WDBJ7 attacks local EMT Tracy Rolan

Her name is Tracy Rolan.


NYDailyNews reports:

Former porn star Harmony Rose is volunteering as an EMT for the Cave Spring Rescue Squad in Roanoke, VA. While covering the controversy that her new post has stirred, WDBJ reporter Justin McLeod pointed out that the rescue squad has probably never had a volunteer like 29-year-old Harmony Rose. “She’s a former porn star,” he said, “Just Google her name and you’ll find hundreds of pornographic videos of hers.”

The kind of sick sexist parody at Chronicle.SU finally hits local mainstream media.

Roanoke County leaders in collusion with executives at WDBJ7 have seemingly manufactured a smear campaign against EMT volunteer Tracy Rolan. This depraved lapse in Journalistic ethics has created a “legitimate” reason to remove Rolan from the rescue squad. County Attorney Paul Mahoney has implied that the former sex worker may not be capable of  maintaining “trustworthiness” or “public esteem,” and that he would support the firing of Rolan only if it caused embarrassment for local emergency response workers, as this manufactured “controversy” was designed to do.

It seems clear that Justin McLeod has no respect for women, journalism, or the Emergency Response workers of Roanoke County. Instead of informative local news, Roanoke is left with this scumfuck tabloid rubbish which failed to even name Rolan, reducing her from a human into an objectified persona created only for porn.

In response to the manufactured “controversy,” WDBJ7 has removed the suggestion to google Rolan’s porn videos. Insiders from Burlington Coat Factory report that within WDBJ7, the issue has not been mentioned by managers, and totally “swept under the rug.”

Last Summer reporter Holly Pietrzak of WDBJ7 accidentally uttered the word “fuck” on television and, according to an anonymous source, was quickly suspended for several days. According to a statement made on, “Pietrzak, who has been a reporter and weekend anchorwoman at the station since 2005, apologized at the end of the broadcast. She deferred all comment to Marks, who said that she won’t face any disciplinary action.” Lies! This disgusting attitude towards women and truth has come to be business as usual for the scum-sucking liars at the world’s worst local news station, WDBJ7.

[pullquote]”I don’t see what the big deal is! It’s not like she was doing interracial.” ~ Area resident, Monty Parche[/pullquote]Our anonymous source from Burlington Coat Factory has also stated that Justin McLeod, hatemongering writer of this sexist smear, faces no disciplinary action, nor does Dan Dennison, News Director.

Floods of prank 911 calls from the Cave Spring area, mostly residents allegedly suffering “priapism,” have caused delays for emergency workers. Tracy Rolan has not yet made comment, however, but if there is any justice, she will sue the everliving hell out of WDBJ7.

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Only in North America…and being a sex worker for 20 years + I can attest that stupidity & prejudice knows no bounds in this area. You be amazed at the transferable skills one picks up in sex work. On a personal note I was a disaster relieve and recovery volunteer in NOLA for about 6 mons after Katrina and Rita (on my own time and dime). I worked twice as hard as everyone else b/c it is just part of my nature and I knew eventually someone would and did out me. I was honest when confronted and my supervisor being a smart cookie (and a Newfie :b) only judged me on my work ethic and skills.

“It seems clear that Justin McLeod has no respect for women,” have you seen her videos? I clearly have no respect for myself or women

I wonder if this smear campaign was started because Harmony Rose would not have sex with either Justin McLeod or Dan Dennison… perhaps they did it as some sort of revenge thing.

Usually the “pretend” bible thumpers have as much on their “stick “ then those they are trying to shame. Agree with “Pete”. Sad individuals.

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