Paula Broadwell’s Anonymous Threats

Paula Broadwell is Anonymous

INTERNET — Paula Broadwell, embattled mistress and biographer of David Petraeus, sent threatening anonymous emails to Jill Kelley including several common threats used by the hacking collective Anonymous.

Analyst Angstrom H. Troubador suggests Paula Broadwell has the kind of access to top-secret files that Anonymous has only dreamed of until now, and commented, “She most likely leaked the really good stuff that Bradley Manning couldn’t even get to. That new TYLER program, it’s pretty slick. Anyone can get away with leaks now! That shit’s made by occultist cryptographers. Real serious business.”

[pullquote]”We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us, Jill Kelley.” ~ Paula Broadwell[/pullquote]The FBI investigation has turned up no evidence of leaks, as would be expected, but rumors have caused the Pentagon to grind to a halt, as computer experts comb through billions of wires for traces of Paula Broadwell and her threatening Anonymous communications.

ABC reports:

Earlier this year, around the time that Petraeus and Broadwell were breaking off their affair, Kelly began receiving anonymous emails, which she found so threatening she went to authorities. The FBI traced the messages, which have been linked to the hacking collective Anonymous, to Broadwell’s computer, where they found other salacious and explicit emails between Broadwell and Petraeus that made it clear to officials that the two were carrying on an affair.


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