mothman’ in a tweetstorm heralding the very end.

The mothman was last spotted in 1967, landing on the Silver Bridge before it collapsed, killing 46 people.

While many say that the viral “Mothman” photo is only a confused heron, most on social media agree this is a prophecy of doom not only for the president, but for the entire nation. “When Mothman lands on the White House that means it’s the end, and it ain’t just the end for him. This is for all of America, and it’s coming sooner rather than later,” said former Trump supporter and famous West Virginian Jesco White. “We’s all already dead because we’ve been fooled by the devil.”

Reportedly, mothman’s landing took place at the exact moment Trump officially became president. Famous columnist and novelist Laurie Penny tweeted that she began her period “with a vengeance,” at this moment as well, perhaps affected by the gaze of the mothman.

Further sightings of the mothman have been reported as the evil creature shifts through the haze of teargas making his way back to the safe harbors of the Appalachians.

“I think he don’t like what we’ve done to these mountains,” White said. “He’s just letting us know he’s got something real bad in store for us.”

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:::eats some popcorn w/ a dusting of shroom & trips w/ Roseanne
So how about some hateradio with a guest caller from @bikers4trump …
Btw its the seattle/g8/20/natosummit playbook on replay w/ policing & security and the manufacturing of vandalism for the cameras and to commit mass arrest against peaceful protesters. And its all done with the intent to enact future laws against civil rights & eventually erode basic human rights & liberty. Americunts “You dun goofed! And consequences will never be the same again”. It’s so maddening how the trump/internet sheeple (includes Hillary and Bernie supporters) contribute to their delusions and oppression, trollin’ aside.
Every time they said, ‘democracy’ I toasted to its death. Pretty drunk now ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

‘@SoulFya Yea. Liberals aren’t going to deliver what I want but that doesn’t mean I’m handing the keys to fascists. And there is a difference’
Well, both Russia (hackers & farm trolls with persona management propaganda software), and those in the lower end of the ‘white’ gene pool certainly did hand him the keys. So who are the real arsonists. I mean Anarchists here? Chaos much Trumpkins. Amerikkka is so fucked and my country is acting like a French wh0re collaborating with the Nazis. Turdeau (spelt like that on purpose) couldn’t climb on and ride ‘the donald’s’ cawk fast enough. Also cocks fishfag.

Ungrateful TRAITOR Donald J. Trump, who should never have been elected president, is now calling former President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!!!

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