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Occupy National Gathering’s Big Plan

Occupiers at the National Gathering have finally unveiled a so-called “Big Plan” of Direct Action against the Finance Monopoly Capitalists they so naively call the %1. This is direct action that actually matters!

Occupy Territoria

Territoria is an entire world of vacant buildings held hostage by Finance Capitalists as collateral for their increasingly risky and insane investments in war machines. They’ve made an entire industry on the whole premise that your grandmother can’t pay her mortgage! Rather than camping in parks as part of a pointless exercise in drawing media attention from the masses, Occupy Territoria confronts this struggle head on!

Up till now, the struggle has been symbolic, a simulation of a revolution in what is an entirely stable culture under the iron grip of the hegemonic Finance Monopoly Capitalists they so childishly call the %1! By some magic, the camps in city parks, a terrible place to be, will somehow spread across the nation as an idyllic new haven for culture and economic justice. THIS WAS A LIE! OCCUPY HAS FAILED!

BUT NO MORE!!! Join Occupy Territoria today and we can provide you with maps of abandoned buildings owned by Finance Monopoly Capitalists, which are yours by right of the Occupy National Gathering’s Declaration of Interdependence!!!! Camp in buildings with no utilities! Move to the country! Move to the city! When the cops come, livestream it and get a new place! Territoria is ours! FOREVER!

Oh, but it won’t be easy. Territoria will use the model set forth by Occupy to settle all disputes–especially rape and murder–internally. Entire corporate farms will be taken over, and air-tight chambers will keep the pollen of Monsanto’s devil genepoison from crossing with purebred seeds bought straight from Lebal Drocer’s food insurance seed bank in Antarctica–at a special rate for card-carrying citizens of Territoria. Eventually, everyone will join the new Near-Utopia nation of Territoria, the world’s first global nation. Paid for and sponsored by the 1%.

Remember, the first rule of Territoria is do not talk about Territoria (Until you’re being “evicted,” of course!)

Until now, the Big Plan, as it is known to insiders, has been kept out of sight by the alternative secret organization within Occupy. Fed up with the wasteful mind control that is the Human Microphone and General Assembly model, the more intelligent among Occupy formed a powerful organization, which had to be hid from mainstream Occupiers who vehemently oppose any forms of organization. You may know them as the Occulati, and they do not believe in solidarity. Some say they were sent in by the 1%, others say they are agents from the Illuminati, others don’t really know the difference to begin with and just hate that they livestream Black Bloc.


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