Trump administration unveils plan for walls on the borders of all fifty states

Trump unveils plans for a wall to divide America

INTERNET– Donald Trump’s spokesperson Kellyanne Conway unveiled a “huge” new plan for a series of walls that will not only secure the Mexican border, but every single state border as well.

“With states like Colorado and California providing sanctuary cities for illegals and openly trafficking in illegal drugs, it’s not enough to build just one small wall,” Kellyanne Conway told reporters on CNN. “We’ve been looking at a more ambitious program to build walls on state borders, too. In some places we’re even looking at walls around counties, towns, or cities.”

Political scientist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador told reporters, “Trump and his sons are going to cash in majorly on what promises to be the biggest building program of all time. They’re going to build a grid of walls across the entire nation, the equivalent of 10,000 Great Walls of China. By restricting the movement of citizens in this way, Trump will be able to effectively sanction local governments. By the time they’re done outlining every county, they’ll probably keep building and building. Walls around neighborhoods, walls around homes, walls inside of homes dividing up families.”

Trump’s spokesperson also hinted to reporters at CNN on future plans for an “Atlantic Wall” that will line the coasts and prevent any possibility of invasion or illegal migration through the ocean.

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Free at last, Free at last, Thank Xenu almighty we are free at last.” -Martin Luther King Jr. On May 17th, 2017 I’ll be released back into the wild.

‘Chelsea Manning Walks’
I’ve been an advocate for peace since forever so a big mo(I)ronic L – O – FUCKING- L about Obama commuting Chelsea (Bradley for you transphobic Etards) Manning sentence since he & CIA have killed about a 1/3 of the peopulation (READ: BROWN PEOPLE) in the middle east & Afghanistan with bombs, drones and manufactured revolutions, **cough **cough ‘the Green Revolution’ in Iran and the half a dozen Arab Springs in the Middle East re: Egypt/Libya/Bhrain/Syria etc with the exception of Tunisia, even tho Barrett Brown would have everyone think he was the forefather of ‘the Arab Spring’ (more like useful idiot CIA assets, along with his village of twitter idiot followers and project PM peons. Mind you bb was partly right about persona management except it would seem the Russia won that little game hands down, the election of Trump being the proof in the persona management pudding.
I still don’t trust who or what Snowden is or supposedly has done, as well Wikileaks since Dec 2010/Jan 2011 when they decided to give funds raised (around 20, 000 US) for Manning defense, yet instead it was given to their former propaganda machine the Juice Media to fund & produce more RapNews videos that push the ‘speak power to truth’ WackLeaks bs narrative, and then eventually the spoof Mastercard RapNews commerial video with A$$ange in the summer of 2011 (now that’s a run on sentence bb would be proud of). I still believe Manning’s whistleblowing of war crimes was altruistic in regards to war logs/diary and the Collateral Murder war crimes footage. IMHO Manning was definitely charmed and manipulated by Assange into grabbing the embassy cables even after she gave them the C M video, plus the logs and diary.
Obama only pardoned Manning just to piss off Trump AMD most of the GOP, despite the alt-right’s recent love-in with WackyLeaks.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange agrees to extradition if Barack Obama releases U.S. military whistleblower Chelsea Manning , dated 13 Jan 2017
:::runs out and buys a movie theater size popcorn machine and wait’s for the movie to be posted on the pirate bay to download it:::

im off tomorrow, so im waking up & playin’ the drinkin’ game w/ coffee & bailey’s, plus a wake & bake lazy day. sooo how long before we’re all dying from radiation poisoning due to a putin & trump gangster dick wavin’ contest ? Putin & Trump 1st want to nuke the middle east/afghanistan & china off the map then they’ll turn on each other :::leaves this for bill YAC/@SpartaZC wants to know why they were tagged with the CIA. IDK, maybe becuase they openly support US proxy wars in Syria?
1:07 AM – 14 Jan 2017

‘@SoulFya I’d rather be a hypocrite
( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) than a republican. And I’d rather vote farther to the left, but power’s in numbers. ‘
Here I thought this corpse of a feminist might have to build a wall around your ego fishbabe.
Copyright$ on your foreheads satirefags.

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