Snowden Hospitalized in Moscow due to Polonium poisoning

Snowden has suffered acute radiation poisoning after coming in contact with Polonium 210.
Snowden has suffered acute radiation poisoning after coming in contact with Polonium 210.

INTERNET — Famed whistleblower Edward Snowden was hospitalized on Wednesday after falling ill from acute Polonium 210 poisoning. Snowden is widely recognized as a hero and a traitor for leaking sensitive information on American spying programs at the NSA. His leaks sparked several wiretapping scandals which embarrassed the United States.

Other prominent victims of Polonium 210 include Yasser Arafat and Alexander Litvinenko. Litvinenko, a former Russian intelligence whistleblower given asylum in the UK, was poisoned after accusing his superiors of ordering an assassination to secure political power. No one has ever been known to survive Polonium 210 poisoning. Because 97% of the world’s supply of the highly radioactive poison is produced in Russia, some experts pointed the finger at Moscow, blaming Vladimir Putin for ordering the death of Snowden.

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This is so SAD!He has not died as yet! He has time to REPENT! and make real lasting peace,… with God! He needs to be baptized, in Jesus Name, and God will take care of the rest! lOOK up Acts@2:38, for the true bible way to MEET GOD! Praying for him!!… and Snowden needs to be born-again, of the “water” and the “Spirit”!

Putin would not have benefited, but the CIA and few other countries would have. Putin was using him to his benefit.

thanks for this info.

time to get the snowman out of the sight to open the reality of this cocksuckers.

Snowden here snowden there, nobody is doing anything against those criminal psychopahtic organisation like merkel, schaeuble, gauck and many more…
“llok at snowden” so it will be everytime crying from those false prophets.

Snowden is a PR-Agent from the criminals to sell informations who can anybody see, such as patents and other things, he did not offer real secrets, only open documents. How about the black projects, crime against german people and the other things? emptyness!

That’s former KGB-agent Aleksandr Litvinenko. Got poisoned in 2006. It was indeed polonium that killed him, but

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