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Opinion: Reddit Moderators’ Strike veils hate-filled motivation

Chairman Pao's defense of fat people, women, and the poor is widely considered to be a "dictatorship" by true freedom-loving American Redditors.
Chairman Pao’s defense of fat people, women, and the poor is widely considered to be a “dictatorship” by true freedom-loving American Redditors.

INTERNET — Forget the backdrop of Reddit administration cracking down on hateful subreddits like ‘Fat People Hate’, and forget the outright racist and ‘communist’ jokes aimed at interim CEO Ellen Pao on /r/GloriousChairmanPao. This is about ethics in… never mind.

“What is happening?” is on the tip of every Redditor’s tongue because the moderators have so poorly expressed their grievances during this strike — evasive “Reddit Meltdown” language is necessary for the moderators to maintain face during the Fat Hate Supporters’ Strike. The only specific talk the striking moderators have mustered tells of a canned admin, Victoria, someone that no average user really knows, but it is enough to say that she set up AMA threads everyone loved although no one really can say why she was canned or why it is so upsetting to the other moderators.

Recall the ‘doxing’ of Violentacrez (moderator of many of the most creepy and abusive subreddits, like r/creepshots) and remember that this touched off a massive stink leading to the nearly reddit-wide censorship of a single reporter, Adrian Chen.

The unpaid moderators are not demanding pay — their demands are for more power and technological tools to enact those powers. Their illegitimate and reckless determination of acceptable content has let so much unacceptable hate and abuse fester for so long that CEO Ellen Pao would be well advised to radically change the business model and purge a few hundred more unpaid moderators to hire on some paid professionals who know the difference between abuse and free speech and share the interests and goals of Reddit. Purge the bullies.

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>omg people on the internet have opinions that hurt my fee fees! Purge them! Replace them with paid enforcers of my own personal ideology!

Lol you really need to stop giving so many fucks. The same people crying about fatpeoplehate run on over to againstmensrights and make fun of “neck beards” or they run over to SRS and make fun of cis white maleness.

I love how all the cries for censorship, including Pao’s are all pointing in one direction while they fail to mention their own hatred directed towards people THEY don’t like.

Neck beards! Conspiratard! Conservatards! Shitlords!


You know what’s funny: People assume that because you shit out one editorial, that you must be the one with a problem, and you “really need to stop giving so many fucks.”

Like this article is a sign that reddit’s problems are just eating away at you.

There is no crying in baseball, amirite … the problem, most of these peple aren’t gettin’ laid or will never get laid. Sad.

I’d like to issue an apology. At one point or another, I screwed up. And for that, I’m sorry.
You probably didn’t know your feedback was important, but it was. You made me rethink the way I approach journalism and the way I approach life, and I think I came out a better person because of it. It isn’t much consolation, but it’s true.
My job (news editor) involves a lot of screwing up. It means missing stories, bad reporting, poor writing and factual mistakes. Sometimes it’s my fault, sometimes it’s just the nature of the job. I wish I could say that I never made the same mistake twice, but that just isn’t true.
a news editor and a crack whore have a lot in common. When we’re “satisfy the man” it means things are going well. When we’re not, it means we’re screwing up. We have to make a decision on every close call.
toodeloo to all, your snitchy bitch

what do you mean “letting fester”, it was a small and largely hates sub reddit, but once it was banned it became a symbol. Reddit was no longer a place to speak your opions, however ugly they are, freely. Many started new subs as a sign of defiance and protest. And as for that last remark, wow, have you ever been on reddit? That is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard all day. You sound like the kind of person who read a little summary of all the events that have transpired and immediately made quite a strong statement on what is to be done. Any person with half a brain cell who ever visited reddit would know paid moderation is not only impractical but against the ideology of the whole site. Horrible journalism.

What do you expect from a grotesquely entitled false accuser and shakedown artist (see court records on the lawsuit) whose greed causes her to use pathological altruism to exploit those not getting a six-figure salary of the sort she draws)?

They should purge reddit altogether.
This place is a liberal cesspool where every little oppressed neckbeard/trans/fag/whatever shit in the world comes to when looking for attention or aknowledgement from the herd. I don’t support hatespeech but I don’t support the spreading of degeneration either, and Reddit actively participates in the anhihilation of the values that gave the human race a semblance of order.

“Chairman Pao’s defense of […] women”

You do realize that the current shitstorm started because Pao’s Reddit *fired* a woman whom the community loved?

Ya kill it with fire, ’cause Aids. And Adrian Chen should DIAF. It all needs to burn. Feel the burn, that burning hate only the along with Terror Max and a burning STI that is always serve up southern style by the mean folks at Lebal Drocer.

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