Owner of KiwiFarms Joshua Moon dead at 28 after apparent suicide

INTERNET — Josh Moon, controversial owner of the infamous KiwiFarms stalking and trolling website, was found dead in his Florida apartment, Wednesday, after facing years of backlash from Anonymous, the LGBTQ community, and Keffals.

Moon’s assets were released to Jim Watkins, dear friend and former employer, who promised to continue fighting the losing battle to keep the KiwiFarms community going. Watkins is the owner of the notable conspiracy hate site, 8kun.

Police Coroner Whitey MacGuffin said, “Man, I never seen a cadaver like that. He strangled himself with a LAN cable and had carved Keffal’s twitch URL all over his body, ‘http’ and everything. They were all bruised up too, like he’d been clicking on himself relentlessly, thousands and thousands of times.”

In spite of the unusually gruesome and specific police statements, fans of the hate site spun up numerous conspiracies to retell the death of Moon to better suit their political agenda.

“I think that he was poisoned to death by Keffal’s homemade hormone cocktails. They slipped it into his water supply, into his food. That’s why he bitched out at the end, acting so gay,” said Dynastia, former KiwiFarms admin. “I still can’t believe he let the Internet have power over him like that, like he was a lolcow.”



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This is uncalled for and uniquely disgusting of you. Josh Moon was an honorable person, a terrific member of the KiwiFarms team, and in no way associated with Jim Watkins. He was also a member of exactly the community you pretend to defend. #hypocrite

wat u cant keep my name out ya mouth? wat u gay for me fella? ye i bet ya do ROFLMAO! ye i bin reading up u “fashfag!” I know ur history LICKITY SPLIT!

Look I’m no bigot, closest thing to a diatribe I ever post is after I get done at Wendys, but come on man can’t we all just get along?

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