NSA Leaker on Ferguson Internet Outages — "We pulled the plug"

NSA's HATEFINGER has been deployed to quell  the spread of "virulent domestic unrest" in Ferguson
NSA’s HATEFINGER has been deployed to quell the spread of “virulent domestic unrest” in Ferguson

INTERNET — The NSA, seeing that the flow of data into and out of Ferguson, Missouri was inevitably leading to a nationwide anti-police revolution, “pulled the plug,” as an Anonymous NSA leaker told Internet Chronicle. The active weapon, codenamed HATEFINGER, overwhelms domain name servers, which act as interpreters for internet protocol addresses and make up the most vulnerable part of internet infrastructure. Network Scientist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “Oh if the NSA wanted to drop the whole internet with domain name server attacks, I’m sure it’s well within their capabilities. Snowden’s shown their capabilities far exceed such a simple attack.”

Now that Ferguson protesters are to blame for nationwide internet outages, the public has lost sympathy for their cause. “It wasn’t enough that they had to loot and mess things up for everyone,” Gerald Darey, 56, of St. Louis said. “But now I can’t get on my facebook or my other, more important web sites that I pay good money to view. I’m about to lose my mind and just run out in the streets like an animal, myself, with my hands up in the air.”

Critic of the government and supporter of the Anonymous insurrection, Dr. Cecilia Darwin, refused to blame the protesters for triggering such dramatic clampdowns by the government and instead pointed her finger at the government clampdown itself, saying, “This is yet another case of militarized police, or more specifically, policified military. The NSA is supposed to be a code-breaking wing of the military, and by deploying HATEFINGER on the US populous this is a clear use of the military for domestic policing. The founding fathers intended, with the most-neglected amendment, the third, that military shouldn’t be brought into civilian populations to police or control, because they saw what happened at the Boston Massacre and they didn’t want that to happen again. But in Ferguson we see this happening every day, and because the founders obviously failed in phrasing the third amendment in a way that would withstand the test of time, now we have the military in our computers, in our streets, and maybe citizens aren’t forced to house them, but the effect is just the same. War on the streets of the homeland, war inside our domestic communications devices. This has to stop.”

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The name for this joint FBI/CIA operation of Ferguson is actually HATENIGGER.

Hey did anyone see the video of one ppl from the jesterfag group water boarding themselves. White devil propaganda.

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