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Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails

According to Snowden, chemtrails are the only thing keeping the US from global warming incineration, but at what price?
According to Snowden, chemtrails are the only thing keeping the US from global warming incineration, but at what price?

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate. The shocking truth, as he says, is that chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming. By cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps. Snowden added, “I am only revealing this program because there is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for the side-effects which are well known only to a few privileged people interested in continuing the decades-long chemtrail program in secret.”

Because climate change is a threat to U.S. agriculture, it has been labeled a national security issue. With the influence and cooperation of Monsanto, a secret Geoengineering lab dubbed Muad’Dib has been operating since the late 1960s, and the chemtrail program is often referred to by insiders as its “crown jewel.” Muad’Dib has aimed to protect North America’s climate at all costs – even if that means accelerating desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa or spreading trace amounts of carcinogens over lightly populated areas. Other side effects, which scientists at the secret Muad’Dib Geoengineering Lab have predicted, include droughts in the Amazon and powerful windstorms along the East Coast.

Snowden shared decisive documents with The Internet Chronicle, but out of concern for national security, only his testimonial can be published. These documents contain references to scientists who would surely be targeted by foreign counterintelligence, and their knowledge is vital to short-term survival of the United States.

Snowden said, “If this program were to stop, the scientists behind it strongly believe that within just one year the North American climate would spiral out of control, and crop failures would lead to a series of devastating famines that would quickly depopulate urban centers.”

Because the program has been carried out on such a massive scale, skeptics might find Snowden’s story unbelievable. However, Snowden explained that the chemtrail program has been incredibly easy to hide, especially with the cooperation of jet fuel companies, a crucial part of the military-industrial complex. Snowden said, “The chemicals which are released by passenger airplanes have been covertly introduced as ‘additives,’ supposedly to improve efficiency. Only as the plane reaches cruising velocity does the heat and atmospheric pressure cause a chemical reaction that synthesizes the top secret carbon-trapping molecule. This process is imperfect, and many of the by-products are incredibly dangerous even in trace quantities. The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown.”

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There are countless millions of American Citizen/victims deliberately targeted directly and indirectly.I curse all parties willingly participating in these programs/ campaigns, they’ve deliberately harm innocent People Families. I pray God will bring swift Justice to their inhumanity, COWARDICE, and betrayal. All victims will be vindicated. The perpetrators know who they are, so do God almighty.

It’s 4:57 am and I just realized what has been going wrong with me for the past year and a half I been seen things like if I was curse(this chem trials )is a curse ,is was hearing voices and see stuff, so I started looking up scrying mirror and they say grab a blue light ,I bought blue bulbs, and I rip the blue clear tab from a school divider stick that clear strip on your phone camers and sure enough you can see cops looking at you and more then the voices where telling me it’s the cell phone towers, hypnotize by light I live in Oc santa ana, people pop fireworks all year round here is guess the illegal one ,they are getting into your head your secrets are been revealed shit I’m a gangbanger I’m pretty sure if they try taking over the world or a war breaks out here in know us Mexican are gonna make one big gang lol take care fuckers,God bless

Sounds like you’re on to something. Explain a little better, sorry I’m a little detailed and it’s hard to understand some typos and I don’t like reading into something and I’m wrong about it. I’m curious about the phone and the blue light bulb. I want to know how to do it.

The voices you are hearing are spiritual beings not earthly ones. They are what the bible refers to as demons. Pay no attention to them. tell them to stop talking to you.

Its the new power lines and wireless frequencies. You might be a target. They can make you hear things, see things , even hit you with frequencies that make you kill yourself within a couple weeks time. 5g is weaponized watch out for the upgraded power lines. Fucking assholes got their oxygen destroyong radio waves going through my house everywhere. All your appliances smart tvs wireless shit we bought over the years are weaponized as well. They conduct and help make your house a walk on microwave. They can turn ur smart meter on your house into a bomb through sending the right frequencies at it. That way they never need to knock on ur door. The wjole neighrborhood is rigged with electronic weapons and satan has the remote control. I used to work at spankys right there in ur neighborhood lol. Remember if you guys start a gang when shit hits the fan, be sure that its not just 1 race. Division is what they have installed in our minds so that it hinders us from human unity. Everybody needs to be in in order to win. Divide and conquer right? Dont let them divide they cant conquer. Dont listen to the voices. Tell the satanic child sacrificing fucks theyll be reckoned with. Learn about blocking your house from the waves entering and disturbing you. Jam their entire signal fuck em . We never agreed to their attacks s on us. Theyre a bunch of evil pussies fucking with us from far away with their toys . It better be soon or were fucked

Thats right! Afterall the world with its likeness of God has turned away from him and we will suffer the consequences of his wrath! God Bless you all-Maranatha na

Rev 11:18 God is going to destroy those destroying His earth.
How would John have known that over 2000 years ago ??????

John had events in the future revealed to Him by God. Of course since the creator is all knowing He made much known to those who seek. It’s comforting to know that our loving Lord has this crazy world under ultimate control. The millineum will be amazing.

Jesus told us we could do more than He did. He forced demons out of people…like people who can spray poisons on others. We can do it. Take the authority.

Laughing at the comment somebody made about Rich white men killing us. I think not. It has nothing to do with skin color. That’s just an idiomatic thing to say.Every single Christian theologian historian up until the mid-1800s knew the pope and papacy was the antichrist beast of Revelation and the pope is Latin. He and the devil are what are behind all of this evil in the world. Just look at the religion of seven of the nine Supreme Court justices. The other two are Jewish which are basically the same things because they’re controlled by Rome. The president, the speaker of the house, the senate majority leader, the majority of cabinet members, every head of administrations of the federal government, most governors, are all Roman Catholic or Jesuit schooled. And all Roman Catholics and their agents answer to the pope before any constitution. Wake up.

theorem : It is used by the govt. in the drug war . period. the chems they are spraying keep people scared to death of pot, and other street drugs. When inhaled by drug users they can be identified by the symptoms easily by D.E.A and all the millions of citizens on the D.E.A. payroll including public schools and officials. They Use the schools as a lab to find out which chemicals to use.
The children are given free food for breakfast and lunch in hopes that the children and teens who are exposed to pot smoke or cocaine particles will develop actual disease like symptoms like bronchitis , flu and other sicknesses. Then they are marked, followed, investigated, and either rehabilitated or destroyed by even more potent chemicals. THIS IS ALL PAYED FOR BY THE RICH, POWERFUL, AND GOVT. ENTITIES WHO RUN THE NEVER ENDING DRUG WAR .. AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS.


Just an FYI… The government did tell the American people they are chemtrailing aka cloud seeding. Although the reason is much more than a person can handle, especially when the proof of the reason is in front of your face so much that pictures were taken to warn family, friends and loved one’s. After I knew with evidence what is happening, it took me a month to stop the panic attacks and accept the reality of what is to come. Once all of you realize what is really happening it will be too late. Put your cell phone down, look at the sun and the stars at night, while you still have a chance. Watch the sunsets, yes both of them our sun setting in the west and the other sun setting in the East. Time is of the essence. Be kind, Love and forgive and ask for forgiveness. There’s no point in fighting with each other over who’s right and who’s wrong. God Bless.

It’s true. The end is near and people are clueless because they’re too busy worrying about their entertainment ( porn, celebrities, sports, the newest smartphone, etc. ) Everybody has their heads up their asses.

Anyone who is awake and has some logic & knows what’s going on is deemed a “conspiracy theorist” which is by design. People are such followers and are so stupid for not noticing shit, it’s no wonder all this shit is happening!

I guess they’ll realize the truth when they finally wake up in a FEMA camp. Or wake up starving from the government disaster created or when they can’t drive a car anymore due to Martial Law.
Yep, approved by our good friend Obama ….wtf kind of name is Obama anyway? Not American!
Fuck all you fucking stupid fucking people. I haven’t even mentioned 5G yet. Our worst nightmare yet.
Wake the fuck up.

You’re absolutely right!!! People are soo dumbed down that they don’t even realize what’s going on. Keep speaking the truth my friend–it will set you free!!!

Not a bad comment for 2018. Im with you on everything you state. I have a lot of 5g to share and all covid related research all day long. Because its important, we must pay attention. Too many are fucked with incorrect assumption thinking they know but dont know dick . Hollywood is hell, tv is satans best weapon, kids being sacrificed by the politicians they make you think youre voting for. Sold themselves and us out to big businesses who now believe they enforce the law. Boycott the fuck out of them and toss all your new smart tvs and appliances, the new power lines and 5g are ginna fucking kill you faster than tje lethal injections they call vaccines these days. Fuck Joe Biden. Wtf is America smoking

You mean the US government?
And the CIA is not involved.
Neither is the UN (which is not part of the US government).

The trails are condensation trails. It’s the commercial airlines doing it, inadvertently. It’s all an accident. Sorry. *shrugs*

How can so many people be so gullible and easily manipulated? Why is it that so many of the same people are searching for all the conspiracies against them? What is it in your upbringing that makes you so sure the world is out to get you?

Are there real threats in the world? Sure. And they bear watching. But don’t buy into everything you hear and read on the internet. A lot of it’s pure BS. Learn to differentiate between what’s reasonable and what’s not. Learn to do some of your own research, and how to think analytically. Be sceptical of anything that seems far-fetched – there’s a lot of that out there. Don’t allow yourself to be made to look foolish.

Chem Spraying is REAL Mr. What a load of bs!!! For a Fact agree 100% and was just praying this same thing!!! That our ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD YHWH WILL POUR OUT JUDGEMENT ON THEZE EVIL DOERS OF POISENING AMERICANS SECRETLY!!! BY WAY OF CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING!!!

Mr. What a load of BS. You are the one who is gullible. Or maybe your hand fed by the government. Better yet your a government troll and a freaking liar!

I completely agree with you “WhataLoadofBS”, but I do believe the things that Snowden has shared without a doubt. Everything that he has enlighted me/us to makes sense. I myself have experienced a very strong Intuition on things that he has spoken of that is to be classified information in hopes to enlighten/prove to us what these ppl are Capable of doing to humanity. And these are supposed to be hands of ppl that are supposed to protect us (our gov’s).”

Yes, go outside and look up ? If that ant proof enough ? What is ? If you think that’s normal, you either very young , or you are a fool !

All this geoengineering and chemtrail activism is based on the false idea that all contrails must dissipate in a few seconds, and those that don’t aren’t contrails.
If there is already too much moisture in the air, contrails can’t dissipate. These are called persistent contrails. When the air is of sufficiently high Relative Humidity the condition is called ice-supersaturated.
High RH is why some contrails do not dissipate in a few seconds and persist maybe for hours, and spread in the wind shear.

“Weather” June 1946

“The trail, of course, spreads and diffuses behind the aircraft, but if the air is generally saturated the trail cannot evaporate, or can do so only very slowly, and a very long and persistent trail is formed, as is well known. … If, on the other hand, the general relative humidity is low, the trail will evaporate behind the aircraft and will only appear as a short plume behind it. Actually, the really persistent trails are almost always associated with the supersaturation in the upper air, in which case the trail, once formed, thickens instead of evaporating, and after a few minutes snow can usually be seen falling from it.”

My Most High Creator, this is REAL HORRIFIC SCARY MOVIE. There agenda is to depopulate the globe and what better way is to start wars, chemtrails in the sky, fake foods, vaccines to babies, and brain washing. That’s right do your research hopefully everyone will wake the fuck up

And Hitler was not real too. Mister or Miss know it all. Man is evil and greedy. God has the last word. The Devil and his demons must obey Almighty God. The wicked ungodly people get ready to burn baby burn.

Look up chasta county Chem trail meating and tell the record breaking attendance of people along with the whistleblowing pilots, biochemists, Doctors, there ring whatever it takes to stay in ur comfort zone even lie to urself and even the the judges on the board who after hearing the testimony from the above mentioned passed a unanimous judgment that this is as real as the Sh-t u took this morning as long u don’t have constipation from crones or IBS from eating GMO which is also real ohhh sorry don’t want to wake u up from ur gmo zombie sleepwalk through life to fast did that to one of my weak minded friends who loved his comfy zone as well and he freaked completely out so just start with these little tidbits off of what is trust me when I say the tip of an epic ice burg and let reality gently pull ur head out of the sand and kiss u on the cheek and wake u up slowly cause it sounds to me like use been in almost a coma oh look up the creature from jeckel island that should get u started

Unfortunately the human race has a inherent need to believe, this stems from our earliest times, it is a evolutionary feature which helped to keep us alive (if we didn’t believe that food would become available we would just lay down and starve).
With the introduction of intelligence certain humans exploited this inherent need to believe with religion and used it to control the masses. Fast forward to now, you have a large majority of the population which no longer believes in religion but still has this inherent need to believe in something, anything.
To what degree this is still being exploited by the ruling elite is debatable.

Peace ?

Hahaha u scumbag u are clearly covering something up Ross we can all see it considering jet fuel when it is burnt will disperse within 30 minutes I know in a pilot when additives to control weather are put in you wake up to see the Chem trails in your skies that’s why there are called “chem trails” lol

I’d be willing to bet he’s just an airline pilot, this is the line they’re told to give the public. Same line, different year. My X-best-friend’s husband is a commercial airline pilot for Trans States and he tried the same line on me, when I have watched and video recorded the behavior of this chemical composition. I know the protocol and therefore; can distinguish the difference between them and contrails. Anyway, I don’t speak to my best friend anymore because I realized that he’s in on it because of his defensive behavior with me. Airline pilots think that they represent pilots as a whole. The ones in on it; have been brainwashed into believing that their dignity and career is being compromised if the truth should come out. My friend has known me a lot longer than she’s been married to this pilot, she believed what he told her, which I’d expect no different, but she also knows me well enough to know when my character is attacked, especially, when I clearly see these damn trails over my house on a continuous basis, that I will wash my hands of them both. “Operation Fire Drill”

No, I’m a meteorologist.
The trails are contrails, as all airline pilots will truthfully tell you.
In high humidity (at the light level), there is too much moisture already in the air for any more ice to evaporate and dissipate the trail. So these trails formed in high RH linger for a while.
Simple thermodynamics. Look it up: Google contrail ice-saturated. Read a few science papers about it. They are pretty easy to understand.

Your an idiot they just don’t linger for a while they spread and last all day into the night a milky white mess covering the sky horizon to horizon! On the same day a jet at same altitude goes by and the trail is dissipated! So don’t try and feed me your bullshit! The trails are man made for a purpose and it’s not good!
Look it up genius weather modification!!!
These Fuckers are ruining our planet! And it’s an experiment on us!!
So open up your pea brain and do a little research!

Ok. Good explanation. I have a question. If this is due to high humidity, then why is the humidity now so much higher than it was when I was younger? This never happened when I was a kid and has exploded within the last decade. I’m just a curious observer

Curious Observer:
There are several reasons you do not remember seeing this when you were a kid.
1) The occurrence of high Relative Humidity at cruise altitude has not changed, and this means that the occurrence of ice-supersaturated regions (ISSR) is much the same, but
2) The number of flight has increased a lot in recent decades,
3) The efficiency of jet and turbo-fan propulsion for passenger aircraft has increased and this lowers the temperature (altitude) where contrails will form, and the occurrence therefore increases,
4) Nobody was interested in contrails until about 10 years ago when the misunderstanding about these trails in the sky really took off.

Wow you are definitely a troll. NASA has admitted spraying chemicals. Yes, please do some research! Che trails are ? % real. They are a fact of life. You can easily read the document silent weapons for quiet wars. This is a document that is housed in Congress. It outlines many tactics, chemtrails being but one weapon. It’s terrifying, but it is happening and it is real. Educate yoursrlf and stop being so easily fooled by those who are intent on keeping you in denial of the truth. Check out stop the

No way in hell you are a meteorologist. My best friend however is and worked on a major news program. She is well aware of the chemtrails as well as any person with eye sight.
Browse “NASA” scientist admires to chemtrails for starters. You can find a recorded interview where NASA admits to spraying for decades. This is not conspiracy, this is fact and it is very real. This has been admitted repeatedly by the government. The only people believing “Ross” have some serious learning to do. Toxic sky.ORG

Truth is Scarey, (by the way, scary is spelt SCARY, no E, you see) NASA has not “admitted” spraying chemicals. I would love to see where you got that from. Oh wait, I know! It was that illegally recorded telephone conversation. I listened to the video. The NASA guy said that Lithium and other chemicals are used to make trails in the ionosphere so that they can track their movement and gain a better understanding of the wind (and so the electric currents) there. He casually called them chemtrails. The Lithium they use will be different from the pharmaceutical Lithium, obviously.
So, NASA did not admit to dosing the American people with Lithium using research rockets in the ionosphere.

Actually, I am a meteorologist. Here is my Linkedin profile:

He works with Mick and Co.
Pro debunkers they fancy themselves. I’ve tangled with Mr. Marsden before. Wherever “chemtrails” were discussed he would be there and I mean even the most obscure website or message board. Nobody would be that infatuated with debunking.

Ross, I have one issue with your research. Years later i am just reading your post. Scroll back up in a few comments or so up, you tell someone to “google” search for info on whatever it was u were saying… Nobody and I mean nobody who uses google as a search engine is being fed the truth. Your suggestions are all handpicked to steer you off the truth and google is in on the chemtrail and genocide team. Of course they will tell you some bullshit that takes your sci fi brain into wonderland. Theyre fucking poisoning the crops and air we breath. Niwadays the weaponized frequencies are fu king us up from power poles. And mibd control and protocol stupid people believe surrounding a fake pandemic called covid 19

You are totally wrong, especially when it comes to the cia, do some real research! And as for the u.s which you yanks seem to to think is a country for the people and freedom, what a crock of sh*t why do you think your country is run by a president not a King or queen, it’s because the u.s is just one big dirty corporation which is just in it for the money power and greed, like any other company! And the cia which has been killing its own for over 50 years is just another puppet system more corrupt than you can possibly imagine! And chem trails are real you blind fool!

Snowden is a possible misinformation plant, the chemtrail program is world wide. NWO trying to prevent an ice age…. Possibly. Chemtrail clouds expand a thin layer like a temporary greenhouse that could be trapping heat. Among other sinister plans, one to kill us slowly the nice way. Birth control. To get the human numbers down to 500,000 as the north American stonehenge suggests. Or our atmosphere is destroyed and its a synthetic atmosphere enhancer. The anunake said their sky gods made them mine for gold so they could spray it in the atmosphere of their home planet they destroyed.

Big dumb animal agrees with ya. The president is just a puppet, fall guy. DUH, to anyone who disagrees. I’m proud to be an American, truly. But I know I’m \we are being manipulated on so many levels. Our votes for presidency don’t mean jack shit. And I am mad about that for the good people that believe in that. Like relegion . I understand the ways and reasons. To an extent.. Like the teachings of humanity, help, respect, protect others. Love the basis . but no religion is wrong. And there’s prob not one that is fully right? Doesn’t matter.. All teach right from wrong. Most important!

Yeaherrrrr Babyyyyy 100% ((DEAD ON THE)) privately owned printed at interest from the very first dollar so the lone can only be paid of with a nother loan also printed by they the banksters putting every country it’s installed in into instant and perpetual debt to our new bankster rulers ,((MONEY ))

why talk? if your not going to do something about what may or may not be happening, why waste your breath “debating”.

So u either truly don’t know whats goon on witch makes u very situationaly unawere GMO zombie or ur a gov troll trying to quell decent if it’s the first scenario let me educate u son look up Shasta or maybe it’s Chasta county Chem trail meeting try both spellings ,, anyway prepare urself however to be snatched out of the world were u believe we the people of these states run a by the people for the people government made up of Americans who love America and gmo is just delicious food ,,,and snatched into reality were your blinders of f ing ball games movies fishing trips and work work work take up all ur time so u never see the cruchening of America and much of the globe happening right in front of ur face u probably watch fox CNN NBC abc csnbs or some other George Soros owned backed by Rockefeller/Rothschild owned station cause these elite are unamerican and own our country secretly but that shits about to change no thanks to people like u anyway the bankster Elite Rothschild family with there army of bankster Zionist rockerfeler, goldman sacks, Soros, Greenspan run our show. look up the creature from jeckel island on u tube and don’t forget to pay ur taxes to ur privately owned federal reserve that these a-hole mostly British Zionist elite own and thereby own us and every major corporation from insurance companies to mc Donald’s look up builderburg group corporation list and know the Rothschild family sits atop it all and they believe in pop control and reduction and they are responsible for the chemtrails and every war in recent time fought to further there plans for global domination in there lifetime through power gained thrue the acquisition of resources giving them the power to buy there way into any country pay of key high ranking government members even presidents to give the Rothschild kabal. The soul right to install there printing press in there country and begin printing yet another countries money for them at interest erbuy controlling/ruling that country so yes u are being sprayed and it is by ur enemy who are unamerican and know when there secret comes out if we aren’t all sick and dying there asses are grass but don’t listen to me keep eating the GMO and wondering were all this IBS and crones shit ur pants sickness is coming from keep breathing the chemtrails fu– it take a giant mc Donald’s straw first thing in the morn and step out onto ur back porch and snort ur self a fatty oh don’t worry it will be thre waiting for ya just snort lt right out the sky then go back inside and watch a COPD commercial where the same freaks spraying the fu–ckin Sky giving u the COPD/sleep apnea/weard flu and cough that stays for a month, can now sell u some symbecourt to cover up the symptoms of there poisoning while putting u on there algerythm books to keep track of how much damage they are doing .stop being an I love my comfort zone sheeple see people like me and many of the others on this page are way more comfortable knowing the truth u should try it it makes u feel alive to know how to eat things that are not soft kill and get the news from alex jones and Drudge Report and the few other real news of the web before it gets taken down give alex jones a chance promise urself to listen to 2 complete shows commercials and all before deciding and trust me dr Edward GroupThe3rd’s products are the real deal I’m guessing as uneducated on reality as u seem u probably voted for hilry I left out the e and capitalization on purpose anyway most people who are awake voted trump hoping the elite I mentioned above don’t rule him which they might but at least it’s only a might with the hildabeast it’s a sure thing if u open her mouth and look coming up from the other end is a hand controlling her with a Rothschild banking elite ring on it baby oowahh to all my marines out there .

So that was your first scenario, if I was “a very situationaly unawere GMO zombie”. What about the second scenario, if I am “a gov troll trying to quell decent”? Thanks.
And what are your thoughts about chemtrails? I would really like to know.

Yup! Allergies? I don’t think so ! Even my dogs sneeze like crazy when they go out in the morning! Look at sunset those beautiful clouds they make turn pink from the aluminum and fiberglass !

You talk about you wanting to know the truth and the rest of us are zombies?? you are filled with assumptions which is not truth seeking…it is not that I doubt what your saying may be true ( or partly true) but alot of you guys on this site sound like stark raving mad lunatics because you ramble on in code and use terms that are very insulting
Can you not just speak your truth clearly without all the insults and strange utterances…people would be more apt to listen.

False dichotomy argument fallacy right there, bj.
And your grammar sucks. Anyway, thanks; added your gem to my collection of ad hominem replies to my comments. Thanks for contributing so positively. Have a lovely day, please.

C I A is a completely different entity
Not connected to the U.S. They have been programming celebrities, world leaders, kidnapped babies/young/kids via sextrafficking by doin MKULTRA

I read about it and within a few minutes got the jist of how the world is all completely controlled by illuminati goons!!!! It started way before our nation was even started!!!!!

No, it is not our “own government”. Our real government is just getting started again, the Republic positions re-populated. We are not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. That is a foreign, private governmental services corporation as are US ARMY, US NAVY, USAF, NASA, EPA, FDA, USDA, CIA, NSA,+++ They took advantage of exhausted, traumatized people after THEIR civil war. They’ve been poisoning us for over 100 years. Every time they say they’re going to war, we scream–all of us, left, right and center–NOOOOO! They bomb anyway because they are demoniacs. Jesus showed us how to get rid of them, to take authority over them. People have to actually DO it.


Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a “SECRET”. Or its just a load of BS right? Fucking people are so stupid. Planes ain’t real, so how can they be spraying shit out of something that isn’t real? It’s all an illusion man. “planes” can’t fly, when they “take off” all they really do is drive up invisible ramps. Then someone presses a big Green triangle button, and the earth elevator gets lowered a few thousand invisible floors to make it ‘appear’ as though there up in the air. The smoke “CON” Trail, is just the steam coming out of the supper invisible pully system. That’s why it stays there because really it’s settling on the invisible roads. Do some “research” if you don’t believe me. Go to, WWW. INVISIBLE RUNWAYS AND ROADS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE BIG GREEN TRIANGLE BUTTON. COM

Meanwhile god sits back in his imaginary throne on his imaginary cloud doing a whole heap of imaginary nothing. Way to pass the buck on to a imaginary deity.

Your such a fool and idiot. God is real and all this must come to pass before he has had enough and comes again to save the just. So wake up!!

poison and it is destroying of vegetables are crops this is unhealthy chemtrails is destroying it’s getting into people’s body human beings of breeding that’s causing cancer causing all sort of thing and nobody’s doing anything about it now let’s fight this man is insane what he’s saying here. come do your research, wake up people

If u dive deeper u will find this global teaty on peace to b signed by all nations to not use weather seeding warfare several countries attended and many more didn’t as well as our own (USA) didn’t attend or care to sign. Deeper….. It goes into contamination of the human seed and food not being Kosher manipulates God’s design on humans…. The dark principalities of high authority…. The bloodlines like Bush & Clinton’s…. The alluminati outlines in DC (basic foundation of this country) ….are protecting they’re own Bcs they know the wrath of God is coming to this nation Bcs of its sexual immoral godless ways…. Buying more time. Trumpets have sounded since 2007. Stirring all of those who are dead in Christ and becoming more aware that something just isn’t right and having discernment of these things. There may b nothing we can do… Just get right with our maker.

First thing you can do is take steps to mitigate the damaging effects to the human system from these heavy metals,(Aluminum Oxide being one*)Barium & the long list of man made toxins etc…
Spirulina & Chlorella are two very
good “binders” that help grab these man made toxins & remove them from your system. Pesticides can be removed best through sweating.
D3 is good for combating inflammation which is caused largely by microwave irradiation.
See: You tube; “Microwave Warfare,
are you being targeted” features
UK Microwave Physicist
Barry Trower. Also: “Magnetic Movie” shows magnetic fields Made
Visible ! These fields/Electro-smog
are EVERYTHING passing through
our bodies…Any Field other than
the Negative Ion rich field from Terra Firma (which you where Designed to walk barefoot on!)
is detrimental to your bodies electrical field. Once you’re no longer Grounded (Barefoot or Leather soles) you take on an unatural Charge. These man made
fields, mostly from Microwave Irradiation cause inflammation, the immune system goes into overdrive
trying to drive out the perceived intruders…leading to a stressed & weakened immune system & so allowing Dis-Ease to set in. Did you know here in U.S. If you shield your house intentionally to protect you & your loved ones from Microwave Transmissions & Telecommunications folks become aware they can sue you because
you are blocking potential customers !! Big Telecommunications corporations
since the telecommunications protection act can place a tower ANY WHERE THEY WANT & no one I mean no one, private citizens,
local or state agencies can do anything to stop them from doing so.
In my area telecomm’s have purchased ALL the hill tops.
Even when the Truth of how dangerous cell phones & towers are comes out, much like we now know
high tension lines KILL, Nothing will change, because just like the “Web”
the Metadata is just too useful for our Handlers! Side note:”They”
There is no “New World Order”
it is the same “Old World Order”
6,000 yrs of this Shit…Ra-ka-pharoah’s=Rockefeller’s. Ra-ka-shields=Rothchilds. Here’s where I lose more of you. Ancient, YES
ALIEN, NOT NECESSARILY. What better to hide behind than, Ancient Astronaut Theorist Believe…
There is a Race of MEN Who hide behind this. They were called Ultra-Terrestrial s in the 1800’s.
Now those in the know call them
Crypto-Terrestrials. You could ask Mac Tones but he died at a young
age in his sleep….
Folks, all one has to do is look @
his-story to see Repeatedly Man’s
Inhumanity to Man…I think the thing Our Hidden Human Handlers
are the most afraid of is us all coming 2 gether effecting The Either in a POSITIVE WAY. Think about it,
EVERYTHING Man has ever Dreamed of, GOOD or BAD, Eventually comes to Fruition !
Is this why Everything just so happens to DIVIDE US ie, RELIGION-
POLITICS-SPORTS… DIVIDE & CONQUER. When some poor bastard comes along & Preaches Unity=BANG. Problem solved. Seems like the True meaning of life here in this particular program=Be A Better You ! Affect the Either in a positive Way…Especially if Everything we dream up Eventually Comes to pass.

It is demoniacs geoengineering and poisoning us from every direction possible. Jesus taught us how to fight them. That’s why they’ve launched such a massive campaign against Him. He said, “I came to FULFILL prophecy”, and told us we have authority over demons. We can drive them out.

He is real. He will handle them his way. They think hiding in Thier bunkers will save them …Hahahaha perfect tombs for them

While this article apparently explains why the US is doing this, there is no mention that it is GLOBAL. Just google “chemtrails over ( name a country)” to see for yourself.

Snowden is a patio agent. The sprayingbis world wide to warm the planet on purpose…damned the side effects on people. They want to consolidate governance on a global scale, just like where the internet is going. High level clouds in the lower atmosphere TRAP heat that would otherwise leave the earth.

Snowden is a patio agent. The sprayingbis world wide to warm the planet on purpose…damned the side effects on people. They want to be consolidate governance on a global scale, just like where the internet is going. High level clouds in the lower atmosphere TRAP heat that would otherwise leave the earth.

i HAVE EMPHESEMA, and I have gotten worse as the spraying continues in the Atlanta Georgia area, around the airport mostly, I now have a mass in my right lung, and it appears nothing is going to ever stop this till I am dead. I believe they have killed me now, it is just a matter of lying down and not getting back up. The totally silly thing is NOBODY seems to know about them, I have asked lots of people if they have ever seen “chem trails” and they say no, and I say “look up.” and they are shocked by what they see. I guess American people are so used to looking down at their feet and keeping their nose to the grindstone nobody ever looks at the sky at all. Amazing how stupid Americans have become.

My husband is sick from this crap you dpray all daysnd under the secret of night. We would rather have global warming you are secret satans minions how many of us are going to die before you stop i am sure there is many more out there besides us

There is NO GLOBAL WARMING! This is a load of dangerous BULL. The powers that be are poisoning us in the name of something that does NOT EXIST. Sure we have CLIMATE CHANGE but that is not global warming – every planet in our solar system is currently experiencing changes. This is a DEPOPULATION programme. No wonder people AND BEES are developing dementia at a frightening rate. It also means there is NO such thing as organic food since it is all being sprayed by these toxins from above. This needs to STOP.

This article is probably one of the biggest lies going these day…. These assholes are not trying to control climate change at all… The goal is to depopulate the planet…

The article is satire. Chemtrails are not a thing.
Here’s the thing. The trails are ice clouds.
Water in the exhaust comes out of the engine as invisible vapor. Then, if the environment is cold enough, as it mixes with the environment air it condenses and freezes and you have a visible trail.
If the environment at flight level is dry with low relative humidity, the ice quickly evaporates and the trail disappears.
However, if the environment at flight level is humid and with high relative humidity, the ice can’t evaporate. It can last for many hours. This is why some contrails don’t dissipate in a few seconds.

My sentiments exactly! Leave mother nature alone. Althiugh its never to late to have faith in God, Almighty to hear our prayers, keep us safe and strong to do His Will. Only God can judge those inhumane evil followers whom I whole heartedly feel their apprehencion of remourse as I pray to our Creator! AMEN!

I guess I’m late to the party? concerning this article that is. Being made aware right this second that Edward Snowden has thrown his two cents in on this subject, wasn’t aware that this was on his radar also! But I’m not blind and have been on this earth long enough to notice major changes in the environment and air traffic conditions. Obviously, this is all connected to big Ag! just wasn’t sure how exactly. Now ask yourself? who has the most to lose with places like California going dry? I’d say its people like Lynda and Stewart Resnick of the Wonderful Company, who have been raping this state of water since the 70’s, so they can have an 80% global monopoly on Pistachios and Almonds, that mainly goes to China. I have no doubt that they are quite willing to destroy our ecosystem, in the name of their power and profits-without any regard for future generations? Yeah, the urban centers need big Ag alright-but do the rest of us need either one of them? I for one am not willing to sacrifice my people for these tyrants! or their centers of power (urban areas). Their house of cards will fall, and the “meek” shall be just fine…history repeats itself and if you know what the curse of “One Rabbit” is then all will become clear.

Sounds great on paper but likely that’ll never come to fruition within any of our life times. One very very in my eyes more important aspects of the whole chemtrail program which Snowden must absolutely be aware of which leads me to believe he intentionally is holding back the information I’m about to bring forward in this comment, it effects every single living thing on this planet , the main target is humans essentially part of the whole transhumanist globalist agenda when it comes down to it. What im u talking about is numerous scientists , researches and even doctors have privately gathered numerous samples of what is coming down from the cheim spray from many different parts of the world identifying fairly consistent levels of quiet a few other things which are coming down in the chemtrails , things that should pose a current and immediate banning of these programs because for one it’s a synthetic bio weapon that’s been identified from chemtrail spraying that everybody is infected with , most people whom luckily get away without showing any symptoms that would make them aware they are sick , but some people’s bodies react very diffenent and they are and have been suffering from a new disease, new as in about 20 years since it was first introduced and identified more so, this disease is called Morgellons and finally in either 2017 or 2018 the CDC finally recognized it as a legitimate real illness after years of playing dumb and denying it’s existence. So what else is in the spray ,? Synthetic hollow fungal fibers which fall down with a payload inside them of red blood cells from a non terrestrial origin which have shown so far to be indestructible, barium, strongtiun , aluminum oxide , smart dust which essentially is an AI self assembling self replicating nano technology which is used for numerous different purposes as well as microscopic little translucent crystal like particles which contain the spores for the next generation of fungal spores , as well as a microscopic tracking chip and red and blue quantum dot dies , which are what eventually makes the fibers growing out of the open sores of this sick with this disease to turn blue or red. All the heavy metals I mentioned come down in the form of nano sized particles that essentially are crystallized. So in short morgellons effected peoples bodies cannot detox all these fungal fibers , spore pods and all the metals out so what happens is these fungal fibers go on to grow madly throughout the entire body in all forms of tissues , once they mature they are able to communicate and locate each other then go on to join together to make much larger formations of these strands that researchers have called ropes. The immune system of morgellons patients cannot detox all this crap through just the kidneys and liver alone so the body tries pushing these ropes as well as mature individual fibers out the skin through open sores that manifest all over the entire bodies of those sick, they are very very very slow in healing , as in many many months as a result most with the disease have to deal with these sores continuously getting infected , very often with staph bacteria, the body also sometimes pushes one of those crystal like pods containing the next gen fungal spores and microchip etc out through the skin as well which looks like and feels like small shards of glass slowly pushing out their skin. Some researchers , not all but some have also reported identifying some microscopic species of nematode parasitic worms that are part of the payload in the fungal fibers coming down from the spray trails as well as some sort of thought to be genetically modified parasitic super mites , somewhat like scabies but much more aggressive and seemingly impossible to kill and get out of not just tunnels in the skin but in the muscle , tendon and ligament tissues as well , so they are apparently maddening to deal with and be infected with causing all who report being infested by these super parasites to itch their skin raw as well as even to go as far as kinda go of the dep end and begin wildly trying to carve these parasites out of their bodies with knives and razor blades desperate to recover a valid sample to bring in to their doctor to prove they aren’t delusional (originally before morgellons was recognized as a legit disease by the CDC all patients before then were immediately diagnosed with delusional parasitosis , many ending up gettig locked up in mental wards in major hospitals , and usually have repeated hospitalizations, this was from my own experiences as well as my sister’s quite possibly the most ruthless maddening aspect of the illness leaving the person with zero faith in ever being healed or even eventually one day finding a doctor who doesn’t write them off immediately as delusional , that aspect was deeply troubling and damaged me permanently , as well as broke every last ounce of faith and trust I had in the health care industry of this nation, luckily I never got locked up in a Ward for these reasons because I had family members who knew I wasn’t crazy and fought tooth and nail with all of the doctor’s who wanted to lock me up , demanding they have no right and that they are guilty of patient neglect and malpractice, God bless my family members who supported me to the core through what may have been the most deeply troubling , confusing and painful traumatizing times of my life. So to wrap up describing the disease all the fungal strand “ropes” that all form in different areas of the body once reaching a certain size they all then communicate and go on to move their way through the body striving to all congregate in the gut of the patient in where the ropes go on to join together to form an even bigger and more advanced assembly which after numerous numbers of these “final products” being tested and analyzed scientists and doctors have said that what the ropes form into is somehow a living being , a large parasite , up to a few inches long that is part fungal in genetic makeup and part co-opted genericallu engineered insects of the spider family. Being oddly made up as a mix of random traits of the two types of living beings , they go on to become a super producing factory pumping out tons of new spores , some patients get lucky and their body is able to pass them through in their feces which I’ve seen and it is maddening just to look at in the toilet , and terrifying to cone to realize that thing came out of my damn body. Now moving on to how the heavy metals are part of the transhumanism adgebda , or at least playing an active role in the agenda. What happens is as the barium and strontium nano crystals build in quantity in the body they work with the smart dust nano bots to remove the copper entirely from the entire nervous system throughout the entire body and the nanobots go on to rebuild the entire nervous system with strontium and barium nano particles and AI nano bots in place of where the copper was which essentially makes the body a giant antennae which is way way more efficient and effective in capturing frequencies of the EMF spectrum being emmited from satellites , cell towers , smart devices and even yes your cell phones , and then because the nano bots as AI and self learning they play a huge role in being able to use the new nervous system makeup as a transmitter sending all sorts of information even brain waves and activity back to facilities that are fitted with super computers that receive and go on to okay a role in sending different frequencies back to the person for purposes and capabilities of the most advanced limitless form of mind control systems ever to be created this then leads in to the targeted individual program , remote neural monitoring , , remote neural manipulation , V2K aka synthetic telepathy or the microwave hearing effect , these things which are accomplished using directed energy weapons and neuroweapons. Eventually in the not to distant future this insanely overly intrusive world wide mind control agenda is going to have the curtain pulled back on it’s existence eventually , I mean look at the mainstream news media and how often they’re running stories about the mysterious “Havana syndrome” attacks of US diplomats staying at some of our embassies around the world , microwave based directed energy weapons imbedded into every radar dish since WW2 as well as are satellite based as well as sometimes in more extreme cases portable compact versions set up in vehicles will Target a victim 24/7 relentlessly with the end goal of driving the person to abandon their will for self preservation and commit suicide unfortunately which is happening. This mind control tech is also exactly what is causing all these people to randomly go wild shooting up a whole crowd of people , shit just about everyone of them the last 15 years apparently went to seek help many times from local police and even FBI telling them somebody is implanting voices in their head non stop telling them to eventually go on a shooting rampage. Just look at the black dude who did the navy yard shooting a few years ago , the MSM was openly talking about how he etched “this is my ELF” weapon into the steel barrel of the shotgun he used in the shooting , yet still it went over nearly everyone’s head unfortunately because as a majority the general public has no damn clue what the hell is actually going on behind the curtain , despite the evidence and facts in numerous cases being right under their noses. Phewww wow , this turned into a hell of a comment , became kind of a rant which I apologize for , and sorry I maybe appeared to go way off topic , I just feel it’s really important that the public become aware of all I’ve talked about because the level of crimes being committed against innocent people is absolutely unfathomable as of current day and people need to realize this and hear this information then look into themselves if that’s what they need to believe it all , that’s fine , don’t believe me , go research some of the things I named youselves , just make sure not to use Google , use a browser that doesn’t censor search query results nearly as intensely as google does If they really are trying to come across legit information on all these topics , the truth is out there just go find it , it’s at your finger tips .

Hello mother earthlings, by the comments I’m surprised at how many citizens still believe their government is looking out for their best interest. Before our great grandparents were on this planet their parents were lied too. Trickle down info. Google and research for yourself , humans mght learn some truth. Once Americans finds out Americans are being used in enslavement we might be able to save ourselves from the powers that be. We have internet ,before we are limited, hurry research for yourself. If Jesus was to return who would Believe it was him. No one. We have been tricked especially huemans with white skin. Global plantation and we are the slaves taught to hate our all neighbors ..Enjoy life teach love. BEAM love and light. Peace

And YOU’RE an idiot, spewing racist crap that just creates heat, and adds no light.

White “huemans” are no more guilty of “tricking” anyone than people with other colors of skin. WTF is your objective in posting drivel like that?

And, lastly, it’s people like yourself who think anything they see on the “internet” MUST be true, and end up going around perpetuating internet myths like this one about the mystical “chemtrails”. Ignorant people who believe anything they hear and spread it around as if it’s fact are how things like “chemtrails” get started.

Get a life, and get a clue.

I have photographed the skies here in New Zealand for 5 years now . You don’t have to look it up on the internet my friend you just need to look “up” ! What the Military Industrial Complex is doing to the citizens of the planet is beyond your comprehension . So take a good long hard look at history to understand what the elite is capable of doing and then sit quietly and shove your own BS aside to see reality!

Whenever you call and ask the newspapers or news media they all have the same old story, word for word that this is only water vapor that comes out of the back of jet engines, namely “contrails.” Nobody is going to ever do anything about it, I am sure they know it is killing people with respiratory problems and they are using that opportunity to more or less “kill two birds with one stone,” they are getting rid of a part of the population that are disabled anyway and not capable of being very good slaves when they get globalism completely in full swing, it is the same old thing as that poem about Nazi Germany how “they came for the communists, and I was not a communist so I said nothing, ” and so on till they finally come for the one writing the poem and nobody is left to speak up for him. That is the way it is, this is just one of the steps toward global totalitarian government.

Test yourself on what you say and just watch those “natural contrails” for longer than a hour and see if they spread or not…. You could be right OR you could be wrong!

I did. I filmed a plane with typical short contrail.

– 10 minutes later – same clear sunny sky different plane from different direction spraying chemtrails clean across a beautiful clear sky for miles and miles, 20 minutes and another 3 planes later, the predicted clear sky sunny day was gone – those chemical suckers spread out and formed clouds.

Chem trails are real pal, you are the blind fool thinking everything is ok! The mega rich and governments don’t give a flying f*ck! I know an ex military pilot who assures me it is real and is nothing to do with global warming but on controlling our foods and where we buy them! It is run by an American company called Monsanto who created agent orange for the Vietnam war to kill off your enemies food supply! Now the evil fu*k wits are using for their own hidden agendas! Check the Rothchilds family and how they run most of the world alongside the Jesuits and the Vatican! Open your eyes people Armageddon is coming but only for the poor, and when I say poor I mean anyone with a bank balance less than a trillion dollars! PEACE…

you are a fool,if you took the time to study the sky and clouds,you would notice that a contrail is condensation and depending on the temp the contrail will without fail dissapear. Chemtrails do not dissapear,they stay all day and night,chemtrails are not condensation,people need to look up more and get there heads out of the ground..

This is another brain wash creature smh don’t just look on the internet pick up a book too do your research please!!!!!! That goes for ALL that believe that there government is for them. P.S. Your government are taking your liberties away. Google President executive orders mine blowing

Race has always played a part in life shouldnt have but non the lest have now it is up to citizens to stand together. Belive what u want the sky earth itselve is changing. And our gov. Is aware of this no gov put out this info because of our hatered toward one another and plain and simple they dont care about us. Love in the bible understanding and how many times do the bible speak on being a fool. Love u all

Agreed. 1/2 of us don’t even know it is going on. Hard to believe. High level clouds they spray actually warm the earth. They want the global warming narrative to ultimately turn into global governance, plain and simple. They are trying the same with strategies related to the internet, which Obama gave away to the UN already. All about power, control, and also slowing population growth (chemicals making us less fertile and more sick).

I saw a video out take of What Are They Spraying On Us? Some scientists in the Shasta area did water and soil analysis and came up with dangerously large amounts of aluminum, barium and strontium.

I agree. Its more sinister. They use these “chems” to “seal” our minds. To keep us doing what we do. Daily. Never ending cycle. You are there slaves. And those chems keep you in line. Just like when their sprayed.

Watch the Ward winning documentaries “what in the world are they spraying and why in the world are they spraying ” with Dane Wigington and Michael Murphy then we’ll discuss it! Until then

Sounds like a crappy bullshit. Correct me if I’m wrong. Documents that Snowden published before were much closer to reality than this one. Seems like Mr Snowden running out of files and ready to publish almost anything to keeps him popular in mass media.

Think what you want. I don’t necessarily believe that the chemtrails purpose is to stabilize the weather. The weather was fine before they started mucking with it. It’s worse than it’s ever been, so if that’s their reason they failed horribly.

But, for whatever probable downright fiendish reason, chemtrails are real and if you don’t believe they are spraying SOMETHING, then you are beyond stupid. Anyone who flies or knows about flying knows that jets leave a small contrail that quickly dissipates. They do not spread out until they practically look like clouds and last for hours.

Scientific data show minerals at toxic levels in water and onn land.

I have my own theory about why they’re doing it, but it’s not like it matters. We’re sitting ducks to be experimented on. That’s all they need.

If it was to preserve favourable weather conditions to ensure productivity of crops wouldn’t you think they would advertise what a great thing they are doing for political favouritism? I think not.

I totally agree. Just wondering, does anyone recall Pres. Obama’s speech to the graduating class at the Air Force Academy, wherein he actually made reference to our future defence being related to the weather. Sorry, can’t b more specific, but it really caught my attention. Maybe someone out there can remember.

The HAARP project aint no joke many files on this project have been out for long and much info on the chemtrails.

Everything I have read so far on this subject barely comes close to what snowden is accerting. Plus we have emperical observations showing us just the opposit. Spawning 1000’s of tornato’s, protecting crops??? I do not think so! Our weather is in no danger anymore than any other part of the world, due mostly to increased sun spot activity. Good ole mother earth knows exactly what to do with here carbon…It puts it back into the soil so things can grow, yes, carbon is a nessitity of all life. Could these creatures really believe there is a danger? Could they really believe that they are doing is good thing?, anyone, through covert compartmentilization techniques can be convinced, especialy the global warming, sky is falling, new age occult…

True True, when the plants burn up and die it adds carbon back into the earth! Ah ha! that makes sense. And all this spraying is keeping that from happening.

Insane. This Country is a cancer pot from this agricultural bullshit. GMO bastards

True True, when the plants burn up and die it adds carbon back into the earth! Ah ha! that makes sense. And all this spraying is keeping that from happening.

Insane. This Country is a cancer pot from this agricultural bullshit. GMO companies are so ruthless

This is a SATIRICAL news website. Take a look at some of their other stories. It is amazing to me how many people and even sites like are regurgitating this story without verifying it’s authenticity. It would be great if Snowden had really revealed some inside info about chemtrails, but don’t let your desire for vindication cloud your judgement.

If you are looking for a genuine chemtrail whistle-blower, search “USAF Environmental Specialist Blows Whistle On Air Force” on YouTube. Also see Kristen’s video “I am who I claim to be…” on the Kristen Meghan YouTube channel, verifying her credentials.

Oh, come on, Kristen Meghan told us nothing we didn’t already know of the chemtrail story. She didn’t blow any whistle about the chemtrails.

The first person that told me about the chemicals was a man, active in the Navy. He told me to check out Kristina Meaghan’s videos on YouTube. He, along with others in the military are slowly admitting the spraying to as many civilians as possible. He also told me to tell as many people as I could. Since then I have been telling as many customers as possible to watch the video ‘ What in the world are they spraying’. People are waking up at rapid speed and I am proud to help!!!! Power to the people!

Typical for governments, they haven’t noticed that whatever little Earth warming did occur for a while, has already ceased years ago. Moreover, they ascribed it to the wrong factor. Other planets, not yet occupied by man, in our solar system, also experienced some warming effects for a while. There, obviously, man’s CO2 production could not be blamed.
Governments tend to stay on the wrong track, once they have started on it, for a long time and even repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If Chemtrails are a fact, which I still doubt, can governments be as stupid? – then by now there is a vested interest in maintaining them and thus they will go on being produced whether they are needed or not, poisonous or not, because some firms make much money with such government contracts. The worst pollution of human relationships and interactions are caused by territorial governments, which ought to be replaced, as soon as possible, by societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers, none of them with a territorial monopoly. That would, finally, introduce freedom of contract, freedom of association, freedom to experiment in this sphere, which would have positive effects very fast.

We must be smart enough to understant what is a good information and what is a BS.
Use your logical brain.

It is such a sad state that our country is in when we have so many people believing this kind of crap. Not that it is not funny as humor to make fun of them, but that they actually believe it just freaks me out! Does anybody else find it humorous that the dude’s name is “Snow” den, I mean considering the “Job” he is currently doing?

The population is waking up and exposing all the “crap” the U.S. government is causing all around the world, not just in the United States of America. Snowden has done the world a great service and millions… no…billions…are thankful. Shame on the corporate Elites for ruining this beautiful globe! I take consolation in the fact that their days are numbered. The entire group at Monsanto can’t jump off this earth fast enough! And take all the wicked Rothschilds and Rogenfelders with them!

The beauty and/ or sadness in all of this is:
These ppl behind all of this deceit, propaganda and disinformation know who they are and exactly what they are doing to others, in what they believe is in secret. There are also those of us who know beyond any doubt, that NO ONE WHO WORKS IN DARKNESS SHALL ESCAPE! NO NOT ONE! When all is said and done they will have their due.

geoengineeringwatchdotorg so you think chemtrails are made up …go listen and watch the videos and just look at the proof, at least it is getting the subject known to the masses …the poisoning from the so called geo engineering is making people ill, killing plants and trees –poisoning the soil, the aluminium is showing up in testing of water in places of nature, how do you think it is getting there is such high amounts??? people love to bury their heads in the sand don’t they….

The one thing that will demonstrate Snowden is NOT an imposter is his video release to confirm the fact that explosives caused the demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC-7. This is the litmus test on Snowden’s credibility.

Yet more rubbish that is not true. I’m surprised the Chronicle is letting this crap be published because its creating a very bad name for you…

This site is very good for all. This let everyone express their thoughts. Everyone dont have to agree but let us be nice in all comments. After all we want answers and maybe when shit hit the fan this site maybe the one that touch your heart. Always express your thoughts never know in time of distress this site or your comments may help someone.

This is utter and complete BOLLOCKS! This is disinformation and just general shit. Do you think we are stupid? Do you think we will swallow this crap? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you will have to do better than that! Looks like its written by a child

This isnt news to us. for people who are even slighty more aware than a glass of water, we know all about HAARP and the chemtrail program. For fuck sake, there are pictures of the chemtrail systems in the plane with the patent number for the geo engineering technology! You should get someone who isnt mentally retarded to write the article next time!

look at all these trollers leaving comments about how this is fake. Not one person claiming this was fake actually left a legitimate reason or proof as to why this is fake. You simply found some pathetic manner to degrade the concept in a childish attempt to sway opinion. Vague and directionless responses like these can – in a lot of cases – be attributed to computer trolling programs. Programs which are designed to look like actual persons – but are in fact – a product of government funded intelligence efforts to control or manipulate public opinion. (Hackers and programmers paid to commit cyber terrorism while “preventing cyber terrorism”)In these cases they’re goal is simple – find articles like this and discredit the author and the information it provides. Doing so – without ever actually providing any proof as to why. If enough people voice a certain opinion on a specific “hot” topic – how long before you feel the same way so as to be accepted by the heard? No one wants to be labeled a “radical”. This is yet another pathetic federal attack on our freedoms. The facts here are far from fake – and anyone who says otherwise – obviously lacks the general capacity to think for themselves and has bought into the same corporate and mainstream propaganda which our televisions and computers violently spew for the consumer driven masses to absorb. The physical evidence is literally right in front of you. It’s simple really – jet fuel vapor dissipates in minutes and in some cases seconds. That’s fucking science! Sooo ….explain the uniform trails of exhaust that ironically cross hatch like a chess board and linger in the upper atmosphere for hours? hmm? FUCKING SHEEP!

AGW is bullshit, its been used to control peoples lives through ‘green taxation’- Australian MP goes public over fake global warming – we all know the endless aerosol spraying is causing harm to populations, this bbc article confirms people are dying from air pollution Their spraying weakens peoples immune system, blocking out the sun also weakens the immune system through vitamin D deficiency.

And what about EUROPE? They’re spraying us here in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium……. day by day with those fu+++ing chems, our childs learn that there are clouds that look like big serpents. What do we have to do with your so called Geo Engineering? WE DON’T WANT CHEMS!!!!!

Total Dis Info Mind Op Crap… Now ‘they’ will release all manner of lies and say… “Hey… here is the latest thing from Snowden”… the Chemtrails are NOT benevolent…

Are you morons who state this is bullsh*t working for the cia? If not, u need to do some proper research via the darkweb and not from YouTube videos or news/media companies who are owned and run by the demons that spray us! Bellends

You people who don’t believe that chemtrailing is happening are the true retards here. We watch them spray their grids almost everyday here in northern California. Tell me, why would a bunch of passenger planes fly in a tight grid? Just to make pretty designs with their exhaust?

This isn’t even passenger planes up there, it’s small aircraft with the express purpose of spraying. You people just want to believe everything that the government tells you because it’s the easy way out, requires substantially less thinking, and sheep hate to think.

site Editor remove the trolls and their energy and intelligence splitting … with no info on the subject ,agents that have had too much evil power already. These trolls have had too much space in all forums for too long and destroyed peoples common sense and confused what has been going on…stop them!!!
Do not give them 1 more inch of space.
People are here to share info knowledge and concern, not to be offended and disgraced and sidetracked.

Took me a while to clean up the projectile vomit off my keyboard do i can type this. What kinda horsecrap is this? Ive been studying the chemtrail agenda for OVER A DECADE and anyone in my camp can tell you, Snowden’s assertions in this regard are PATENTLY FALSE. This should only serve to show what Ive long suspected, and raised as the first of likely many smoking guns to show that Snowden is merely just another controlled opposition disinfo douche like Assange, probably working for Israel.

Chemtrails are for multiple reasons.

#1 is population mind control, they contain mind altering drugs.

#2 is for parasitic infestation of peoples with morgellons, additionally they contain blood borne pathogens.

#3 is to make people sick and kill off elderly, youth, and certain populations with high concentrations of barium.

#4 is to manipulate the weather via HAARP because they contain aluminum.

Chemtrails can produce various effects. They are illegal to spray, and any high court of law can prosecute those in the military who are responsible if enough evidence is brought out against them.

Wake Up. Look Up. Spread the news. You are all being sprayed like roaches!

I Agree David! They have been spraying the whole globe for many centuries. It is the reason for our out of control weather. They have a patent on the sky!!!! Check out “Death in the Air”. This is real and happening. Chemtrails are not from commercial airlines, but from other military planes. It is very hard to get any information on it due to it’s secrecy. Pay attention people. Wake up.

“I am only revealing this program because there is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for the side-effects which are well known only to a few privileged people interested in continuing the decades-long chemtrail program in secret.”

I can’t find this quote from Snowden anywhere. If you you have a youtube video of him saying it please show me. or a link of where you got this info from. i feel like ive let my readers down by posting this story which appears to be nothing more than rumor. thanks

I do believe this information however I think that it’s prudent these days to have the papers/documents that show this statement to be true. We can’t take anything at face value these days.

How many of you believe the Pope named Snowden as the Messiah? That is the next story under the chem trail hoax. Learn to recognize satire, because you are making yourselves look foolish

i put up a link about this stuff from what i considered to be a somewhat trustworthy site. then i wondered if snowden really said this, so i followed the quote all the way back to here where it dead ended. only thing that bothers me is how many people out there thought it was real news. i have people counting on me to give them real news and i don’t want to let them down is all. this is one that got by me but i think its the first one to do so in a year but i still feel badly for it.

every action we take in life affects others no matter how big or small. each one of us is the pebble in the pond. how you will be remembered for the ripples you leave behind matters in this life and the one to come. I believe this website and its writers have great potential to change the world for good if they only embrace it.

you don’t need to make things up to get attention. just tell the truth, its a revolutionary act these days. god bless

You’ve just been chronicled; welcome to the dark side … stick around, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.

1 big give away is the height the planes wd need to be for anything that the engine produces to be seen, some of these planes are only 3000 ft up, BULL

just one other thing, u all should realise this is a multipurpose exercise, 2 other possibility’s are
1. is the use of strontium turning what we see i.e the sky into 1 big projection screen, as strontium is the key material in holographic images, false flag incident maybe?
2. keeping us how they want us, to stop us becoming beings that nature intended (google 3rd Strand dna and pineal gland)?

More whacky yawnsense coming from the mouths of fools and deluded basement dwelling masturbaters. Snowden is a lying sack of shit and a traitor to boot. Why this asshat is given any credence is beyond me and sort of sick.

How is he a traitor if he’s lying? You need to wake up and stop blindly believing everything your government tells you. It’s sad to this people like Snowden are risking persecution in an attempt to inform citizens who are too stubborn and ignorant to care.

Moronics comments based on fear and ignorance..quem trails are plain to see to anyone with some brains left in their heads! jus look up in the skies you morons who don’t believe in anything but football and beer!!

Snowden is snowing us again! This clown is a traitor who “has no regrets” and therefore no rights. Drone the bastard!

Tried Googling “muad’did”. 2nd auto complete under the search box is “muad’dib jihad”. Go figure.

Now we have another proof of chemtrails. Not only America is bombarded but almost all western countries. Its time to come together and stand up people.

I’ve been advising all my clients to rid their portfolio of anything related to the petroleum industry. When the studies come in regarding the carcinogenic nature of these climate programs, the ensuing suing is going to devastate the value of those implicated fuel companies.

Based on where I found the link to this article, and how it was discussed. And also reading the comments posted on here, I still can’t believe how fucking stupid people are. Well done Chronicle.

WTF “The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown.” ”

The world is trying desperately to remove carbon CO2 from the atmosphere
Contrails are cooling the earth by reflecting light and heat back into space
They are made of ice crystals H2O they have no carbon in them other than some burnt jet fuel exhausts.

Please do not mix the real and proven dangers with imaginary ones.

Now we know for sure that this guy is being used as another lame distraction. Climate control my ass. LOL OMG after all this time he says what they have been saying and lying about? He is being used as a pawn in their game again, he aint legit this moron and I was wondering if so and this article proves it to be so. LOSERS How many professionals and whistleblowers and pilots have to admit that they are using them to kill us off and poison us as a part of depopulation and then this idiot comes with this crap. hahaha

U should know that anything seen coming out of a planes emissions need to be at best 28k feet up, these sights are no more than 4000ft up and as i live next to an airport watching planes 600ft up with equipment attached to the wings, hoses, jets etc. and sometimes still spraying!!, also what about when the trail suddenly stops in mid air and starts up again, is that the pilot turning the engines off??
by cooling the planet?? what they’re actually doing is bringing on the venus affect, its like keeping the car windows shut on a hot day, soon the sun will go out of control. well said s henry, if this nsa bod was genuine they wd gag the media as per, it’s all a game and we’re being played

You need to do some homework.

“Measurements of the growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail”
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
R G Kollenberg
10 July 1972

First paragraph in the Introduction describes exactly what people are complaining of 43 years later.
“It is often observed that contrails spread considerably beyond the initial width defined by the outward extension of the wing tip vortices. Under favorable conditions, a lateral spread of kilometres is observed with presumably comparable vertical spreading. If sufficient air carrier traffic exists, an entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours with rapid growth in the ice budget of individual contrails.”

an entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours
an entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours
an entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours

its hard for us lot that have a qualification in university of life, the ppl that are to blame are the thick twats that think it’ll all be ok, the same degenerates that think cancer has no cure, WAKE UP u Hypnotized idiots it wont be ok thanks to u! i recon 10 years and counting :( were fucked and ban me from the site please because its a dis info site than needs to be shut down

We do know that the US just now is making everything it can to discredit Snowdon. Is this an article aimed at making him look like all these conspiracy theorists who have been writing about these chem trails for years, in order to convince us that Snowdon is nothing more than one of these jerks?

Why is this article not in the mainstream media? And PRISM is in the media?

Quess that PRISM wasn’t a secret. Everybody know that the governments are spying on us. But chemtrails? Wow.. that’s a real secret!


I’m always amused at how your god must hate grammar. Maybe that’s why her holy books are always misinterpreted?

This article is as fake as they come… this is just another bit of “miss-information” to keep us all blinded from the real truth. Chem trails are real, but this story is complete & utter B011ox. Try the “” if you want factually correct & evidence based news. Snowden’s being used & most of what you’ll find about him is manufactured dribble, do your research well folks, don’t get led astray!

Gak, I like the way you use “Chem trails are real” and “… do your research well folks, don’t get led astray!” together like that in the same paragraph. Do you understand irony? The trails sometimes called “chemtrails” are actually persistent contrails; inadvertent mad-made clouds.

well…Ross what he is saying is that hero/traitor guy didnt release anything regarding the chemtrail….not that chemtrails arent real – they are…just didnt come from Snowden that’s all. ;0)

Yes, I know, and thanks for clearing that up for the other folks. My point is that chemtrails are a mis-identification of something fairly benign, and that people should not be fooled into accepting some huge fabrication of fear mongering bullshit. Be careful out there.

Ross, why dont you do all us intelligent people a favor a stfu with your disinfo shet. They are called chemtrails for a reason, so why dont YOU figure out why.

Erm… they are _condensation_ trails. Water vapor, you will recall from high school science, is invisible. The term “Vapor trails” has a certain historical gravitas, but it is technically incorrect.
Thank you, Delmar. Hi5!

OK When the Olympics were held in China they sprayed the skies to cause it to rain to get rid of some of China’s pollution because Runners couldn’t breathe in that shit. It was on CNN. Millions saw it… Now they are doing the same over the USA & everyone starts yelling conspiracy theory? Are people really that dumb? I don’t think so. They are doing it, they are using OUR tax dollars to poison air water & land. They will keep it up til they destroy the earth & themselves & no one wants to believe it is true? Look it up.
USA Today

People wake up smell the coffee & READ the fact is they can do it so they do.

The shocking truth is that this entire article is a blatant lie!

I will be sure to inform my readers of the pile of tripe that INTERNET CHRONICLE composes and passes off as “truth.”

How about a discussion on the poisons being dropped over the whole echo system that all life forms digest??

this looks sooooo much like disinfo to me. If Snowden was going to release this sort of info why do it here like this ????
If he was going to do it here like this why do it in such an undocumented sensationalist and fear and rage producing manner ????
Please answer that Chroniclers… until then… You are most likely lying.

GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!!!!! WTF is going on here. Chemtrails have NOTHING to do with climate change. They have everything to do with death and population control!!!

What the hell’s the matter with you people ? If you don’t know the difference between a con trail and a chem trail,then,you should get enlightened on the subject ! This ain’t no joke ! We’re in “deep shit” ! A condensation trail doesn’t criss cross the sky for hundreds of miles,stupid ! It dissipates in a few seconds,not hours of continuous bombardment of aluminum dioxide,selenium and another that I can’t recall,at the moment. We,ALL,should be Very aware of what is going on,instead of being blinded by our material possessions,etc ! Get your heads out of your asses and SEE !!

“A condensation trail doesn’t criss cross the sky for hundreds of miles,stupid ! It dissipates in a few seconds” No, that is where you are wrong. Check this out…
“Global Modeling Of The Contrail And Contrail Cirrus Climate Impact”
Page 479 (first page)
Column 1 about contrails –
Linear contrails transform into irregularly shaped ice clouds (contrail cirrus) and may form cloud clusters in favorable meteorological conditions, occasionally covering large horizontal areas extending up to 100,000 km2
Column 2 formation –
Contrails form and persist in air that is ice saturated, whereas natural cirrus usually requires high ice supersaturation to form (Jensen et al. 2001). This difference implies that in a substantial fraction of the upper troposphere contrail cirrus can persist in supersaturated air that is cloud free, thus increasing high cloud coverage.

Snowden is a CIA opperative. If you think otherwise then have some more LSD. If he wasn’t he would be dead. They would find someone in Russia to snuff his ass. Right now he is creating panic in America with these bogus fear mongering stories. He is in a position where he is the mouthpiece of the CIA or FBI. Whatever he says people will believe. The NSA spying on us was nothing new. Everyone knows that.

Someone who never graduated High School is capable of all this..Come on..It’s a physch op..

Btw, keep being guinea pigs by getting your vaccines…especially the flu vaccine every year. Depopulation begins with the dumbest amongst us!

I have seen some of them God Damn Chemtrails over Atlanta Georgia during the time when California was warning people in Georgia about them! CONtrails from airplanes go away but CHEMtrails don’t. They spread out and blanket the earth hiding the earth from the sun. They cause severe whether, very bad storms with floods. People have fucking died! Our water and soil is being tested where chemtrails were going on and the shit is not good, it’s been proven that Aluminium bromide NanoParticles and other bad chemicals are being sprayed on us!! But mostly, it is poison from a stupid mad scientist who doesn’t realise that our Water and our Air is nothing to fucking play with and i would like to get my hands on the motherfucker who is responsible. If you see a airplane spraying the poison mist in a fucking tic-tac-toe figure, then you need to call someone! Preferably someone who can shoot it down in self defense! For that our AIR and WATER is SACRED!!!!

Petition: National Secretariat of Indigenous Peoples.
In the future your grandchildren for search in GOOGLE. They will ask you: – Oh! Grandpa, why do not you realize that slow extermination of the Indians? And your conscience will feel bitter taste to know that the Indians for over 500 years has suffered injustice, violence and oppression and other brutalities. Brazil today, has become an example of democracy in Latin America. But this scourge persists concrete we denigrate as Developed Nation. Therefore, creation of a National Secretariat of Indigenous Peoples.

Most people are not even aware of what’s going on.. and won’t be until it’s to late and their on a leash with no where to go. It’s amazing how the masses are a sleep and refuse to wake up.

So why don’t you give us a quick overview of what you think is “going on”? Let’s see how insightful you actually are.

I have a question for you Ross. What don’t you think is “going on”. what is your point of view on people lust for power? what history have you read that shows the lust for power has shown positive results? As this is what this article is about essentially. Do you believe that people who are in high power positions always do the right thing? As the mythbusters would say this Chemtrail aka Cloud Seeding is a fact. Plausible if the question was: Is cloud seeding used to control population. Most people have not done research Ross, but they base their opinions on gossip from those that they trust to give true information. The problem is that we have examples in history of leaders steering the country in which they govern in the wrong direction. To say that this is not a valid truth today would not be accurate. NO country is immune to weakness of man! Technology allows so many positive things to occur and can also cause so many destructive things to occur.

For a start there is no “chemtrails” going on. And Cloud Seeding is not “chemtrails” either, so that is not a fact. That there are examples in history of leaders doing bad things does not imply that leaders are doing bad things now. That does not follow. Leaders may well be doing bad things, but history has nothing to do with it. Yes, today’s technology can do great things, but it has not produced any evidence that there is an ongoing spraying program such as the chemtrails meme conveys.

WTF? Did I see someone say that global warming wasn’t even real? Ha! Pull your head out! This is totally real! Why don’t you do own damn research before you come out and start calling everyone liars! All the info on geoengineering is so easy to get its nit even a joke. Just type geoengineering into Google and see what happens! Look up the patents. Watch YouTube! And just look up? Oh ya know of David Keith!? Do your own damn research! Its easy. You apparently have enough free time if your here calling us liars!

so to all those suit and tie bitches who have brushed me off as a fringe element, the truth is coming out about the so called conspiracies theroies I and many others have been warning about. Well run down to starbucks for your latte and head off to you bullshit job that does not care about you or your family and take a minute to, think about the lambs before the slaughter (you not ewe) so many sheeple gave up thinking for a paycheck and an illusion of security. The .01% does give a damn about you, as far as they are concerned you are using their vital resources. Don’t think your just gonna head down to costa rica and live off the land cause the native people are just waiting to mash you up and take your stuff. If you are not awake now to these as realities then it is probably best you stay asleep

For those of you that don’t believe take a look at these websites and do your own research for yourself. Chemtrails, FEMA Camps, Seismic Propagation, Food Shortages, Natural Disasters, Disease, Depopulation, Monsanto, it’s all there in black and white. Check out some of the “Executive Orders” in the Federal Register just waiting for a U.S. President to declare Martial Law… again! click “multisearch”

Don’t forget the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

I am so sick and f*****g tired of these articles from these “experts” about how some super-secretive orgs are employing some human pilots to fly around the world and spray the air with airosals (the pics of the supposed insides of a passenger jet rigged with tanks of chemicals ready for deployment no withstanding). Any whistle blowers out there??? Surely, as with any conspiracy, a whistleblower comes forth eventually.
People like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense will constantly drill into their listeners minds that all it is is the govt flying their planes out there and spraying the chemicals.
Does anyone ever consider, while studying the movement and direction of the “jets”, that these “jets” seemingly take off from nowhere, AND fly into nowhere? Closer observation reveals that these supposed jets are quite transparent up there. And they are quite distorted as well.
Does anyone see where I’m going with this?
Also take into account the oddly shaped clouds which simple water vapor cannot create. Strange angular clouds and also the trails which take on outer worldly shapes. And dont gloss over the increasing evidence of orbs and nano particles which can be spotted time to time. You all must free up your limited minds out of your puny lil box and realize just how deep this really is. We are not talking something done by humans or even within the confines of this reality.

hi—well if your talking about something alien —I would agree as well—the tech on this is an advance delivery system of a polymerized biofilm that reprograms the dna—I don’t believe this article at all that the usa and canada are concerned with protecting there weather is a bit of a farce—–with the 43 components in the chem trails thorium-plutonium-uranium-barium-aluminum-silica-nanometals -silver and gold- titanium dioxide–blood-fungi-bacteria-mold-virus–a plethora of things that naturally do not occur—and would appear to attack the genome of the planet —

Yes. I see where you are going with it. And I agree. It’s much more sinister. It’s Satanic. No government could possibly fund such a project.

Here’s a whistle blower for you “Grievous sores”.
Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Industrial Hygienist / Environmental Specialist gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about chemicals known to be in Chemtrails while serving her Country. Furthermore, she explains why she left the military after an attempt to silence her from speaking out on employee exposures from industrial sanding operations. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.

Look idiots. That’s it Just LOOK!!!
I am itchy I am sneezing I am bitchy and feel like Crap BEFORE I even look outside abd I KNOW they are spraying that day.
Do Your Research!!!!

Or how about this… Grab a metal detector go see Just what you find.

Any negative comments on this means you must Love Satan!

Proof is in your hands and before your eyes
Wake The Fuk Up!!!!!!

If posting negative comments on an obviously satirical article means we “love satan”, I don’t think we’re the ones that need to wake up. You, apparently, believe in fairy tales.

This is a satire news site :) :)
Dont people reed some shit before posting & linking all over forums, FB and shit like that?!God damn, im trying to get people interested in geoenginering and all that bad shit and just when one or two of them seems to gain an interest in it you can bet some ass hole posted a link to news where Snowden speaks out about Chemtrails and so on here at this fuc…. site and the dude I have been working on for two weeks just to get him stop laughing as a reflex upon hearing the word chemtrails surfs in to read the fantastic article and finds just below that one, another article in which Snowden reveals who God really is, where he lives and what kind of jobb he has. And on top of all that, there is a photo of God to se and he kinda looks like a douchebag. Yippie di doda… fuck fuck fuckillifuck there whent all that time and efort down the drain and uggly little kids stand outside my window all night singing
” TINFOIL HAT tinfoil hat… hat hat HAT TINFOIL Haaaaaat foil foilfoil foil foil tinfoil hat a whole week.
But it was kinda funny to read all the deadly serious comments about articles here that the lesser gifted freaks from generation fluoride wasted time on by wrighting and reading alot of comedy without even realizing that it is just comedy….

But still, it spreads the words of intelligent awaken people who cares about what´s going on and do it well. ;) And they get attacked by payed shills and trolls or just people who goes with the crowd of ignorant fools. That´s just hillarious. Have a great day :)

hahahahaha blind blind blind leading the blind… I guess everyone wants to believe it can’t happen here no way could this happen here.. I bet if it was gun related you all would be living breathing the story.. hahahahahaha

Do your own test. Put a clean container (preferably glass) of clean water outside on a day when they are spraying. Watch the surface of the water after it’s been sitting there for awhile. The surface will become metallic and will look like molten silver. I’ve done this with water from four different towns in our area and the results were the same.
This stuff is getting into our soils, water supplies and ‘us’ then there is a problem. No wonder Monsanto has gained so much ground with their GMO seeds…….. they are made to grow in the tainted soils.

Our Air and Our Water that we breath and drink is Sacred given from GOD! Who are we to screw it up! If there is anything worth fighting for it is the air your children breath!! Show me the mother who is responsible other than John Holdren(Chief Scientific Advisor to Barack Obama), He believes it is O.K. to spray you with poison! Who ever responsible i will fight them and ring their necks!! Lead was once thought to be O.K. to put into paint at one point!! Until later they woke the fuck up! It has been proven to be bad!! And if they don’t stop treat it as a terror attack and shoot the mother fucker out of the sky!!! It has been proven that they are NOT and i say again NOT PASSENGER PLANES. SHOOT’M DOWN!!! IF IT’S POISON IT’S TERROR!!

Don’t be silly. You shoot down or try to shoot down a plane… You’re not doing your family any justice other than seeing them through glass the rest of your life. Not the way to go after the problem.

To back up your claim.. A young girl (I think you can find this on youtube) send in a rain water sample to a lab and came back with extremely odd high levels of aluminum and barium. Same from the soil sample she also took. Truth is right there. :)

Very interesting Sheri. Thanks for sharing it. Can I post you a free CD of our book. At the moment the 4 of us as a family get 25% profits each from book sales, pity ive only sold 12 books in 3 years as the company publishme never advertised it on there monthly internet newsletter or on their carousel type web-site, publishme only advertised the book on page 2 of the autobiography section of their site. Anyone who can help me get either a USA or UK publisher for our book will get 20% profits from all sales of our books. Im also open to suggestions for a new title for my book, and to shorten the book if needs be.

Lee Harrison, Can you chill a bit? Long enough to give a link or something to where you say, “It has been proven that they are NOT … PASSENGER PLANES.” Pretty much all, yes all, of the close up video and still photos I have seen of trailing planes show that they ARE passenger planes, or freight.
Again, chill. The trails are actually contrails.

CONtrails go away. CHEMtrails don’t you can see the difference when the CHEMtrails start to spread out blanketing the Earth blocking the sun OR magnifying it! It’s poisonous when it falls to Earth! Do you want to breathe ALUMINUM NANOPARTICLES and ANY OF THE OTHER POISONS that is being force upon us? Any Dumb Ass should know that you do not fuck with the air we breath! Our water is not fucking safe to drink where the spray is or has been going on! Down wind perhaps! If the Dumb Asses called Geoengineers(DUMBASSES WITH TITLES) have enough sense, then they know where the wind is blowing, how fast, and how long it’ll take before that stuff reaches Earth. For that they know who is going to be breathing it!! IF IT’S POISON IT’S TERROR!! Why the fuck do they have to keep it “under wraps”? Because they know that the shit is bad for you!
And then with these cold fronts and warm fronts, with the whether and all, the dumbass Geoengineers who want to play GOD! But yet, KILLING PEOPLE!! They are causing the storms to be more stronger and more isolated at the same time causing “BIBLICAL RAINFALLS” AND FLOODS THAT DEVASTATES THE LAND WHILE DROWNING PEOPLE! Just look at Colorado!, Downwind from them damn CHEMtrails! It was like the storm couldn’t go anywhere!! People are dead!! NASA acknowledges CHEMtrails, you need to also…

I am an affirmer! I affirm that the trails are contrails. When the air the plane is flying through has a high Relative humidity, the trails cannot dissipate – there is already too much moisture in the air. Pretty basic thermodynamics here.

If they are spraying you with poison, it is terror!! They WILL start to fall out of the sky when shot down!!! Plain talk and easy to understand!! I will fight for the air my Grandson breathes to not have poisons in it! The shit is going to fucking stop! Mark my words! Who ever is the God Damn piece of shit that wants to spray poisons into the air and thinks that it is just a okey can personally get my hands around their fucking necks!!!

Go to YOUTUBE and type this: “Michelle Obama & Chemtrails”. Hell just type CHEMTRAILS. CONtrails go away. When CHEMtrails are going on it looks like a tic tac toe sign and they suddenly stop and start back spraying. Its not CONtrails learn the difference, do your research, and go hunting for some dumb asses with the titles of Geoengineers. When the hunt is over and you found the mother fuckers who think that it is okey to poison the air that we breathe then put a bullet between their eyes! If you don’t have the guts, than i do! Like i said, i will fight’em! Dig a hole and place’em in it! FOR ALL YOU DUMB ASS GEOENGINEERS WHO ARE POISONING THE AIR, BEST YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE IT COMING!!

I understand your anger Lee, My story of pesticide poisoning from a NZ Vineyard is a 17 years long living nightmare. Can I post you a free CD of our book. At the moment the 4 of us as a family get 25% profits each from book sales, pity ive only sold 12 books in 3 years as the company publishme never advertised it on there monthly internet newsletter or on their carousel type web-site, publishme only advertised the book on page 2 of the autobiography section of their site. Anyone who can help me get either a USA or UK publisher for our book will get 20% profits from all sales of our books. Im also open to suggestions for a new title for my book, and to shorten the book if needs be.

Ross. I understand your think it’s all ice clouds… but it’s not. I better got an understanding personally after seeing the “contrail/chemtrail” debates..but I didn’t fully research into it until an old neighbor of mine confirmed that he’s seen these planes come in for repair that had the aresol sprayers attached to them (works for a major airline). He stated it was for “cloud seeding for an outside government funded project” . That was enough to make me do my research and what I’ve found is staggering. While the “conspiracy theorists” go to the extreme with this debate.. They have a point. I urge you to read these.

Here’s the patent.

I know “chemtrails” are real. It’s no debate. My eyes don’t lie. My government however is proven to be the biggest liar in my life. I won’t put my blinders on… But it’s a free country and you are free to do so. My eyes are the truth. My experiences are the truth. The television and public opinion aren’t always accurate and I challenge you to read every line of everything to do with geoengineering before you try to discredit a twoofer ;)

Thanks Josh. Could you put me in tough with your “old neighbor” who “works for a major airline”? I would like him to clarify a few things about your story.
The first link you gave is about Pollution. Are you saying it was that link about pollution that tipped you towards the chemtrail belief.
The second link to the chemtrailer’s favorite patent… There are quite a few problems with the Stratospheric Welsbach idea. First these trails we see are in the upper troposphere, not the stratosphere, so the supposed chemtrailers are doing it in all the wrong places if they are relying on that patent for their operation. Second, no one is going to knowingly put any kind of metallic particles into the jet fuel. Severe engine damage would be the result. Third, an increase in atmospheric aerosols would have been detected by now by those who monitor that, and no increase has been detected.
The trails are contrails, and Snowdon has not in fact said anything about them.

Don’t do it, Josh. This man is a double agent hunting for leakers. He will find your old neighbor who leaked this valuable information so we may live in a better society. A pure society.

I am scared to imagine what might happen if his anonymity was broken now.

I don’t want his name, and I am in another country about 7 time zones away! I simply what some more details to see if the story checks out or if it is someone’s fantasy or a misunderstanding.

Hello Josh. Can I post you a free CD of our book. At the moment the 4 of us as a family get 25% profits each from book sales, pity ive only sold 12 books in 3 years as the company publishme never advertised it on there monthly internet newsletter or on their carousel type web-site, publishme only advertised the book on page 2 of the autobiography section of their site. Anyone who can help me get either a USA or UK publisher for our book will get 20% profits from all sales of our books. Im also open to suggestions for a new title for my book, and to shorten the book if needs be.

In fact aviation traffic has increased by 30% in the last 10 years alone… and those 10 years have been the hottest on record globally, which means the atmosphere is already carrying about 6% more moisture (hence all the extreme weather events), and behold more ‘contrails’. Keep it up Ross… Amazing how many people have fallen for this one… I guess people will believe whatever they want to believe, even when they are told it is a spoof (some will go on to spread it on FB even after they know it’s a spoof).

Hello Ross. Can I post you a free CD of our book. At the moment the 4 of us as a family get 25% profits each from book sales, pity ive only sold 12 books in 3 years as the company PublishMe never advertised it on there monthly internet newsletter or on their carousel type web-site, PublishMe only advertised the book on page 2 of the autobiography section of their site. Anyone who can help me get either a USA or UK publisher for our book will get 20% profits from all sales of our books. Im also open to suggestions for a new title for my book, and to shorten the book if needs be.

It is an ironic mark of peculiar ignorance for someone to think they understand things like ‘chemtrails’ when the chemistry of simple water is foreign to them. Let alone any hint of understanding of carbon chemistry.
In reality, anyone, stupid or otherwise, has experienced the cold/warm zones in the air when riding thru a forest or even a city on a bike or motorcycle. Air is not all the same temperature. Soem trails last longer because the vapor freezes and is essentially snow. Some evaporate and disperse quickly because it is just fog. Some jets that seem to be at the same altitude, and one leaves a trail but the other does not, are actually flying in different thermoclines, a fancy word for layers in the air that are at different temperatures.
Driving in North Dakota or Alaska will tell you that some cars leave vapor more than others. A jet engine made in 1980 will leave a different trail than one built in 2011.
I feel truly sorry for those who are not bright enough to figure these things out on their own. There are no Snowden documents listed above because there are none. His ‘testimony’ is fabricated.
Worry about something like getting a job or getting some exercise, or maybe learn some real science so stupid people won’t seem so smart to you.

Steven R Foutz PhD MD. Guess that makes me one of ‘them’?

Well, you still sound stupid to me. Mostly just ignorant by the fact that you think you understand what they are doing. However, unless you are among them, you never truly know the truth, from either side. But by being ignorant as you are, you feed the government, these companies and others bull shit thinking that everyone in the world just does not care. In fact, most of us have jobs, look as Snowden for example, he accomplished more in his short life than you ever could in yours. Just because you cannot see this stuff does not mean it is not there. It just means you are pretending it isn’t. Having a PhD does not make you the smartest person, being aware of our faults and down falls, that is what creates intelligence.

Hmmm. You do know that this is a faux news site, and that the chemtrails meme has transmogrified into a hoax, and therefore that Snowden could not possibly have uncovered “shocking truth behind chemtrails”.
The trails are contrails. Really, they are. All will be revealed shortly, or it may take another 15 years.

All you people writing long stories on how chemtrails are a hoax, you should spend that time and do research into wheather modification, Carbon Management techniques and so on. Its documented by the worlds most recognized organizations that weather modification is already taken place. Believe what you want but the proof is there.
Ill just start you off there and you can do a few google searches and find reputable scientific bodies who also confirm this is taking place. Heck China publicly announced that they were able to seed clouds to make it rain recently. talk is cheap do some research. en.wikipedia.(org)/wiki/Cloud_seeding
That is for cloud seeding.

There is also Solar Radiation Management techniques wich are aluminium particles amongs other things.

• CDR or carbon dioxide removal: activities that aim to directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere
• SRM or solar radiation management: activities that aim to direct a higher fraction of incoming solar radiation back
into space before it is absorbed by the earth’s surface. In technical terms this is called increasing the earth’s

How long have jet planes been flying through the air ! All my life I’ve not seen kris kross patterns in the sky ! WHY ? Because they are chemical trails that are 100 miles long and get many miles wide in a hurry ! If ya,really,want the truth,ask the Koch Bros. ! Forget it ! They won’t tell ya !

Steven Foutz should admit he gave away his common sense for a degree to hang on the wall. I guess they got you good,huh Steve ? Get the facts,Stevie Boy ! I wanna see you back here and admit your error !

steven Foutz

It’s funny, I was thinking about this without looking into the reasearch and I came across this document.

It makes sense if I was faced with this choice, I would employ solar radiation reduction! That is what I think this chemtrail thing has been about. It makes sense to go ahead and do it without public knowledge, especially considering page 17 section 1.3.1. Some things just have to be done covertly. It’s not acceptable to end up in a “I told you so” situation. Especially when you are facing massive crop faliures and mass famine.

Capitalism has given us no choice but to employ these methods. It’s a symptom of the disease! And like in Dr Monus book, “Whats killing you and what to do about it” we have a habit of masking symptoms rather than dealing with the cause, but in this case there is no choice. Yes we have been dealing with the cause over the past decade with reducing emmisions etc, but we are a little late really, and I don’t think we can do much about the causes anyway, we have been prey to some natural carbon emitters that emit so much carbon dioxide it makes our man made emmisions look very insignificant. Recent events such as the Iceland volcano I believe have escalated the crisis, after all, we were delivered out of the ice age thanks to the carbon emmisions of the volcanos!

If we had kept with localized food generation, we wouldn’t have such a need to take these drastic measures! The world system as it stands is not efficient and cannot cope with the smallest changes in cliamate.

Sometimes youre just left with the choice of nuking the cancer with Chemo and Radiation, both at great cost to the general health of the body, but at least it might do something fast, albeit with “unacceptable” side effects.

Gosh, that was a rant.

Wow you are really an ignorant my friend. It doesn’t bother me reading regular comments as to wondering if this article is real or not and trying to find the source of it. But when someone comes up with a comment like yours, I have to enlighten you a little with some anti brainwashing or to de hypnotize you.
First off, nature cannot survive without co2. Actually, nature produces more co2 than anything else on this planet. Without it there wouldn’t been life here. Look up documentaries on how plants and vegetables grow at a higher rate and produce a bigger yield when being cultivated in enclosed areas with higher co2 than the normal. There’s so much research and proof out there that shows that co2 is increased when temperatures rise because they stay within the atmosphere at higher concentrations. Look it up and maybe with some rational thinking, you will come to the same conclusion as 30,000+ scientist in the US came about the scam of global warming (conveniently now called “climate change”) because many many scientists believe we are heading to a small ice age. So please do your research and maybe stop watching the propaganda your tv is making you believe.

And thanks for mentioning cancer and chemotherapy and radiation. Another terrible claim made. There’s absolutely no proof that chemo cures cancer. What it does is it debilitates both the good and the bad (cancer) cells in our body. Therefore kills cancer cells but also kills you and your immune system altogether. That’s why pple that undergo treatment they end up like a vegetable sucking everything inside out of you.
YouTube: cancer: conventional medicine vs alternative
Please be intelligent in your reasoning.

Just google
An actual company with a website openly talking about who their client country clients are and what they do.

Wake up people . . . . it’s poison. We cannot afford to wait on this. I had three of these over my head on Sunday morning . . . took a very long time for them to disappear. A very long time.

It’s BS

“ received a huge traffic
spike the last couple of days due this article: Snowden Uncovers Shocking Truth Behind Chemtrails – HAARP
Assassination Agenda – CFR Millions Spent Confuse Public. Unfortunately,
the source for the first part of the story (Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails),
in which Edward Snowden allegedly blows the whistle on chemtrails, is The
Internet Chronicle – a fake news site like The Onion.”

see limk for more details

Hi there! I understand this is somewhat off-topic but I needed to ask.
Does operating a well-established blog like yours require a massive
amount work? I’m brand new to blogging but I do write in my journal daily.

I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my own experience and views online.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or tips for brand new
aspiring bloggers. Appreciate it!

This is NOT a fake story, and this is not a benevolent or benign program. See Geoengineeringwatch.Org for the real science behind these lethal programs. This should deeply concern everyone.

Actually, it is a bullshit story, Snowden didn’t say any of this. As far as Geoengineering, that is a horse of a different color.

Please understand that the solar system itself, is warming up. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, with our own moon developing an atmosphere, are being observed and studied right now. America with the U.K. have sent a space vehicle to orbit the Sun to try and find out what is going on, because, at this time, we don’t really know. Our magnetic poles are moving. As are those of our our Sun. A complete pole shift maybe. They do say it has happened before. This is not a time to squable so nastily amongst ourselves. In saying that, I can also say that of course chemtrails exist. Hot air rises, cold air falls. They don’t, and being so high. They should disperse or fall, not last all day. Normal clouds travel. They don’t. A different chemical mix. It may be to keep you safe this time (ozone). In the late 1940’s until the late 1960’s it may not have been. It was stopped then by a British member of Parliament. Baker I think his name was. So please don’t go shooting anyone until you KNOW you must defend yourself. Belief aint good enough. Research all I have said.

It is nice to know there are people like you who want to know these things. Makes the effort well worth while. There are many out there so opinionated…well, I’m sure you know just what I mean. I can see you research with an open mind. BYE.

Oh, thanks! Clearly you have taken the trouble to read all my other comments here, and possibly elsewhere. Cheers.

I recently read a book from our public library entitled “AREA 51.” The book doesn’t talk about Aliens it explains why this Area 51 was off limits. The AEC or Atomic Energy Comission in the 1950’s conducted all it’s secret nuclear bomb test there. They did evrything imaginable. They even went so far as to conduct atmospheric nuclear and Hydrogen bomb tests that blew a hole in the Ozone Layer of our protective atmosphere and they blamed it on other well known causes! This hole has not in fact been getting smaller but larger. Hence, our protective atmospheric ozone layer is admitting higher quantities of cosmic rays! My Dermotologist specifically warned me about being out in the Sun for any length of time. The AEC changed its name to NEC to avoid exposure and lawsuits. Cosmic rays kill! Cancer is the result. My doctor went ballistic when I laughed at her warning to stay out of the SUN! Unbeknowst to us we are being bombarded by higher levels of lethal Cosmic Rays!

George, The atmosphere does not protect us from “cosmic rays”. See
It is by the action of cosmic rays altering DNA in random ways that life has been able to evolve the way it has on this planet. Also see about an experiment you can do ay home:
You may be right about the atomic and nuclear bomb tests. But supposed effects on the ozone has nothing to do with the mythical chemtrails that Snowdon has never revealed anything about.

The ‘aluminum’ meme is pure bunk. All the levels shown by chemtrail believers in videos are perfectly ‘normal’ if you actually take time to do some real ‘research’ and compare the shown figures to historical levels… as for Barium, it’s what ‘Cesium’ decays into. It takes 30 years for Cesium to decay into Barium and a lot of the Barium in our environment is the result of atmospheric nuclear tests in the 40s 50s 60s and 70s and gosh look Chernobyl was 30 years ago too and that released masses of Cesium… must be a coincidence eh? I mean after all what have the Romans… I mean… the scientists, ever given us eh?

hey Collin thanks for the all info.. About the moon i have seen a big strange ring around it and thought it was weird an atmosphere is interesting. With so much going on in the world today its hard to remember everything you see and hear and look into it… so again thank you for the reminder and trying to walk people up humanity or life in general cannot get enough help with that…

Ive been informed that the company Monsanto is owned by the Rothchilds.I believe the Rothchilds banking families control this planet.

There is no justice for us in New Zealand. Please allow me to post you some free CDs of our 17 year unresolved story of human rights abuses,and chemical poisoning by the St Clair vineyard Ibbotson family in 2008 as stated by ACC. The Ibbotson family are originally from Dunedin, I believe they are being protected by the Dunedin Council and the Otago University. Recently the Dunedin Council / library refused a free copy of my book. I have a letter of proof to this fact.
My name is peter kiley. My book titled Persecuted in New Zealand A Migrants Story should interest you. Our 17 year unresolved family issue of human rights abuses,Injustice, oppression and suppression against us has been carried out by successive New Zealand Crown Governments and lawyers. I can post you a free CD of my book if you wish. Recently the Company publishme removed my book from their site even though 3 years ago I initially paid them $2000 for my book to be included on their site, publishme did a monthly internet sales pitch through a person named ADRIAN but never included my book, hence in those 3 years ive only sold 12 books. Im now offering 20% of the profits from every book sold to whoever can get me either a USA or UK Publisher, Im even willing to change the book title.

The Powerful Bullies who destroyed us for 17 years are the St Clair Vineyard Ibbotson Family, the MDC- Marlborough District Council, the NMDHB- Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, the Awatere Settlers Association, successive Central New Zealand Governments and its agencies, and the Law Firm Gascoigne Wicks. Of course many will delete this email as if nothing happened, but in fact the above named are all guilty but are too powerful for any Lawyer to take on. In the UK we had never experienced any bullying like this at all, so this was all new to us here in New Zealand.
Its fair to say that over a period of 16 years most Marlborough Vineyards, and many thousands of so called important People, Governments, Political Parties, Law firms, Institutions, Universities, Organisations, Lords, Baronesse’s, Corporations such as the BBC who at one stage offered to help us, Societies,Trusts, TV, News Media, Book Stores, and Religions globally have been emailed many times about this issue and have prefered to stay quiet and ignore our plight, ( They know who they are ).
My two daughters have previously recieved a sickness benefit and have had councelling over this issue and are still entitled to counselling, and could recieve a sickness benefit to this day from our family doctor. My daughters struggle on and are both gainfully employed. I as their father can do nothing to ease their plight. With all they have been through I know they are still having health and psychological problems and are hurting inside, I wont go into to much detail as its personal. If my compensation is paid out it will enable me to support them financially as I know its a struggle for them to work full time. Only then would I be able to hold my head up high and become a worthy father to them at long last.
Now im asking all those who ignored our issue to redeem themselves and contact the MDC – Marlborough District Council and the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and also the St Clair Vineyard owners the Ibbotson family asking them to pay out compensation to my family forthwith.
Re: Tortious interference. This also proves our case against New Zealand Governments. The Justice Holt wrote for the court that “where a violent or malicious act is done to a man’s occupation, profession, or way of getting a livelihood, there an action lies in all cases.”
My book, and summary is featured on page 8 of the January/February 2012 edition of the ORGANIC NZ MAGAZINE. The editor tells me that thousands of readers would have read my article, we never received any feed back whatsoever. Publishme have recently pulled my book from their site. Nearly 3 years ago I paid PublishMe $2000 for my book to be placed on their site. PublishMe never advertised my book on their web-site carousel, also a PublishMe employee by the name of Adrian did a monthly internet sales pitch newletter listing many of PublishMe’s books, mine was never listed… All PublishMe did with my book was to list it in their autobiography section on page 2. Its no wonder I had so few sales which amounted to fewer than a dozen in nearly 3 years. I still donate / give away / CDs of my book / story.
View Youtube stclairvineyardspraydrift which resulted in the pesticide poisoning of myself and my family.
I will leave you with this quote, “If you see Injustice and say nothing, you have taken the side of the Oppressor” Desmond tutu.

Contact Details. Peter Kiley 17 Nursery Lane Seddon Marlborough New Zealand. Landline 03-5757778. Cell 02102684499 email [email protected] OR [email protected]

There are two ways in which a man can fulfill his ideals. One…and this way is the most common on Earth… is through the gathering of wealth. The second way…and this the most powerful, is through the attainment of wisdom. Wisdom can be obtained through meditation and fasting. Fasting and prayerful thought for two days at a time or, if you are ill, one day at a time in every seven, until you are well. Nothing makes itself. Everything created has a creator. Systems have to be designed. This is the realization you tap into. The knowledge of influence by thought. But understand and remember this…hatred and bitterness always stays within and harms you more. So…concentrate on wisdom and your way forward will become clearer. You will come to know what you should do. You are not walking alone.

you r one of this disinfo agents. i stumbled over you before. check out JP8 100+ jetfuel and its ADDITIVES. the rest is history and future…

You guys are awesome.
A french chemtrail believer translated this and put it on her blog on Mediapart (bit like the Huffington post).
Needless to say french chemtrail skeptics had a good laugh.
She pulled it off Mediapart but it’s still in Google cache :|lang_fr

Alot of shills and Trolls here telling Aerosols are not being sprayed upon us every day.. Damn,,, You are so easy to spot. You guys are so intelligent that you could go on without your heads.. Chemtrails and Aerosols are real and is sprayed and is destroying every living thing… The evidence is here and the truth will allways prevail in the end. Hopefully not to late :-I

Hey ChemTruther”, about this “Chemtrails and Aerosols are real” … do you have any actual evidence? Apart form videos and photos of contrails, stories of rain and soil tests that actually show the expected concentrations of Aluminium, etc, and whistleblowers who have nothing of consequence to say. What have you got?


Having lived in many countries around the world(most of my time in the U.S.) and currently living in a country in Asia, the phenomenon only exists in the United States. Currently, I live a couple miles from an international airport. There are literally hundreds of planes going past my house every day. Yet not one have a Chemtrail. I look up at the sky and see NOT ONE streak in the sky. Yet in the United States? Crisscross.

What surprises me is your absolute denial without investigation. You ask for evidence? Here it is:

Without investigation? I have been investigating this for 5 or 6 years in my country of New Zealanda nd in the United states. Whithout exception the trails are observed to be in the atmospheric conditions where contrails persist – high humidity. What is the problem with criss-cross? Do you have any idea what the ait traffic system looks like in the USA? It is criss-cross, and X and V and all kinds of geometry. The contrails make it visible.
Get on to Flightradar24. Make some observations for yourself. Pick a regualr flight past your house. Observe it every day. Keep records of the days and time it makes no contrail, a short one and a long one. Soon enough you will gain some understanding of aviation and the US air transport system.
Stay away from the tin-foil-hat sites.


I’ve mentioned to you that I am on a cell phone, at which you may note the length of time it takes me to reply to you. If you’d like to challenge my experience or science, and have a real conversation perhaps you will be inclined to select a more adequate medium, like the telephone. I am not interested in your debating skills nor justification capacity that all trails in the sky are from condensation. If you are so interested in ISSRs I suggest you read NASA’s ADS reports, since I am sure that no more than an audience of you and I will be paying attention to a symposium you suggest I offer on such. For a fella on the internet, you sure do assume yourself to be a leading provider of accuracy and knowledge, despite your intellect my friend, you are yet shielded from certain things. This is likely due to the slight stubborn and marginally arrogant attitude you tout. As for the condensation trails happening at night, of course they do, wiseass. However, you almost never bear witness to the trails that those here are referring to as chemtrails, at night.

I’ve no problem discussing extratropical tropopause regions with you, however I do see you thus far as wasting a lot of time focused on debunking, one of your obvious favorite things to do :)

Cheers mate, enjoy a little Hobbit time.

Oh, so this is about me now? How did that happen? Don’t complain to me about how hard it is to carry this conversation on your mibile phone. That was entirely your choice.

I didn’t mention “extratropical tropopause regions”. I don’t know what that means. And, “marginally arrogant attitude”, huh? Well, I don’t like your fake ingratiation and flattery.

Listen Mark, if you post bunk and address it to me, then I will de-bunk it for you and anyone who cares to be interested.



Let me be clear. I really don’t give a fuck what you like or don’t like. As far as posting bunk, check this jackass… you are a liar. I can provide hard evidence of active US Government Programs, financed and reported by the US Government themselves, WHICH YOU CAN REFERENCE ON THE US GOVERNMENTS OWN GOVERNEMENT ACCOUNTING OFFICE WEBSITE. You are the only one full of bunk, I’ve learned not to argue with ignorance, I could not present information to someone who JUST DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.

AND – You have the nerve to talk to me about ice supersaturation in the upper troposphere and you don’t even know what extratropical tropopause regions are? Are you kidding?

You my friend are way the hell out of the loop, naïve and ignorant at the same time, not to mention you practice a blazing denial of hard evidence when it is at your disposal. A meteorologist who “seldom see the trails”? Is that what you said Ross? Researching for 5-6 years something you seldom witness and professing condensation?

Not only do you have limited exposure, but you my NZ friend, are the only real shill around here. You are not worth any further investment of my time and have proven to be an arrogant POS indeed.

US GOA OFFICE ROSS – They even fuck with lightning. Imagine that. READ THE REPORTS THAT THEY PUBLISHED YOU IDIOT.

Ross, I’ve provided you with the necessary information for all your evidence. If you’d like I will put hard links into the post however I do not find that appropriate as someone verifying the integrity of their own search results in a search engine. You tell me if you need direct links and I will be happy to provide such to verifiable hard evidence done by extremely credible organizations and institutions, some of which who actually design global climate control programs. Sorry pal, Aerosols are real and are being dispersed. That is fact. Has been for a good while actually, and sadly. My biggest personal gripe is what gives anyone the right to put anything in our air.

OK, Mark, give me a direct link to the page or document that says, in effect, “Yes, folks, we are actually spraying the atmosphere with aerosols to cool the planet. We are going at it balls-to-the-wall! We use aircraft types: X, Y and Z. We operate from bases: A, B and C. We use these substances: L, M, N, O, P. And here is a close-up of a nozzle. /”

Go on; give me that link. Bring it.

To all the Ross Mardsen’s and others in denial to the true genocidal actions of the NWO, bankers, government officials with Chemtrails, Flouride….


What will YOU say when it turns out that the “chemtrails” are contrails after all, just like NASA, FAA, the universities, EPA, and all the other debunkers and “deniers” have been saying for 13 years?

Ross, you are not familiar with the Global Aerosol program are you. I suggest you consult with factual research and models as developed by Leeds University in the UK and The British Royal Society. You are quite ignorant on this subject it seems, I’m not attacking you, but believe me you are wayyyy out of the loop man. This is beyond conspiracy or conjecture, and pure science and fact, go google Leeds and British Royal Society.

Thank you Mark. Yes I am very familiar with the Atmospheric GeoEngineering proposals and discussions (if that is what you are referring to). Lost of institutions and parliaments are figuring out the regulatory framework and studying the impacts and possible consequences of starting an actual program. No one gas done that to date.

The trails you see in the sky are contrails; they are not the visible result of an atmospheric geoengineering program. Do you really thing the commercial airlines would get involved with that? What altitude do you think they are? They are certainly not at 20 km (60-odd thoudand feet) in the stratosphere. The clouds that result from those trails create optical phenomena identical with cirrus cloud indicating that they are ice clouds, just like cirrus, and not any of the substances proposed for atmospheric geoengineering.
So there are two solid arguments that the trails are not geoengineering, and one appeal to incredulity.

It’s you who needs to do some factual research about contrails; how and why they form, and how and why they dissipate, and don’t dissipate.

Ross, there are various holes in your comments.

1) Rarely will you see what you are referring to at night. The basis of solar radiation reflection and cloud brightening as utilized in aerosol programs is in fact rooted in the premise of solar reflection.

2) Leeds University, amongst several professors there, is in fact a designer in part of global reflection programs and in fact has several admissions of its use, I’d imagine that your familiarity with geoengineering has potentially caused to to skip over researching there.

3) The Royal Society, one of the lead organizations in aerosol architecture has several published works on the program and its global implementation.

4) I do not and did not suggest that commercial airlines are responsible for aerosols.

5) Lastly, At age 56, I’ve been a licensed pilot for both prop and jet aircraft for 23 years, with at present licenses for small jet operation on several Lear aircraft which I fly approximately 30-35 times annually. I own 2 small engine aircraft, have flown in the US Navy for 10 years prior to that. I am WELL AWARE of condensation, vapor envelopes and what their behaviors are and in what conditions they will form/linger/dissipate. Additionally, I’ve sampled through what people commonly refer to as chemtrails for privately funded research projects. Air sampling through “chemtrails” is nothing new, however, I’d not be satisfied had I not flown the aircraft myself, and did have such an opportunity twice.

Has it ever occurred to you that the phenomena you are suggesting in respect to the behavior of non-dissipating condensation trails, did not exist 30 years ago, or perhaps you are forgetting looking up then? As an aspiring Naval aviator back then, believe me, I was ALWAYS watching the skies. In fact, I have been since I was a child, dreaming of flying.

I respect your intellect and research, but once again I am suggesting that you have not researched or are aware of the actuality of such programs as active.

Mark, There are no holes in my comments.

1) I did not refer to any solar radiation reflection and cloud brightening aerosol programs. I was referring to contrails, and they certainly do occur at night. Why wouldn’t they? You don’t need daylight to make a contrail; formation depends of temperature and relative humidity, and other considerations.

2) “Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals” A lot of words, not any doing.

3) The Royal Society: again lots of thinking, talking and writing, not any doing.

4) I’m sorry, I appologise, you are right, you didn’t “suggest that commercial airlines are for aerosols”. So what organisations do you think are directly involved with the supposed flight operations doing all this atmospheric geoengineering, the aerosol spraying you claim is so real?

5) So what were the results of these “Air sampling through “chemtrails”” that you claim to have been involved in. Have these “privately funded research projects” published the results? Can you refer me to the report documents.

No it never occurred to me that non-dissipating condensation trails did not exist 30 years ago. Why? Because they did exits that long ago, and right back to WWII and earlier. What makes you think they did not exist? And how does your claim they didn’t exist reconcile with your claim that you are well aware of what conditions contrails will form/linger/dissipate. How do you explain photos of these trails from before 30 years ago. Certainly they were not as common 30 years ago, I grant you that. There were far fewer flights by jets at those altitudes then compared to now.

Since you are so familiar with all that vapor stuff and contrails, could you give us a quick primer about the condition of ice supersaturation in the upper troposphere. For instance, why do regions of ice supersaturation exist while water supersaturation regions don’t? What would happen in you introduced some ice particles into a region of ice supersaturation?

I’ll put some pop-corn on.

Mr. NZ, are you familiar with project Skywater? Being so deep in your term of research, let’s begin, at some of the beginning huh? I assume you have read the GAO’s report by The Comptroller General of the United States, I believe the year was 1974? If I recall correctly you can get that report on the GAO’s website, an official US Government source, is that good for credibility and authentication?

Ross, if you are for real I just ask that you spend some time watching the sky. Proof is in the pudding. Watch the sky brother, just watch the sky.

Brother Max, I am certainly for real. I’m a meteorologist and I spend more time than most watching the sky in more than just the visible part of the EM spectrum. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Not really the most applicable proverb for this situation, but it is important to write it correctly. You Americans have been saying it wrong for 60 some years. Jus’sayin’.

The funny thing about Ross is he thinks because he “is a meteorologist” if he is at all, that he is an authority. Ross has obviously never consulted satellite imagery of even space shuttle footage, nor had the experience of being underneath spraying. Ross doesn’t even know that the event we are discussing here is not happening at night. Ross doesn’t even know that that the trails are finite in length and concentrated over certain areas. Ross focusses so much attention right at this bullshit article site, which is completely bullshit btw as Snowden has never discussed this in any verifiable form, much less, the presentation of aerosols here is incorrect, BUR ROSS WANTS TO ARGUE TO THE DEATH! Ross the guy who chooses selective fact and tries to focus on an anomaly in only areas of his choosing, who lives in New Zealand AND RARELY EVEN SEES THE TRAILS.


Ross, you are a funny, fat, old, arrogant and feeble, debunker.

I showed Ross history of weather mods since 1970’s in the US General Accounting Office website archives. I was going to take him through a series of 14 documents that would bring him right up to the GAO financial reporting on Aerosol programs. So this pathetic fat slob (and yes you are fat Ross, spend as much time as you do shooting your mouth off, on your weight control and you might not have a high blood pressure problem) attempts to dismiss so much that he doesn’t even understand how much of his own wheels he is spinning.

Ross you are a liar and a fraud. WHO GIVES A FUCK that you claim to be a meteorologist. YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU IDIOT. But it’s not just about that is it Ross :)

It is too bad Ross, that you haven’t been under a perfectly clear sky, which becomes completely overcast 4 hours later while one watches the trails combine. Imagine a completely clear sky you asshole, becoming overcast from CONTRAILS for airplanes.


Oh, 9 minutes before you posted that, you said “You are not worth any further investment of my time and have proven to be an arrogant POS indeed.” But here you area again.
So these links are about weather modification by cloud seeding. Earlier you accused me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Actually, it is you who who doesn’t know. Look, weather modification and cloud seeding for precipitation enhancement or hail suppression is well known and no body denies that it is going in the open and with no secret. This is nothing to do with the supposed “aerosol spraying”, chemtrails, what ever you want to call the persistent contrails. Is this your fall-back position; railing about weather modification. So, is that all you have? Old documents about weather mod?
Will you next be strenuously against pollution from aircraft? That is another chemtrail fall-back position. Yes, I am too, but that is not the chemtrails narrative either, is it?

Just note, it wasn’t me who started with the language and the personal insults.
Stay classy Mark.

Ross, when I am not typing on a phone keyboard in a few hours and at my computer, I will gladly supply you with my link list. In the meanwhile I do remember (SRMGI – Solar Radiation Management Governance…)without consulting my browser favorites.

I am curious btw, what YOU believe has changed in aircraft in the last 30 years whereby condensation trails now form and do not dissipate to a point of turning a clear sky into a “hazey” day? Just wondering, how someone with your intellect believes that condensation from aircraft turns a clear day into a thin overcast of diffused sunlight. Maybe you live in a rural area of this country and don’t witness what others are dealing with?

Mark, There are more high bypass jet engines now; that is probably the most common type, and jet engines have become more efficient. Both of these factors lead to a higher occurrence of contrails because of the wider range of formation conditions; contrails can form in slightly warmer air – slightly lower altitude.
Also there is a far greater number of aircraft in the commercial fleet and a far greater number of flights than 30 years ago.

What evidence apart from you memory do you have that these persistent contrails did not exist before 1983 (30 years ago)?

This does not directly address persistence. The only requirement for persistence is that the contrail is formed in a region of ice supersaturation. The occurrence of those has not changed as far as I know.

Once a persistent trail has formed its evolution depends on wind conditions which will move and stretch it just like it was a cirrus cloud.
Some of the haze you speak of happens regardless of the presence of trails; a weather front moving into your area will have that effect.

I live in New Zealand. We have an small chemtrail activist presence here mostly located under the main flight route up and down our somewhat linear country.
About 2007 they adopted the “it’s geoengineering” narrative, just like all the other activists around the world after Murphy and Griffin published their “What in the World …” misinformation video.

I live somewhat off the flight track, so I seldom see the trails. I am a meteorologist, so the whole thing is of interest, and well as the fascinating workings of conspiracy theories. I love the “self sealing” property, and that every argument against the theory is folded into it as if to reinforce it.


You have quite a bit of catching up to do. If I were you I would look into the US GOV. General Accounting Office documents, on their own website, in regards to weather modification. You are way off man, this has been going on here for a long long time. You can acquire those documents directly from the US Gov. website for the GAO office, many of them are still sitting on their web servers. In the US we track weather mod programs via the Secretary and the GAO, the ol’ follow the money trick ay Mr. Meteorologist. I can talk science with you all day, that is NO PROBLEM at all. You are however, missing a huge piece of data, the fact that our Gov. here has been playing for many years and had annual budgets for such.

Go search United States GAO and weather modification, you will get some new data in that thick skull of yours :) Cheers mate, got a flight to catch, that I’m flying. As for the altitude of your condensation, oh we aren’t dealing with much here my friend. I realize you are talking about something completely different than what I am. Our conditions here are low altitude dispersing, this isn’t natural condensation. I’d take a look at those docs if I were you, you will begin to understand what some of these things in the USA are about.

Chemtrails are not contrails. I have sat and watched these trails form into cloud banks. A contrail dissapears begind an aircraft quickly. I have watched both in the sky at one time. I have collected a rust colored dust which was deposited in my car after a chemtrial induced rain. Use the eyes God gave you. I can only imagine you believe the World Trade Center just Fell Down. Take a prosac and return to the matrix. You can awaken someone who sleeps, but you cant awaken someone who pretends to be asleep.

Hi Joe, You are quite right; chemtrails are not contrails, they are a myth. In dry air contrails do disappear behind an aircraft quickly, but in mist air they don’t. They persist in the sky an become cirrus clouds. They are composed by far the post part of moisture from the environment. The rust colored dust the fell recently in parts of Texas was dust that came from Mexico.
Ignorance can be overcome by education and proper information.

Very interesting that people exert so much effort to “debunk” the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. I have grown extremely tired of explaining the changes that have happened where I live over the past 10 years, but mainly over the past 4 years. The most simple thing is that contrails do not turn on and off. They simply do not. As they conduct massive campaigns over my home (over the northern part of the state I live in actually) on an almost daily basis, I can freely observe what is being done. I’ve been alive for 45 years and in that time I have never seen what the detractors call “normal contrails”. Why, suddenly, did these “contrails” come into existence on a VERY large scale? Increasing air traffic is a total cop-out. That is simply not the case, particularly where I live. My credentials are these: I have 20 years of experience as an engineer. I hold a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, a M.Sc. degree in EE, with my major being Control Systems Theory and Design (control of dynamical systems), and Electronics. I am completing a Ph.D. as well, with only a couple of courses to complete. My research work is complete, and I am published in several scientific journals and conferences. I have worked in all manner of capacities as an engineer including electrical-electronics, telecommunications, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. I have a large amount of training in mathematics and physics, including training in areas such as mechanical dynamics, thermodynamics, simulation and modeling of dynamical physical systems, numerical analysis, chemistry, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and even atmospheric science. So I am qualified to speak on matters of science. So I’d like to say that the phenomena being observed is not contrails as known in the sense of the common definition. What is being OBSERVED does not fit, whatsoever, the definition of, nor the science of water vapor trails left by jet aircraft. I emphasize OBSERVED, as that is part of the scientific method. Another is replication of results. Just by simple observation one may readily understand that what is covering the skies, and forming by the merging of parallel lines of chemical compounds which appear behind jet aircraft, and which merge in roughly 30 minutes time to form massive sheets of sunlight-blocking “clouds”, are not by any means what is commonly known as contrails. The replication is simply watching this activity occurring on an almost daily basis under atmospheric conditions that do not result in water vapor contrails. One question to ask is: “Did these jet trails always exist in their current form, or are these trails different than that of the condensation trail?”. The answer, if you are old enough, and live in an area where the phenomena is beyond common is absolutely not. This is a phenomena that has appeared recently, as in the last several years and the appearance of the said phenomena has greatly, and I do mean greatly, accelerated. Being an expert in linear and nonlinear control systems and dynamical systems modeling and analysis, I can say in no uncertain terms that what I observe does not match the definition of the contrail. Almost daily I observe the jet aircraft approach my home and then suddenly start emitting “contrails”, which I will now call “chemtrails”. When the chemtrails begin to appear from the aircraft, you can see the dynamics of the pressurized tank, valve, and nozzle action come into play. This means that the system exhibits at least second order dynamical characteristics in that you see transient oscillation in the spray pressure. It manifests visually as seeing “puffs”, that is, in an off-on fashion, where it then reaches steady-state resulting in a continuous stream. Next the aircraft will reach some point on the horizon and the trail stops suddenly. Sometimes this on-off action happens repeatedly, and in particular when the aircraft reaches where another trail has been laid down. Once that point is passed, the system is activated again with the same oscillation in the system pressure, making these little “puffs”. I could go on with a much more in-depth physics/mathematical based discussion, but it’s just not appropriate here for lack of space. I will say this: Turning on an electro-mechanical valve, e.g., solenoid valve in series with a pressurized tank, directed by piping to nozzles, is equivalent to a step-type forcing function. When a step-function is the input to a dynamical 2nd order or higher system described appropriately by differential equations, the result which depends on the physical parameters of the system, is to have the following at the output of the system:

1) A rise time.
2) An overshoot (under-damped system) of the steady state final value.
3) Oscillations around the steady state value.
4) A finite settling time.

All of the above depend on the system parameters such as pressure, volume, mass flow rates, piping diameter (area), length, chemical characteristics being dispensed, and so on. So when I discussed above the “puff-puff-puff / steady stream” phenomena that is observed, it is due to the output response of the system to the step input. A step input is simply like turning a switch from off to on, that is, the pressure in the piping goes from zero to maximum in a very small amount of time instead of turning on slowly, such as would occur if the control valve was a linear type servo valve that could be slowly opened. All solenoid valves open “instantly” (compared to any other system time constants, or eignenvalue, or transfer function denominator pole locations) when voltage is applied to the coil to open the valve.

The governing differential equation of such an open loop system is:

dP^2/dt^2 + (2*zeta*omega_n)*dP/dt + (omega_n^2)*P = (omega_n^2)*u(t)

where zeta is this damping factor of the system, omega_n is the natural frequency, or the resonant frequency, and u(t) is the control input, which in this case would be a unit step function, or an on-off switch. P is the system pressure and therefore, the pressure P is the output of the system with the input u(t). P is the solution of the second order, linear, constant coefficient, ordinary differential equation above. P as a function of time, under the conditions where you see the output oscillate (under-damped), is of the form: P(t) = A + [EXP(-zeta*omega_n*t)*(B*COS(omega_d*t)+C*COS(omega_d*t)] Where A is the final value under steady-state, and the second term is an exponentially decaying sinusoidal function which disappears as time grows with the damped oscillations being of frequency omega_d. Omega_n is the natural frequency of the system. Think of it as pushing down on the hood of your car suddenly when the shock absorbers or struts have gone bad, and it bounces up a down instead of stopping quickly. Now this is the phenomena you will observe happen when they are spraying. Air in the lines would also cause a “puff puff” scenario. You may also have had your plumbing rattle in your home when you suddenly turn on your water at the kitchen sink. This is simply what happens in a great many natural and man-made systems. Almost everything can be described mathematically by a differential equation of system of DE’s. Now that may have been too in depth for a layman or for one who has little scientific training, but the other descriptions I gave clearly debunks the contrail theory because this phenomena would simply not occur in a naturally occurring jet aircraft vapor trail. So the bottom line is this folks – just look up and watch what occurs. It should be evident, even for someone without any scientific training whatsoever that contrails behave entirely different than the “chemtrails” do. What I just described is a simply elegant mathematical and physical description as to why these are not contrails. This is just one of many scientific examples I could provide as to why what you are seeing is not just your everyday contrail, which if you study it, you will find isn’t very common anyway because the conditions for a real contrail to form have to be just right. This example is just the most obvious and easily observed situation.

My apologies for this long post, but I felt it would be a valuable tool for showing that these aircraft are indeed spraying something and using systems which can be turned on and off. They made no effort to dampen out the oscillations and therefore they are clearly visible. If they had used a linear servo valve which was opened slowly, say over a few seconds, this would not occur. But the valves they use open in a millisecond time frame causing system oscillation. It is possible that some of the planes have the chemicals mixed in the fuel and thus you wouldn’t see the phenomena I discussed in those cases. However, practically all the aircraft I see leaving trails exhibit the described oscillation. If this weren’t for evil, they wouldn’t be hiding it. If it were to save us from burning alive, they would just tell us all that this is what must be done. Since they hide their activities, in plain sight I might add, I cannot believe that it is anything but sinister and what it will ultimately achieve is an instability in the close-loop climate system potentially resulting in a “mini ice age” or worse. Go study human history and you’ll find where there have been warm periods and cold. During the cold periods disease, crop failures, and famine occurred. During the warm periods, mankind prospered, crop yields increased – even farming in Greenland occurred, and vineyards popped up in the UK, and disease rates dropped. This is usually caused by volcanic activity which sprays untold tons of fine particles into the atmosphere which blocks solar radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface, and you get cooling. Personally, I’ll take the global warming any day, any time. Warm = prosperity, cold = death, destruction, and human suffering. If they trigger a positive feedback loop, or cause the climate system to go unstable in one of the many, many feedback loops, we could go into a period of extreme cold and suffering. So, you must ask in light of the history of the elitists and their support for eugenics – “Is this what they want?”!!! Have a nice day, and don’t let the paid hacks or the ignorant deter you from spreading the word about this evil. I by no means intend this post to be offensive to those who have not awakened to the situation, or are true disbelievers that this horrific situation is indeed occurring. For those folks, I’d ask that you study about it and see what you can learn. I think you’ll come to the same conclusion I have if you open your mind to the fact that sometimes governments can be extremely evil and will kill if necessary for a handful of people to keep their power, or perhaps kill off the useless eaters who are destroying “their” planet and using “their” resources, as if you study it, you’ll find that this is what they truly believe and it is nothing but a manifestation of pure evil.

Joe, one of the issues not yet discussed is the deliberate on/off of something being sprayed. I’ve a feeling that Ross has no experience observing this, I’ve actually watched 1 plane produce an SOS pattern 3 times, perfectly, which I assumed to be a joke. I’m sure that Ross will have an explanation :)

Ross you aren’t hip enough to engage until you catch up on real documents.

Mark, that was just one of the more obvious things I’ve observed and due to my background, I could describe it in detail as to why you see it. This fellow Ross may try to produce some explanation, but I can probably whip up the system model rather quickly, and then run it in a simulation using Matlab/Simulink – it’s something I do every day at my job.

If you have these chemtrails occurring right over you on an almost constant basis, you just can’t miss it. The skies here used to be so beautiful and deep blue. Now they look white-blue and washed out most of the time. People where I live are waking up to it because they never saw it before in their life. It has seriously ramped up here to the point to where I don’t see how anyone could not notice it. I’ve discovered that many people here have noticed it, and they know that it is being done, but they never really talked about it or mentioned it to anyone. For some reason, the area where I live gets bombarded severely. Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are (not) so blue! LOL.

Another thing easily noticed is that they do it heavily over populated areas. If you get far out into the countryside you don’t see them. The largest city nearby is about 250,000 people and that’s about 30 miles away. They seem to spray over my area, then the trails merge and drift over that city and linger there all day.

Well, all we can do is hope that enough people wake up, find out what’s in the trails, realize it is deadly to living things, and do something about it in mass. Seems to me that people are too busy with their lives, with sports, with celebrities, and buying trinkets made in China to concern themselves with anything that our government is doing. We live in very dangerous times indeed. God bless you and your family and take care.



Thanks for your post. I live in the Northern Virginia area where we are also bombarded daily with chemtrails. I have taken many pictures of chemtrails, and chemtrail planes in the past 5 years and have shared them with family and friends. Those who are open minded agree they are not normal condensation trails. My fear is the younger generation that has never grown up looking at true condensation trails will never understand what they are supposed to look like. Whatever evil sector of our government promoting this program will be allowed to continue and older generations will be viewed as quacks if they protest. I have a relative who is an engineer who continually debunks chemtrail theory stating that it is a result of too much air traffic and the combined condensation of so many planes. On a beautiful sunny day I challenged him and said ‘what if it was just one plane’. As we were standing there on the sidewalk a lone chemtrail plane was flying over our heads leaving an enormously long trail from horizon to horizon basically cutting the sky in half with a bold white line. He looked up and from that point forward has accepted the fact that chemicals are responsible for the trails. As to sky writing in a previous post, the pompous ass pilots flying these planes do leave symbols for us. On one occasion overhead I saw a gigantic and ominous X written across the sky as bold as can be. Not to be crude, but they are boldly effing with us. The weak need to wake up and realize our government is not what we think it is. Since about the year 2000, a beast has boldly come into power and is not influenced by any political party. It does what it wants and to that end must be an elite branch of very powerful people who have absolute control over our military and are financed by a greedy corporate/banking system.

Peace Out


Joe, that Onanist post adorned with self-gratifying lists of your own hard-won ignorance will not fool me. That’s right — you’re a blatant shill.

Just think about the way such ideology acts on The People who believe it. By making the claim that an insane and suicidal cabal is committing ongoing slow-motion global genocide, you are placing yourself inside a hyper-misanthropic paranoid Venn diagram outside the circle that Glenn Beck calls the “Overton Window.” According to his theories, you will be able to warp that window merely through your existence, but what he doesn’t know is that you and everyone else “outside” the Overton Window are already circumscribed (written around) “within” its horizon, so reality for those inside the Overton Window is a language game that just don’t get how it swings and pansuicide is not a responsive or flexible message on this trajectory. Try again.

Or think of the intrinsic logical problems contained within the idea of world leaders, struggling in economic competition with one another, who all at the same time grow fey and lethargic from the worst century and in this state opt to secretly commit colonial suicide in a drawn-out effort infinitely more expensive than the nuclear winter available, for free, at the mere push of a button. At least it satisfies an analogue with the way individual humans quite often indulge Thanatos. An unconscious cabal of ennui-stricken world leaders gather in meetings they can never remember to plan the suicide of the human species, drawing it out. Like Johnny from The Room, eavesdropping to confirm Lisa’s cheating on him when he already knows it then rubbing himself on Lisa’s Red Dress — smelling it — and then shooting himself in the face. From the point of view of a plot, you’re in The Room territory.

At least the idea that it is a secret attempt to control the weather has some real-world analogues as massive weather control operations have been industrialized and utilized, openly, by many nations around the world. That state apparatuses would have integrated this technology with airlines beyond public scrutiny is not, itself, beyond reason as is evidenced by the oft-reported-on and nonetheless “surprising” and wide ranging activities of the NSA which are characterized in their most sinister form by the secret collusion or co-opting of the government with enormous corporations.

That this text presents a program aimed at the sustainability of America at the expense of the stable weather systems in other parts of the world should not be read as a “softer” conspiracy because it is in fact more hardcore. A colony with a survival plan which turns the rest of the planet into a desert is more insidious and in fact less enlightened than the “Radical Eco-Punk” genocide in which the biosphere is saved at the mere price of the death of all humanity, if one imagines that such competition must always escalate. Like nuclear stockpiles, a war of weather control could blow out all possibilities for any life at all on earth under fairly ordinary circumstances. So really this is far more insidious and disturbing than any of your paranoid, narcissistic fantasies, Joe.

Yet Ross, you will refuse to learn about US Government programs by reading the direct documents available on the United States Government Accounting Website, which is a .gov extension representing the US Government.

The American military first started using Chem trails in nam.Recently Edward Snowden released documents of the program.Operation Popeye was a program to make it rain on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, bogging down the main Vietcong supply route.During 1968 the U.S. Air Force undertook two experimental operations that it hoped would exacerbate the worst parts of the above-mentioned weather patterns. “Project Popeye” was an attempt to indefinitely extend the rainy monsoon weather over southeastern Laos by cloud seeding. Testing on the project began in September above the Kong River watershed that ran through the Steel Tiger and Tiger Hound areas. Clouds were seeded by air with silver iodide smoke and then activated by launching a fuse fired from a flare pistol. 56 tests were conducted by October; 85% were judged to be successful. President Johnson then gave authorization for the program, which lasted until July 1972.”Project Commando Lava” began on 17 May. Scientists from Dow Chemical had created a concoction that, when mixed with rainwater, destabilized the materials that made up soil and created mud. There was enthusiasm from the military and civilian participants in the program, who claimed they were there to “make mud, not war

The name Josh means “god saves” …. may all of you who love be judged fairly in eternity. I am already labeled as adisident and will surely be of some of the first to be kidnapped (perhaps courtesy of the new indeffinite detention act) …. “Ross” and his little friend there probly are disinformation agents. Everyone else please don’t use violent-speak. They will use anything they can against you to bound you up and murder you in prison probably. Satan is becoming very deffiant because his time to be thrown into the pit for a thousand years is drawing near. Let all of us Americans who have a conscience that leads to life and not death stand as one. May God Jesus , Yeshua the Messiah, be with us all. Try just to be love in these last days and be brave. Do not even try to go up against Satan, just run from him and pray to god. And listen to god. So much more to say, but just know this, we do have a just god and NWO’s and rothschil’s and whoever else’s plan -all the children of Satan- for global domination will not last, they will fold in on themselves as evil always does. May love endure forever. May THE Father’s will be done. God bless you all and thanks for the info~ just make sure you’re careful when they push us to revolt- they already have plans to murder as sell us as slaves – so my advice, love every day, love evry body, run from satan and keep on keepin’ on. Take it easy ya’ll.. Jesus Loves you.

At least in our area (Los Angeles area) chemtrail pilots must have gotten some holiday vacation time off leading into Christmas Day. Our skies have been virtually FREE of chemtrails for the past day or two.. perfect clarity in the skies as far as one can see. Prior to yesterday? every single day going back the skies have been bombarded with chemtrail smutt everywhere. This ‘reprieve anomaly’ I also noticed at Thanksgiving. Say what you like, but unless your head is loose it’s pretty obvious folks. Look up and pay attention. If it were true that heavy air travel (increased normal contrails) were the cause of chemtrails then we would be seeing MORE trail smutt right now at peak holiday air travel not less.

Yes, you are right PROVIDED that conditions at cruise altitude was good for contrails and persistence. If not, then no trails. It’s not about the holidays, it’s about the weather up there.

Same here in Dayton, NV and the whole Reno area on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day no Chemtrails and nothing again yesterday but today they are all over the sky making our blue skies cloudy and gross. I am so sick of this shit shit shit.

I did notice some natural contrails today which somewhat indicated the weather was right. For me its all about trail characteristics & observation, not so much weather.. since that is a given. Normal contrails follow certain behavior characteristics. Chem trails differ entirely – especially in their on/off and sputtering behavior as well as their duration / staying power. They also lack the “comet-tail” effect which is inherent with normal contrails. A gentleman earlier went to painstaking lengths to describe these things in very good technical order although it may have been more than some people can stay with. Peace to you all and Merry Christmas!!

Expert testimony invariably reflects the political/social/religious/ethical perspective of the expert. This is why so many experts have such widely differing opinions. When I hear what an expert has to say I also want to know his background and motivations. There is always an agenda , that’s why their opinions are being expressed. I want to know what that agenda is. Now in the case of chemtrails I want to know why there I such an effort to debunk the great myth. If someone believes in some myth I could not care less, let alone make a mission of correcting the mis informed. The effort to debunk adds credibility to the claim. Amid all the claims and counter claims two items cannot be escaped. The second law of thermodynamics which simply states that a substance will return to it’s prior state after the heat is removed. Steam goes away at room temperature. Ice crystals will return to their previous state when placed in it. Of course this is oversimplified , however, I have found there is much useful information in simple facts. The second item that cannot be ignored is that these supposed chemtrails fill the sky and turn it white. Notice how once deposited they do not go away, they spread and layer after layer spreading throughout the day turns the sky white. It is not relevant weather they are called chemtrails or contrails they are pollutants. They are not harmless any less than any other form of pollution is harmless. The fact that they fill they sky and turn it white is alarming. This cannot be good for people, animals, plants etc. So why all the effort to convince the populace they are harmless?

Hello Nate! I’ll tell you why people debunk the chemtrails hoax. It’s because of the shear mass of bunk that is crammed into any few sentences that are composed about them. For instance, take you post here:
1) That expert testimony/opinion is driven by an agenda
2) The effort to debunk adds credibility to the claim.
3) Your statement of The second law of thermodynamics
4) That contrails are pollutants
5) The implication that contrails, assumed to be pollution, (and as opposed to the absence of them) is harmful.
To some, this concentration of utter bunk cannot be passed by, and must be at least commented on.
Now, about the steam going away at room temperature… you cannot release steam indefinitely and have it “go away”. Eventually you will reach water saturation of the air for that temperature, and no more steam will “go away”. It will remain condensed.
And it’s the same with ice – it will not evaporate in air that is so humid that it is saturated with respect to ice. That is the situation with persistent contrails – they are being formed in air that is at least ice-saturated. The surplus water vapor deposits on the ice of the contrail. This is why most of the water mass of a contrail has come from the environment.
Cheers. Thanks for reading.

You can observe the latest weather updates by simply taking a glance at your phone’s home screen, where
it automatically posts weather info, and without having to launch the application.
By doing this, you’re reinforcing that negativity and
attracting to yourself MORE. Typically, the My Documents folder could be the best you to definitely use.

We have taken dozens of pictures them… they poison our water supply and are slowly killing first our water had started to smell like it’s gray looking for


Agreed and Anomous is correct I thought I was sick when every soda taste flat n the water bitter. People laugh n I believe its that ignorance thats got us in the place

Just another spray day here in the Bay area. Seems every time a weather system tries to move into our area to bring desperately needed rain, the sky spraying machines go into full gear. 2013 the driest year in California history and it looks like the plan is for it to continue. We’re in a severe drought now soon to be extreme.

As former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm describes it, ” Chem-Trails are said to consist of tiny particles of the very harmful toxins, Aluminum and Barium. Toxins that we inhale, poison our water and kill the soil. We can avoid cancer causing second hand smoke, but there’s no way to avoid the far more toxic particles that fall from the sky. Already diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, Lou Gehrichs, Huntingtons, Parkinsons, Autism and Bone diseases are at a highest level ever, all of which could be directly linked to Aluminum… I would highly recommend that anyone wanting further information, check the internet for well known Neuro Surgeon Dr. Russell L. Blaylock who tells us about Social Engineering by the Elitists, funded by such foundations as “Rockefellers”, Ford and Carnegie.”

Same here in No, Nevada Again. Woke up at sunrise no sprays then all of a sudden got sprayed with a straight line straight across the sky making a long line then another stopping at the long line shaped into a Y. Disgusting. Then all day long sprays like crazy. Yesterday saw the tic tac toe and several XXXXs amd today it was worse than yesterday and everytime you go outside you cough and eyes are itching. This is all crap. They are fucking killing us. Unbelievable

Glad I came across this article. I was taking a walk with the dog earlier and noticed more chemtrails than I have seen in a while. I mean criss cross, tic tac toe all over the place and just haze everywhere. I have been watching these for about 5 years now. I am a little frekaed out honestly. I thought maybe I should just go back inside becuase you know that stuff is falling down on you.

First of all, I do not like this article. Either Snowden is lying or the article is a big fat lie. There is nothing benevolent bout chemtrails. Okay? Nothing! We are not that stupid. However, I am surprised that a lot of people are still ignorant of the chemtrails. It’s as if they do not even look up at the skies. Time for humans to wake up and smell the chemtrails. Yes, sometimes they even have a smell to them. I smell these mostly in the mornings. Very foul smelling, I cannot even explain it. Chemtrails affects my respiratory system and lungs. They also affect my mood because I get so mad at the entities responsible for this. There is no complaint department to go to about this.
Time to learn about chemtrails. Not only that. Time to learn about the enemies, namely one of them called the Reptilians.

The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1 – James Bartley
Ari Kopel Youtube channel

This is a strange viewpoint. Not denying your belief in chemtrails. Rather, I would simply like to point out that if the government wanted to poison people or the land , water would be much more effective. The government controls and supplies almost all the water in the US and regulates the rest of it. They could simply slip some chemical into the water in a seemingly inconsequential concentration and viola. Additionally, any chemtrail over your city is not going to fall on the city (most likely) do to crosswinds, which can exceed 300 miles an hour. Those chemicals could easily land in Asia even though it was targeted for the US or Europe etc. Finally chemical sprinkling that kills humans would also likely kill most other life in the US and render the US inhospitable to living or resource exploitation (my idea with water would also have this concern) at the end of the day the government has the best interests of the country if not it’s people at heart and will not do anything to destroy the very nation that gives it power.

Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
When I look at your blog site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has
some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
Other then that, fantastic blog!

Mr. Snowden does NOT tell all the truth! I have been tracking Chemtrails for over 8 years and has more on its website than Mr. Snowden reveals! All one has to do is go to a search site of their choice and enter ChemTrails or ChemBuster and they will have more info than they coulld use for a very long time. Just Saying, Y’all,…!!

I saw a report that Ahmadinejad from Iran demanded the U.N. stop spraying as his place on this planet has been stricken with drought as a result of weather manipulation.

This is a secret weapon, that has been used for causes of greed and war, for the decades that have followed World War Two.

I am trying to verify a report that Monsanto paid pennies on the dollar for expanses of land in Australia that included entire towns, and the rain started falling again since it’s sale.

The destruction of Earth’s ozone from spraying these aerosols is real. I’ve felt it. The sun is hotter on certain days. Withering hot. “need shade” kind of heat. I remember as a kid in the ’70’s sitting on a tractor plowing a field for hours without a shirt and no sun block. I got a tan that was the envy of my friends at school. It’s different now. It feels darn wicked mean hot on certain days, and this destruction of ozone makes sense.

Measured sunlight levels are 20% less than those stations recorded in 1950. It is the cause of the 30 year drought. Water evaporation is directly a function of sunlight.
The enhancement of this effect has accelerated drought and makes for bad winters. The lower specific heat of the resulting atmosphere makes for quicker delta T and higher winds.
Gore fantastic science at its best.
You reap what you sow.

Well, if Monsanto have had a hand in it, it must be alright then. Now we have nanopolymers which not only bind with clouds to form the equivalent of a biofilm to lock in all their poisons, but it can also be breathed in and bind to your own cells as yet another new biowarfare mutating organism. The latest news is that they are now going to add Cesium 137 to the mix, just in case we are not dying off or becoming infertile quickly enough.

“nanopolymers which not only bind with clouds” ?
Really? Do you realise how stupid that sounds? Where did you read or hear that? Someone’s making it up. It’s word salad.

Marsden, all respect: do you realize how many things YOU say that sound utterly stupid? I always just move on to the next subject, and don’t give you a hard time about it.

Science begins with questions. Q: why are there “contrails” side-by-side with “chemtrails” (ok the long never ending (never “melting” “ice”?–how does THAT happen>?)? The contrails are actually beautiful on a clear, blue day. They sparkle like they were full of ice crystals–and I don’t want yet another lecture about “ice” and “altitude” and “humidity”. Damn, talk about condescending.

“Chemtrails” stay, they fall to the ground, and they do it in front of you. Man, I wish you guys were bank guards, there’d be free money because you wouldn’t see a THING, just like Sgt Schultz.

“Chemtrails” only exist every couple of days, yet the air traffic is still there…or IS it? Are there enough commercial flights to account for all the “chemtrails”? No. There are not. You can count these on your fingers if you lack a calculator. And you can go to the airline schedules and check every air route, every day, if you like. There are NOT enough commercial flights to account for 19 “con”trails in the air at any given time on a heavy spray day.

And mostly-what’s the payoff for denying it? Why are so many people calling people like me “idiot”? Why would anyone care if I’m an “idiot” or not? Why does Wikipedia go out of it’s way to label chemtrails a “hoax” by “conspiracy theorists”? Who would do that, and why?

Try to keep the principle of parsimony in mind while thinking of these things, if your mind is not completely closed. And I think it probably is…(Occam’s Razor)–the simplest theory prevails, all things being equal. There is NO payoff in inventing a hoax of this size. Except lots of time and money OUT the door. There may be a huge payoff for actually doing, and hiding, it. We don’t know, because deniers simply refuse to do the one thing that would plant good questions–that are not being answered–in your mind. Just “look up” once in awhile and see if your “it’s a hoax” theory is substantiated in any way.

@Hangman Gallows
You can only call Edward Snowden’s courage to come forward honest investigative journalism. Your definition of traitor has it’s foundation by using illegitimate establishment rules.

The establishment usurped our government in 1913. The establishment has been purchasing controlling interest in the media even longer than that. The establishment controls the global conversation. The establishment is spraying poison on us without our knowledge or consent.

Glad I could help clear up who’s side you’re on.

Ross Marsden is a govt shill & can be found on the debunking site>METABUNK-disinfo
His references are post 1996,when chemtrails started, so papers have deliberately led to lean about contrails in a harmless way & deny chemtrails.
Even David Suzuki is on board by associating chemtrail conspiracy theorists as climate change deniers. Shame ,Suzuki,shame> very dissapointed EX-fan
Chemtrails are for weather manipulation, by maximizing the ionospheric heating, repelling & attracting of charged metal particulates in the atmosphere,which can steer weather formations or create earthquakes & hurricanes.
*Operation Cloverleaf” Aerial spraying using comm/mil jets
*Walsbach Patent* Using micron sized Aluminium particulates in jet fuel
*Owning the Weather by 2020* USAF document using Haarp & Chemtrails

Dep of Def W,Cohen “warns of electromagnetic waves to create earthquakes”

Dennis Papadopoulos (Haarp Scientist) “give me a ship or an oil-rig & I can create earthquakes in IRAN”

HAARP WEAPONS > Numerous phased radar arrays around globe > COBRA DANE. New sea-based mobile weapon is the SBX-1. Semi-submersible(stable) X-band radar (electromagnetic wave/beam) delivery system, currently in the Pacific!(ex oil-rig)
WHY would the navy place their latest hi-tech radar on a slow moving 2nd hand 8knt oil-rig?
To pinpoint Haarp waves by triangulation anywhere in the Pacific!

Why is the US west coast in a major drought & Alaska in a major heatwave lasting over a year?
Hillary Clinton was there 2 yrs ago talking with leaders about all of the OIL & Gas reserves under the arctic ice! Now the North Pole has nearly melted away…
No ice means easier access & can open frozen shipping lanes…..

The Polar Vortex is from a “Drunken Jet Stream”? No, its HAARP steering it!

Dear American friends, the level at which Washington keeps you denied informatively,biassed or just plain outright lied too is incredible!
To the rest of the world, Snowden is a hero. A disinfo agent or CIA?
At first, Obama demanded Hong Kong hand him over.
Then they demanded Russia hand him over.
Then US begged Russia.
They forced down the Bolivian Presidents plane over Europe thinking Snowden was onboard.
Dont forget it was Putin & Russia that stopped you bombing Syria>you would probably have troops on the ground there now, if peace & commonsense hadnt prevailed!Kerry?
Germany & Indonesia are furious about heads of state being phone-tapped!

Washington is VERY scared of what secrets Snowden may reveal next, & this issue, CHEMTRAILS,is absolute taboo. Start looking at alternative news, especially countries that
arent involved in 5 EYES,> USA, UK, Can,Aus,NZ.

Metabunk(I am banned from them) has Ross Marsden placing disinfo here.
A very good yet alarming quick video to watch is from Spain!

Look at “Chemweb Trails on TV Espagne”. If that isnt “nanopolymers” coming from chemtrails, Spain has some seriously mutant spiders!

P.S. It is hard to find proof or hard evidence on Al in jet fuel, however, look up STADIS 450. STADIS 450 is an anti static dissapator MANDATORY in all jet fuels, to reduce static electricity build-up when pumping in jet fuel. To conduct the electrical charge it contains BARIUM SALTS !!

Typo apology….”Walsbach Patent” is actually “Welsbach Patent”
I wonder how many shills will come crawling out of the rot to cast me in a bad light by name calling.
A big “Debunk” claim is that Al oxides & metal particulates would be like pouring sandpaper into the engine, & thus ludicrus.
However, if they are of micron size, or attached to other molecules in a compound this is negated.(Remember cars used lead petrol/gas for decades & that is in a metal cylinder under extreme compression)

JET ENGINES “spray” the fuel into the combustion CHAMBER after air has been pre compressed,ignites, then travels through Titanium turbine blades which are linked to the previous compressor fan.
JET ENGINES can handle bird-strike,runway rubber debris,plastic bags & other Foreign Object Digestion (FOD) & still function & land safely!
Volcanic ASH & Snow are concerns because they can starve engine of oxygen & cause flame-outs!

I’m no longer certain where you are getting your information, but great topic.
I must spend a while finding out more or working out more.
Thank you for wonderful info I used to be searching for this
information for my mission.

G*, you have no respect, and I won’t debate with you as you’ve already dismissed the explanation.
I have not called you an idiot; I’m not sure why you mention it in a reply to me.
You can go and correct any page on Wikipedia if you think it’s wrong.
I don’t think you understand Occam’s Razor. Chemtrails is certainly not the simplest explanation for the trails you see in the sky.
I hope you find the answeres you are looking for. They are out there, and they don’t involve a global “spraying” operation.
Cheers, and thanks for reading.

Woah! That’s a pretty bold claim! I hope you can back it up.
What exactly does Kirsten Meghan say that contradicts what I’ve been writing here? Let’s start with that, eh?

Kristen said they ARE spraying Chemtrails.

Which one of you is a liar in this contradiction? I’m going with the Air Force Industrial Hygienist turned government whistle blower and choose to dismiss your effort to pontificate as an establishment troll.

Ross, you’d do well to trade your computer in a a kite. As you run about outdoors trying to get your kite to fly, perhaps you’ll finally see the chemtrails for yourself.

Thank me for my website and contribution to spreading word to help everyone learn the truth.

You have a long way to go to prove deano wrong about you.

“Establishment Troll” is a stigma I would loathe to carry. It means you’re a “no explosives were used”, “chemtrails are just weird long lasting contrails”, blind faith believer, product of the system, giving merit to the theory of missing links.

A religious nut case has it going on compared to your ilk. At least he’s thumping a bible instead of a Warren Commission or NIST report.

The title is


and it appears “Chemtrails” is a modern chemistry subject if we can judge a book by it’s cover (not it’s cover).

Why are you so contrary? Considering the tripe you print I should think you’d prefer to be off doing something beside indulging in news you don’t care about, and don’t believe in. So what’s your motive? Is it fun for you to immerse yourself in something you openly dismiss?

I think surely you must be a paid media troll. That would provide a motive for what I see from you, otherwise it makes no sense. Why would you otherwise bother to print the garbage you type?

I believe you should confess. Who sent ya Ross Marsden?

You don’t say. After a days work, the computer seems to be a good way to rest my bones, yet keep my mind occupied in a satisfactory level of engagement.

I’m glad I found a stupid head like you, that will stick up for the illegitimate establishment that would have us all unarmed in public, so their bureaucrats can more easily enjoy their double standard of liberty and privacy, while the rest of us have to turn ourselves in and sign up for “obamacare”.

It gives me a chance to tell you to go fly a kite.

Wikipedia has been infiltrated by skeptics. Susan Gerbic uses “Geurilla Editing” to propagandize,conform & push the conventionalist agenda with an army of skeptics & shills. Conspiracy theory often replaces facts.Controversial subjects only get a few lines. Manning has got more pages of slander than a president.

Metabunk constantly claim TMA-trimethylaluminium, which is pyrophoric(explosive in air) would be too dangerous to handle. However, in the chemical industry it is mixed with HEPTANE to a 14% level,giving it a NPL-Non Pyrophoric Limit.
Kerosene(jet fuel) is a mix of long chain Hydrocarbons & Heptane can mix with this easily. I believe that because the Heptane is lighter than kerosene C7H14 compared to C12H24, it evapourates quicker in the large near empty Center Wing Tanks & thus the exposed TMA becomes explosive.
This explains in the early yrs of chemtrailing the explosions in CWTanks, & how now they are fitted with OBIGGS-on board inert gas generating system, which replaces the fuel vapour with inert Nitrogen gas,to replace oxygen filled air.
Jets fill their wing tanks first & then the CWtank. To take-off they use the wing tanks so in case of electric fuel pump failure, the engines are fed by gravity. Once cruising altitude is reached(long haul flights),the Centre Wing Tank is consumed, & then back to wing tanks for rest of journey.
This explains why chemtrails appear only at cruising altitude & not on the ground.
TWA 800 was in 1996, & recommendations from the investigation were OBIGGS.
Large jets flew for 20yrs previous with no explosions,relying on air breathers to displace fuel vapour.
TMA + Oxygen = Explosion TMA + Nitrogen = Nothing TMA mixes in HEPTANE & jet fuel next time long haul flight fills tank.


Sounds like some extremely interesting reporting, as I about dropped by cola reading about the top secret project that I worked on at Oak Ridge National Laboratory back in the mid 80s.

Now Snowden describes that work almost verbatim, and appears to have the documents to prove it all exists in the official files.

All I can say is that it all has needed to come out since the very origin for the project called Chemtrails.

Congratulations for exposing the project, as you have done mankind a good deed around the world.

I applaud you, Sir!


Very Few know this:

“Muad’Dib” is an allegorical signature word that connects back to Mason’s allegorical meanings involving pyramid base symbolism.

The chemtrails project was principally controlled by Masons involved in the National Security operations of the US.

Masons in the US cause a lot of trouble, and are right in the middle of the Southern Civil Rights issues that killed MLK. Prince Hall Masons were battling the Southern Scottish Rite Masons for their rights to equality.

Masons of the South were behind killing JFK. Just look at LHO’s controller in New Orleans. Guy Banister was a 33rd Mason and linked with Dallas and anti-Communist hate gone mad. 33rd Mason black-mailed LBJ onto the JFK ticket in 1960 working with HL Hunt and Morris Jaffe at the Los Angles Convention. Masons behind the assassination cover up were Allan Dulles, Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter, and Hoover himself. Hoover was bought at paid for by Mason Clint Murchison, as HL Hunt’s banker. Collectively the Masons are termed the Crooks in Oak Ridge and this is the group Oak Ridge sought to implement chemtrails projects.

That special key world unlocks a lot of Mason baggage in the national security business.

I suspect someone that knows the US National Security system tossed in this word “Muad’Dib”. Wiki ('Dib ) Defined as: “”In Dune, Herbert writes that the Fremen call the Muad’Dib mouse “instructor-of-boys.” Paul Muad’Dib[edit] In Dune, when Paul is accepted into the Fremen, he is given the secret “sietch name” (known only to his tribe) Usul, the Fremen word meaning “the base of the pillar.” “”

Which then links to Dune’s allegorical theme going back to Masons:

“”The Spacing Guild Are Possibly Freemasons

Just as the “great work” of the Masons was (possibly) enlightening individuals so that they could create a world freed from royal shackles, the great work of the Spacing Guild was transforming key individuals so that they could create a connected cosmos. The Guild navigators had their third eye – the Eye of Providence so often associated with Masonic symbolism – fully opened such that they could see the safe pathways through space, making instantaneous travel possible. Just as the new world of democracy and power in the hands of the many was possible only by the work of a few Masons in the American colonies (we’ll ignore the Greek version), and which later gave rise to one of the most bloodthirsty empires the world has ever known, so too was space travel made possible by the enlightened and mutated (or alchemically transformed) members of the Guild, which later led to the possibility of creating a bureaucratic and violent empire. “”


Most interesting—as that is a type speak that National Security folks well know and falls into the same genre as:

The Russians used to do this when going into interesting modes. One example was the Russian Red Mercury deal was the advertisement that Russia wanted to sell the US highly enriched uranium. That was allegorical speaking also, which all the National Security folks well understand when they see it.

I suspect someone behind this article knows much more.

I will toss out the details on the exact technology to which Snowden speaks. The Chemtrails using Civilian Jets is based upon Boron techniques in jet fuel and Boron based Biocides and Lubricity additives.

Boron burned in jet fuel at high altitude where the moisture in the air is very low makes Boron Nitride and Boric Oxide, both of which are hygroscopic and seed persistent clouds at the 35,000 ft level for aircraft. These clouds spread across the sky in the day and make the scattering shield that LLNL’s Ed Teller envisioned to keep down serious damage from climate change problems.

At lower altitudes the Boron in the Jet fuel gets burned with more moisture and thus more hydrogen in the burn, and this makes for generation of BH3 compounds of Boranes, and even Boric Acid. The Boranes are extremely toxic down to 1 uGr levels, and produce depression in those chronically exposed at low levels to chemtrail areas. The toxic releases are also connected with Bee Colony Collapse Disorder–CCD, and even Gulf War Syndrome as they used the Boron Biocide techniques there.

Chemtrials design criteria was drawn from the Aluminum Tetra-boride high energy fuel techniques that became popular after WWII. Wright-Patterson did a study on these fuels and found Boranes and the extreme toxicity that killed the projects. Standard Oil was even going to make a gas company called BORON to make these Boron enhanced fuels for cars. Borane issues killed that too, because it would have been much more deadly that leaded gasoline issues.

So, with Boron in the jet fuels in such wide use making chemtrails, these same Borane problems are coming on full speed ahead and making problems worse than leaded gasoline problems by orders of magnitude.

To find the secret for Civilian Airline Chemtrials look no further than the Biocide and Lubricity enhancer called BioBor, which contains Boron. It seeds hygroscopic materials (BN and B2O3) in the air at the same concentration levels that Langmuir designed silver iodide methods to seek clouds.

For anyone that knows the secrets of Civilian Airline chemtrails, this Snowden piece hit the nail right on the head.

So, hopefully Snowden will toss out some hard copy sometime soon and the world can get to forcing these issues into the open and perhaps putting some environmental criminals in jail.

No kidding? What about the reports that the main ingredient is nano-aluminum?

What was that about? Boron?

I realize the establishment controls the conversation, and will go to great lengths to prevent us from learning what it doesn’t want us to know.

We need to restore that old fashioned investigative journalism. On scene, we do get some still, but every evil idea the establishment comes up with, it’s printed as fact, to create the context for more war or another horrible government power.

Could you cite some of these alleged reports that the main ingredient is nano-aluminum? My research is complete but for this. Much obliged. Thanks so much.

So, Mr. Snowden,

I told a good bit on the chemtrail project, and if you want to dump the data to the news media that will earn you respect around the world. Mine also.

I will back you in all ways possible, because what they have done is criminal.

The best thing is a full release of these chemtrail issues, because it really is totally out of control and serious investigations need to be sought and crooks put in jail on these Environmental Crimes.

The Project needs to be under total openness to avoid serious abuse of secrecy for intense profiting.

I totally agree. Those would be the two reasons why “the Project needs be under total openness”, as you say.

Snowden should bury the 9/11 axe as well. I say give us something we don’t already know.

I know darn well that wasn’t dynamite that brought down the twin towers. I’ve used dynamite. Dynamite doesn’t get hot enough to ionize steel like that, much less even melt it. Building 7 looked like dynamite, but the twin towers looked nuclear. There is a secret bomb technology we don’t know about is what I suspect.

If the establishment wanted us to give NIST any credit with the “no explosives” collapse, that ignores the paths of least resistance, then they should not have blown every last bit to kingdom come exactly the same way twice. And later that day, Building 7, which did look like dynamite, albeit that would take serious rigging to achieve such a symmetrical demolition, was dug out and cleaned up first, fast, and gone… “because there were no bodies”… but what was the hurry? We have no evidence to examine…

If you want my educated guess, there were secret suit case nukes aboard the aircraft that hit the twin towers, and Building 7 was constructed with a “self destruct” engineered in from the start. After all it housed a CIA headquarters. My conjecture makes more sense than the NIST reports.

I will not venture to guess about JFK and the Warren Commission, but I suspect you’ve studied this, by all your “word salad” on the topic, but I will remark about our present Commie in Chief Obama, and what JFK told the press at the Waldorf/Astoria in NY on April 27, 1961… excerpt….”…we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy using covert means to expand it’s sphere of influence…” and in my mind, this commie we have in the Oval Office is exactly what JFK was talking about, and we now have the enemy in charge up close and personal?

Also JFK had signed an act to end the Fed, isn’t that right? Didn’t LBJ reverse it immediately when he gathered the reins?

Secretary of State Philander Knox committed fraud, and the establishment control of the media helped make the 16th amendment stick. We’re not supposed to have an IRS or a FED. We’re all living a lie.

And the establishment now sprays poison on us without our knowledge or consent!

Perhaps one of the publishers from Soviet Union has a conduit with Mr. Snowden, if so connect him to these comments. Mr. Snowden, You have the gold mine of hidden information on how the US has been taken over from within and find it all fowl and disgusting, which is a correct response. Perhaps you have discovered the principle corrupting influence of how the US National Security system was taken over from within, and I want to make sure you know this, because your life depends upon knowing this. The US National Security system was taken over by a Brotherhood that was loyal mostly to Imperialism’s interests. At the very heart of the US battle against Communism has always been those that support European Imperialism and their hidden agents are those that many don’t suspect. The hidden brotherhood basically controlled the Manhattan Project and NASA, and were highly centered in Texas history. They were tied to killing Abe Lincoln, Persons like FDR via slow metallic poisons and stress. FDR composed his 4 Freedom’s plan to be implemented to keep England from using WWII as a launch pad for even greater imperialism of the world via corporatism, big banking. and other methods of Royalist’s wealth controls. Unfortunately, when FDR was killed, Imperialists like Churchill won and took over via Truman’s associations. Then was born the CIA and Masonic Brother Allan Dulles backing Imperialists domination of the US and its intelligence services. What you read in the NSA gold mine was the results of 70 years of this growing worse. When we get to the JFK times, he was hated by the Texas Brotherhood, who backed putting LBJ into the VP slot, just in case they had to Abe Lincoln JFK with a shot in the head. Look that the Brotherhood controlled Lee Oswald via the Brother Guy Banister in New Orleans, and LHO knew way too much about the Masonic Brotherhood trying to kill JFK. Look at the Crooked Brotherhoods members on the Warren Commission: Mason Earl Warren, Mason Hoover supply the bogus LHO data, Mason Gerald Ford moving the bullet Hole, Mason Arlen Specter faking up a Magic Bullet, Mason Allan Dulles himself. The list goes on and on, and LHO connected with Mason Controlled Oak Ridge in July 1963. The Brotherhood of Oak Ridge knew LHO knew too much of how the brotherhood controlled US National Security, so they had to kill LHO. JFK was after Brotherhood alliances Bobby Bakes and LBJ connected with Mason Brotherhood in Houston called Lamar 8F group. This Southern Black hating Brotherhood went on to kill MLK in Memphis and RFK in Los Angeles as they both became threats to exposing the Brotherhood.

So, you need to be most aware of any Masons that get anywhere close to you because the ones in the National Security and Intelligence system will be very dangerous to you. The original Masons that founded the US, Washington, Jefferson and others, were of the opposition that opposed Imperialism and FDR was similar in opposition to Imperialism. Other Masons in the National Security system that rallied behind Dulles and his Imperialist Bankers of England became the opposition that sought Royalist’s Imperialism to counter Communism. The real fight between Communism and Capitalism is the fear that Communism will take away all the Royalists money and power to control counties via capitalism, corporatism, etc. The Brotherhood backed the Oxford England Scofield Bible, because it told of wars ahead and Imperialism needed wars to gain ground on Socialism. They then built Mega-Churches starting in Texas and HL Hunt’s church and gained greater ground sucking in religious followers to their game plan.

These are the factors that have taken over the US from within that began with a Brotherhood that back English Imperialism. While the USSR’s KGB blamed LBJ for killing JFK, those that killed JFK were the Brotherhood that controlled the Intelligence Services in the US via Brother Dulles, and a long list that took over the US from within afterwards. The Brotherhood used LHO to kill the Khrushchev and Eisenhower Peaceful Co-existence wants of the 50’s over the Gary Powers U-2 deal. They similarly went after JFK as he built a relationship with Khrushchev by going around the Brotherhood infiltrated US State Department. The very same Corrupt US state Department that FDR discovered was screwing him over on his plans to have Russia and the US partner with peaceful harmony efforts that were all part of FDR’s Four Freedom’s plans that included putting England under International oversight to control their wants for Imperialism and using WWII as a launch into greater NWO type control of the world.

Be mindful of how the NSA history that you found came to be and be mindful of any Mason Brotherhood controlled countries and those you allow to come near you.

So, just in case you did not know—-you now know exactly how the US has been taken over from within and just how things have come to the level of debauchery on intelligence matters of the US.

FDR and JFK were the people that tried to save the US Citizens from this terrible situation. And you are following in their footsteps, and the world may well grant you a Peace Prize, so keep teaching the world what has happened in the US.

Thank you for your contributions. I see the NASA documents that talk about boron also reference aluminum. It’s like big puzzle pieces fitting together.

I gathered my impression that the establishment is our enemy in a collection on my webpage. The establishment usurped our government in 1913.

We’ve been living a parade of establishment lies ever since is what I learned.

Look at the big picture …the plain obvious truth…. hospitals and nursing homes are filled to capacity due to car accidents,wars,natural disasters and diseases …millions of people are suffering and many people live in those institutions their entire life paralized in bed or painfully suffering every day wishing they were never born but they don’t have the courage to kill themselves. Over 10 million suicides occur every year world wide…10,000,000…[google it to see for yourself]..and it’s wrong that they had to be born to suffer in the first place. One third of the world population have no kids and want no kids because they realize reproduction and suffering is wrong. Ever since the world began the number of people severely suffering and suicides keeps multiplying larger every year and it can only continue to get worse.

Most people are born from teenage mothers who are too young to know about these facts and statistics and when they get older many of them realize they made a mistake by having kids in the first place because public schools and their pro-life parents never taught them about these facts. It’s like the blind leading the blind. It is now time to bring lawsuits to force the government to teach these facts to children in schools the same way lawsuits forced god and prayers out of public schools and abortion was legalized. If all these facts were taught in schools it would stop most of the reproduction. New lawsuits can also make it illegal to reproduce and illegal to use public medicaid and medicare to pay for infertility and pregnantcy medical services except abortion. If you do not believe in the abortion pill you should not have sex. Over 20 million abortions occur every year worldwide.

Pro-lifers only reproduce to satisfy themselves and they do not truly care how many people suffer in this world. No one has any right whatsoever to bring another human being into this world who did not ask to be born. If there is a god and if god created earth he certainly dose not need us humans to create other people ….he can create humans out of thin air or thru vigin mothers if he really wanted to the very same way the Christians claim that jesus was born. Psychologists say that religious and atheist pro-life people are insane confused people for forcing children into this world to suffer. Mental institutions and prisons are overflowing adding to the chaos. Live your own life instead of concerning yourself with reproducing other people. There is nothing…..absolutely nothing on earth that we need so why bring other people here to suffer for nothing. Many people especially the crippled and elderly who can not care for themselves are angry for being born and say they would never want to come back to this evil world even if there was no suffering on earth. Many pro-lifers give up their own pro-life beliefs once they start severely suffering themselves.

The next massive doomsday meteor that hits the earth will severely injur most of the world population causing even more widespread lifelong suffering and chaos. Man is flying rocket ships into outer space trying to live on other planets in his thrill seeking perverted search for materialistic glory but he is just waisting his time because where ever physical humans travel in the physical universe there will be physical suffering. Animals and humans are both driven by pre-programed reproductive genetic instinc which makes them think they have to reproduce. It is time in your life to evolve and realize that reproduction is not logical, fair, legal or moral regardless if god, alliens or evolution started life on earth and you must learn to control your reproduction instinc instead of instinc controling you. Teach your kids,grand kids and other people about all these undisputable facts. Many people are simply too dumb,confused or mentally retarded and will never stop reproducing even in china were reproduction is illegal. How many more suffering people and suicides have to occur before something is done to stop all reproduction because life is the ultimate cause for all suffering and suicides???

No intellegent civilization would allow its people to suffer due to insane pro-lifers. Eventually when enough intelligent people realize all these facts mankind will likely use it’s scientific technology to totally destroy this evil planet in one massive sudden explosion as the only painless way to totally stop all people from reproducing for the benefit of all humanity so no one including the pro-lifers will ever have to come here to suffer again. After the world ends the pro-lifers will never miss or know anything anyway. Pass this letter along to other people to direct them to this university graduate website at


All these facts and statistics should be taught to children in public schools before a child reachs reproduction age but its not taught because the pro-life government only wants children to know the good not the bad. Pro-lifers only reproduce to satisfy themselves and they do not truly care how many people suffer in this world. Most people are born from teenage mothers who are too young to know any better and when they get older many of them realize they made a mistake by having kids in the first place because public schools and their pro-life parents never taught them any better and the reproduction continues one generation after the next. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Children are legally entitled to be taught and know these facts therefore it is now time that we have to bring lawsuits to force the government to teach these facts to children in schools the same way lawsuits forced god and prayers out of public schools and abortion was legalized. If all these facts were taught in schools it would stop most of the reproduction. New lawsuits can also make it illegal to reproduce and illegal to use public medicaid and medicare to pay for infertility and pregnantcy medical services except abortion. If you do not believe in the abortion pill you should not have sex. Over 20 million abortions occur every year worldwide. If mothers truly love their children they would not bring their kids into this world of suffering and chaos.

No one has any right whatsoever to bring another human being into this world who did not ask to be born. If there is a god and if god created earth he certainly dose not need us humans to create other people ….he can create humans out of thin air or thru vigin mothers if he really wanted to the very same way the Christians claim that jesus was born. In the 12th centrury society killed Christians for having religious fantacy pro-life beliefs. Psychologists say that pro-life people are insane confused people. Mental institutions and prisons are overflowing adding to the chaos. Live your own life instead of concerning yourself with reproducing other people. There is nothing…..absolutely nothing on earth that we need so why bring other people here to suffer for nothing. We deserve a perfect world …or no world at all. Many people especially the crippled and elderly are angry for being born and say they would never want to come back to this evil world even if there was no suffering on earth. Many pro-lifers give up their own pro-life beliefs once they start severely suffering themselves.

The next massive meteor that hits the earth will severely injur most of the world population causing even more widespread suffering and chaos. Man is flying rocket ships into outer space trying to live on other planets in his thrill seeking perverted search for materialistic glory but he is just waisting his time because where ever physical humans travel in the physical universe there will be physical suffering. Animals and humans are both driven by pre-programed reproductive genetic instinc which makes them think they have to reproduce. It is time in your life to evolve and realize that reproduction is not logical, fair, legal or moral regardless if god, alliens or evolution started life on earth and you must learn to control your genetic reproduction instinc instead of instinc controling you. Teach your kids,grand kids and other people about all these undisputable facts. Many pro-lifers are simply too dumb or mentally retarded and will never stop reproducing even in china were reproduction is illegal. How many suffering people and suicides have to occur before mankind dose somthing to stop the reproduction because life is the ultimate cause for their suffering and suicides??? Eventually when enough intelligent people realize all these facts revolution will occur and mankind will find a way to totally destroy this evil planet of genetic reproduction as the only way to totally stop all the reproduction so no one including the prolifers will ever have to come to this world of suffering and suicide again. This is the only solution for the benefit of all humanity. After the world ends the pro-lifers will never miss or know anything anyway. Pass this letter along to other people to direct them to this university graduate website at

Its all satans game he want you to die before you know the truth so you will be with him in hell. The governments have two faces not trust worthy for me.

The author could make up anything he wants and the bored with life readers would believe it. My daughter sent this to me….I’m trying to educate her. The more crap out there…..the dumber the kids become.

I feel truly sorry for everyone who reads anything on this website and actually believes it. I implore you to get psychiatric help.

Does anyone out there have proof that this US Military operation of spraying the skies is being directed into the airstream up above the 60% latitude. This is very possible that this could cause enormous amounts of snow and devastating weather in countries above the 60% latitude. Why is the Military so desperate to run flights all night long. I am seeing the spraying at all times of the night, in addition to day time. Something looks and smells fishy. This is a Military operation, and we a in a war game with Russia right now. This could be part of the new war game.

Well, this is a new and insightful development. What latitude are you at making these observations? You are probably right about the war game with Russia…. did you read Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Valdai Club, Sochi City, 24 October 2014? Wow! He and I have the same birthdate, BTW. He’s a Libran, so that’s something to bear in mind. Did you see what I did there?

All you have to do is observe. Living in NM I saw the clear blue skies turn to a hazy fog repeatedly with strange iridescent clouds forming. Now I look at the sky all the time. Some days they take a break and others they spray in certain parts of the town. In Austin it is almost daily. There is a big difference between the con and the chem trail, biggest hidden program in plain view.

All this geoengineering and chemtrail activism is based on the (false) idea that all contrails must dissipate in a few seconds, and those that don’t aren’t contrails.
If there is already too much moisture in the air, contrails can’t dissipate. These are called persistent contrails. When the air is of sufficiently high Relative Humidity the condition is called ice-supersaturated.
That is why some contrails do not dissipate in a few seconds.

Dude, I live in Evergreen Colorado. And it’s freaking beautiful up here when they just leave well enough alone. On top of that, I’m fully aware of how absolutely deadly these chem trials are!

Plus “global warming” is a myth. If it were true, why is it that all subsequent planets in our solar system are also heating up at the very same time?

It’s actually a sun cycle and NASA, major corporation and the insider government knows this is 100% true!

Between decomposing matter, animals, volcano’s and dozens of other natural carbon creating properties of the planet… We as humans barely scratch a mere percent of the overall release of carbon into the atmosphere.

Wake up people, they’re just straight up liars and they simply can not be trusted. I agree with all the petitions and demonstrations out there that reveal this plot to cause ecosystem harm to our planet!

-Honorable Nate

Well then, do we continue standing in our yards and watch these things take place, OR do we, the thousands of citizens, put a stop to it !! Step away from the laptop and tv and get something done. Talk is not going to stop this !!

uhhhh Im in love with the kool-aid…in love with the kool-aid.

Yet the life expectancy has risen consistently over the last 100+ years. Yup they are trying to kill us alright.

May I just say what a comfort to discover an individual who really
knows what they’re discussing over the internet. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it
important. More and more people ought to check this out and understand this side of your
story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular given that you certainly have
the gift.

Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this website.
It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and appearance.
I must say you have done a amazing job with this.
Also, the blog loads super fast for me on Firefox. Outstanding Blog!

Great article hope that the harmful chemicals in chem trails are removed sounds more like a terrorist attack being inflicted upon the people through rouge forces.

After being exposed to all these posts from people who obviously don’t have the sense God gave a screwdriver, but are totally convinced they understand the world they live in, I’m almost afraid to go outside again. I mean, these are the people around us, everywhere, wherever we go. Incredible. Just incredible that so much complete ignorance exists in what otherwise appears to be just the normal population.

You people are amazing….completely unable to voice a coherent thought, and completely willing to believe the vast amount of BS everywhere on the internet. I wish you all the luck getting through your conspiracy-laced lives…you’re gonna need it.

I’m thrilled that the conversation about chemtrails is becoming mainstream. I’m 68 years of age, and can say they did not exist until the past few decades. I work outside and observe the sky on most days. I started noticing the trails several years ago and wondered what was going on. At first I thought it was some kind of new fuel the Jets were using. Then I realized that it wasn’t coming from passenger planes, but was being emitted by smaller jets. It’s always surprised me that no one seemed to notice, or care, when I pointed them out. I couldn’t understand why people weren’t at least curious what was going on right over their heads. Now I know that many people are resigned. They don’t like what’s happening, they just feel there’s nothing they can do about it. Personally, I sometimes feel absolute rage when I watch my brilliantly blue day being sprayed into a washed out milky white; nearly every day. The contrasting deep, deep blue of an un-sprayed day is proof positive, to me, of human manipulation.
I remember years ago when scientists first discovered and warned about the “hole in the ozone” which caused concern about “the greenhouse effect”. We don’t hear anything about that anymore.

Just wondering if anyone remembers the commercial (from the 70s)how “its not nice to fool mother nature”? LOL Fast forward to now the repercussions b/c of this, whats to come? They may think they know but at one time or another they have been known/proven to be wrong. Just something else to think about.

Orgonite replaces negative energy for positive energy. There are plenty of websites and people on you tube that explain in detail how to make chem busters and cloudbusters out of orgonite.

Orgonite chem busters dissipate chem trails.

Check it out on youtube.

“Orgonite chem busters dissipate chem trails.”
No they don’t! Orgonite is imaginary. There is no polarity to energy.

The trails are jet exhaust condensation trails or aerodynamic condensation trails. They are ice clouds. Ice.

Austin and Marsden are so full of Poo Poo. Marsden keeps you on a hook like a flailing fish just to play you for along time.
Austin on the other hand has not figured out what Fall out is. Some days you look at the Air Atmosphere from a higher altitude and it looks like a thick fog. BS it passes over you without coming down on you. There are so many shills out there that try to discredit what is so obvious to the eye. Never have I saw so much Air Traffic over the Central Ontario area ever before in my life. I’m old and this didn’t happen when I was younger. Well it probably did, but not like it is now. We are being slowly killed. There is no denial in my mind that this project “NWO” is in place and has been for some time.
Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to hide. Just keep watching everyone die from Cancer or some other disease. Also the ongoing storms and flooding.
Con-Trails are real though. Real to the Con-Artists that keep pushing them. It’s real shitt’y to see that Spray Crap above your heads.

I believe I saw a chemtrail in January, I stared into the sky and saw it just understood it better from the radio and internet today.
Be warned Snowden had access to classified files and data.
I live in Kenya by the way.

fantastic issues altogether, you simply won a emblem new reader.
What would you recommend in regards to your post that you simply made some days in the
past? Any positive?

This story sounds like a propaganda cover for what is most likely really happening.

Heres an explanation you can discard as soon as you finish reading it too.

#1 its for population control, and to get aluminum into as many brains as possible, ala Alzheimer’s to make us into zombies. #2 somebody has never seen the photos of the inside of the spray planes, the ingredients have nothing to do with jet fuel, except using a whole lot of it to put them up there. That part of the story seems like disinformation.

#3 heres one you’ll never believe: ever wonder why we never heard anything else since the story broke about disappearing ozone? Why would it really stop disappearing with thousands of ultra-hot jet engines and the occasional rocket burning up oxygen in the atmosphere? So, if we are burning up oxygen faster than it gets made (rainforest depletion included) do you think the ozone would give up even more oxygen molecules, and NOT disappear?

Furthermore, without enough ozone layer, the earth would cook without chem trails. Maybe that is the “benevolent” reason for chem trails, no more ozone layer? Ever hear about how the sun used to be considered yellow, but now is white, along with increasing uv levels? Avoid too much sunlight, by the way, and do not use chem-lotions.

There is an agenda to destroy not only people, but the earth as well, and this should be fairly obvious because there are so many signs of it. No, we are not safe. Who’s agenda is it really?

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet. I have 30 years experience in the weather business. This includes professional weather observing, and atmospheric profiling at many locations in North America.

Firstly, aircraft contrails are quite noticeable and persistent in certain atmospheric conditions. This is nothing new.

What you are seeing “most of the time” at high altitude are contrails (mainly ice crystals …and possibly super-cooled water droplets) formed by the jet engine exhaust from aircraft.

The exhaust provides water vapor (a normal combustion product) and condensation nuclei for the formation of ice crystals (and possible super-cooled water droplets). The persistence, shape, and extent of these ice crystals depends on the following : air temperature, vertical temperature profile, atmospheric pressure at the specific altitude, and the vapor pressures of both ice and liquid water.

I am not aware of any widespread, sustained program of spraying chemicals, with the exception of cloud seeding. Much of this has been experimental. If any aircraft were releasing fine particles of aluminum over wide areas, this would likely cause big problems with radar (weather radar, defense radar, navigational radar, etc.)

Cloud seeding to create rain or prevent rain is normally performed on lower to mid level clouds, and convective clouds (Towering Cu, Cumulonimbus). Cloud “seeding” can also be used to prevent large hail from falling in order to prevent crop and property damage.

Silver iodide, Potassium iodide, dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), and liquid propane, which expands into a gas, are also used. The use of hygroscopic materials, such as table salt, is becoming more popular.

Could silver iodide cause health problems ? Yes, in large quantities, but not in situations where it is used for cloud seeding.

Silver iodide can cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury to humans with intense or continual exposure. Several detailed ecological studies have shown negligible environmental and health impacts.The toxicity of silver and silver compounds (from silver iodide) was shown to be of low order in some studies. These findings likely result from the minute amounts of silver generated by cloud seeding, which are about one percent of industry emissions into the atmosphere in many parts of the world.

Do contrails affect the weather ? That is a more useful question. There doesn’t need to be any added chemicals involved here except exhaust water vapour and carbon particles ! Normal, everyday, contrails DO have an impact on the weather, and have been doing so for years in jet traffic areas where they are common and persistent enough. This is no secret, as there has been a demonstrated change to the climatology of Africa.

Here is an interesting web site to look at. While I don’t believe 100% of the information shown, (the images provided by a “former meteorologist at the Ontario Weather Service” appear fake) for the most part it does present a realistic and balanced view.

The recognition now that jet contrails have always had a role in changing the weather is being embraced by some organizations as a way to mitigate the effects
of “global warming”. And surprise, there is money to be made here as well.

Remember the quote “The only thing we have to fear is…”?

That is the truth. I was raised to believe that anything that a billion people believe is probably a lie. Because the world hates the truth. And fools make the world go round. The truth is both boring and unappealing. Hence the reason why so many live in fiction and fantasy. People worship fakery. They worship each other like gods. You want the truth? Even though the poison in the sky is just that and nothing else. Man does not have the power to transform the atmosphere long term. Thats why they would have to constantly spray. The Earth is ALIVE. it knows what it needs. And it acts accordingly to fix what is wrong. Leave it alone.

kill all gov
kill em all
its the only way we will ever see justice in our lives.
Our kids will never know what the USA used to be….
lies google is nsa
lies lies death to all gov

I am contacting concerned individuals with websites, blogs or newsletters that are trying to reach and inform others about the poisons in our environment such as Vaccines, Fluoride, Glyphosate (Roundup) and Chemtrails.

Many of us have read about the adverse health effects from the toxins in our environment, witnessed friends or family with vaccine damaged children, experienced the forced dosing of fluoride in our drinking water, polluted by the Roundup sprayed on our food and been subject to the poisoning of air, soil and water by the chemtrails laced with alluminium, barium, strontium and bio-organisms.

I would like to share this information with you about some products that have been recently developed specifically for detoxing from these poisons. They are a safe and reliable method for removing these specific toxins from the body, allowing the immune system to reset itself and restore optimum health. All of the products are backed and supported by a qualified Practitioner who is available for consultation as required.

Please have a look at my website and read about the detox kits. Maybe there is someone you know that could benefit from them and could pass the info onto, so they can get help.

I have tried very hard to keep the price of the detox kit as low as absolutely possible without compromising the pure quality. This way it will hopefully get to as many individuals as possible.

Thank you so much for your time. I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to get this information out to people that need the help.

Best regards,


Your liver and kidneys are your own personal detox equipment. You don’t need anything else. If you suspect you have poor kidney or liver function, you should see your family doctor, not buy some potion from the Internet.

By the way, chemtrails are not real. No, they are actually misidentified persistent contrails. Contrails can’t dissipate in a high relative humidity environment; that is why they persist. Simples.

Snowden and Assange are agents. Guess who is Assange lawyer? The personal Rothchild family lawayer…. Cheamtrails are not to protect the USA from weather…. Snowden gives some little truth baits then add lies and distortions..

Look up on youtube Morgellons and Cheamtrail german scientist.

Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and
tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog
posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal
with the same subjects? Thank you so much!

Here is one biblical truth. Jesus, in Matthew 24:21, said that the end times would be “more horrible than they have ever been in the history of the world.” These are only the beginnings of sorrows.

I have another thing to say about this. One anonymous person said that chemtrails are a hoax. Really. Here in Denver I have witnessed with my own eyes a trail that was sprayed from a plane that stretched from the eastern horizon all the way across the sky to the mountains on the west. What person believes that this is some natural contrail? I have seen trails that I watch being released from a plane to the sky. I will look up and see it a half hour later, an hour later, and after time it spreads out and almost looks like a cloud. Come on people. What makes you people think they do not want us dead? That is all of us. Your defense of them will not keep them from wanting to kill you.

Pete, What makes you think that a sprayed substance will do all that and condensed and frozen water (ice cloud) cannot?
Most of the water in a persistent condensation trail (by a ratio of 10,000:1) comes from the environment. Did you know that?

This is the perfect site for anyone who wants to understand this topic.
You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that
I actually will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic which has been written about for a long time.
Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

These chemtrails do control our weather. It is their “crown jewel” because they do other things with the chemtrails as well. They can hide so many things and situations from us. They can “cloud” our judgment and effect our moods. They begin their show by hazing out our sun. Then they fly in a very mechanical way and deliberately draw Xs in the sky. Then I will watch them and see the trails spread out into clouds. The funny thing is that if they were trying to make it cooler in the winter to benefit the effects of global warming, then to me; clouds would be the last thing you would create as they actually serve as a blanket and actually warm up the atmosphere. There is a lot more to this story; I can assure you of that. I live in the country and I see five jets. These ARE NOT commercial airlines, and they are working to cover up something that they want obscured from view.

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my opinion, snowden is an obama mole. they sent him to russia to spy for obama, and lie..dane wigington knows chemtrails are dangerous to our trees our lives and to our earth! i thought he was an honest whistle blower till i saw what he said of chemtrails. i guess he is controlled by the democrats and soros..

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Appreciating the persistence you put into your website and detailed information you
provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while
that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your
RSS feeds to my Google account.

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your
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Well I’d rather read the comments here by the tinfoil complusive OL gambling crowd than have someone force me at gun point to read Barrest Brown”s AMA on reddit.


Geo-engineering is real, folks.
I am one of those happy-go-lucky guys who figured conspiracy theories were related to mental health issues.
Since Malthus, social engineers have sought to regulate the population by any means available.
Following World War Two, groups like the Club of Roman began to promote global population control. The “ideal” limit for human population should stop at 500 billion. To achieve that goal we would have to eliminate over 7 billion people.
The ruling elite does not like us, they want us dead.

Geo-engineering is real, folks.
I am one of those happy-go-lucky guys who figured conspiracy theories were related to mental health issues.
Since Malthus, social engineers have sought to regulate the population by any means available. Following World War Two, groups like the Club of Rome began to promote global population control and a consensus was reached that the “ideal” limit for human population is 500 million.
To achieve that goal we would have to eliminate over 7 billion people. The ruling elite does not like us, they want us dead.
Note: Please remove my previous letter due to errors I have corrected here.

Oh God. I don’t know what to do as I have a lot of of work to do next week summer. Plus the university exams are nearing, it will be a disaster. I am already freaking out maybe I should source to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

6 over middle of south australia today 2018-01-02 – at least 4 yesterday and – some over top of clouds early in the mornig last week… no flight paths here normally… AND all my bees have fucked off somewhere.!!!!

First of all Obama when did Obama start telling the truth. He is the worst president we ever had. I wouldn’t want to be him on judgment day. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.Sal

SO – It must be really easy to make up your mind — ASK YOURSELF – When you were a kid and saw airliners flying overhead, Did you ever remember seeing trails that went from one horizon to another and stuck in the air for hours later ???? – COME oN ___WHAT are U AFRAID OF?? — ARE we all that STUPID??

You may not remember (or had noticed) but many others did.
The trails are contrails. They can’t dissipate if the air is too humid.
Look up “contrails +ice-supersaturated”.
Learn something you don’t already know.
Thanks for not spreading bullshit anymore.

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There is a ruse going on, as CO-2 is only a dodge story to protect the nuclear weapons complex. The real cause for GW is based in FREON that upset the Ozone Levels and began UV-b,c radiation of the Earth that has now killed some 40 percent of ocean phytoplankton that made DMS and DMSO that made clouds over oceans to keep them cool and convert CO-2 to O2 reliably.

Many things happened as DuPont that made the FREON was a Manhattan Project contractor that said FREON was safe, but it was not safe as it killed the Ozone Layer setting of plant species extinctions and serious problems with ocean phytoplankton to the point that it was a Revelations type prediction come true that needed immediate action.

Lawrence Livermore had Ed Teller who proposed an Aluminum Sky Shield to offset the heat of the Sun on the planet a few percent, but the Aluminum was toxic to have rain out around the world and the expense was huge to set that up. So, a Research Engineer at Oak Ridge came up with with a much safer and less costly idea of using Commercial Jet Planes to do the Job of Making a Sky Shield at cruise altitudes of Jet Planes around the world each day to reflect heat from the water vapor of the planet that was 98 percent lower in altitude of these Jets.

The idea was feasible and won the Oak Ridge National Lab’s “Significant Event Award” back in the late 80s. ORNL was managed by the largest defense contractor in the US—Martin-Marietta, and the award was presented by Ray Wiltshire. The invention employed adding a catalyst to commercial and military standard jet fuels to generate non-toxic hygroschopic seeds to soak up the water vapor in the Jet’s Exhaust plume to build long lasting clouds that looked like condensate trails that never dissipated until well into the night as in the day attenuated the Sun’s IR heat radiation on the Earth’s water vapor atmosphere by 3% and so manage the Global Warming problems due to the loss of DMSO from Ocean Phytoplankton damage by UV-b,c radiation.

Net result is the serious damages to the world by Manhattan Project’s DuPont could be averted and it even tossed .out that CO-2 was the real problem to mislead all on the planet as to why Global Warming was an issue. Yet, the real science has well established that water vapor is the largest of the IR absorption factors for the Sun’s heating of the atmosphere and that heating lowers the ability of the Oceans to absorb CO-2 and process it back into O2 by Phytoplankton. So, the Govt played dodge the truth to protect nuclear weapons needed FREON to Enrich Uranium to make bombs via the gas diffusion process used by the US Dept of Energy.

This doped fuel process was built into the JP-8 fuel standard in the Early 90s and that began the Jet Planes making persistent chemical catalysist methods to make high altitude lingering Jet Trails of water aerosol clouds to reflect a portion of the Sun’s IR heating back into space and keep the 98 Percent of the Planets heat absorbing water vapor at the lower altitudes a bit cooler. This method also had the benefit that these clouds would fall down after the Sun’s heat was blocked from the Night Skies and open up Black Body radiation of heat back into space in the night, then start the process all over the next day via daily jet traffic around the world.

Since this method was invented at ORNL, it has been termed by many to be the Manhattan Project II due to its world wide magnitudes to limit Earth’s Warming Globally. The catalyst used were calcium compounds that collected CO-2 in the Engine Exhaust to form anhydrous calcium carbonate seeds that are hygroscopic and seed the Engine’s Water Vapor emissions into persistent and lingering clouds or water aerosol clouds to reflect about 3 percent of the Sun’s heat back into space during the days and then the clouds fall out of the very thin atmosphere during the night to allow Black Body radiation of Earth’s heat into space at night. It was a huge improvement over the Ed Teller’s Aluminum Sky Shield idea as it was much less cost, worked better, not toxic, and could be adjusted or ended at any time, and the serious problems of Global Warming being treated without too much public attention. However, such visible methods took a great amount of denials by the DOE and the US Govt that did not want the world to know that making Nuke Weapons came at a terrible negative cost to the world via Dupont’s FREON screw ups that began with the DOE Gas Diffusion Operations, as the DOE was the largest industrial users of FREON and had to take the blame for the problems.

What the Military Industrial establishment is all worried about is that the so called Chemtrail Cloud making system method is very related to controlling what is basically connected to the End-Times Prophecy for large scale environment damage issues and serious ocean, weather, and quake effects.

As such the story of Jesus’s return via the clouds is associated and they are very worried this project’s inventor will be considered as Jesus Return or Jesus reincarnate and that if that happens it would change the entire political and power control of the planet will change, And that the Project’s Inventor will expose all the health effects cover ups of the US from SV-40 and how that connected with Lee Oswald and the need of Oak Ridge to have JFK killed via the Atomic Energy Act’s detail on any and all measures can be use to insure the production of nuclear weapons.

Everything from the huge cover ups and classification of Nuclear workers sicknesses, via the Atomic Energy Act’s need to insure nuclear weapons, to the murder of JFK over the classified SV-40 issues are subjects that the inventor knows all to well. That same system was used to cover up the chemtrails invention and use.

So, if the Oak Ridge story or history for the chemtrails invention comes out that the inventor will be seen as a 2nd coming and the power of his knowledge on the nuclear problems and cover up with be read in world news.

The Spin offs of chemtrails were inclusion of HAARP and military weather control, and the leader of that Project has the nickname of “Yoda” from the Movie “Star Wars”, as these methods largely become connected with Star Wars as it superseded Edward Teller’s Star Wars ideas on multiple levels. Obviously, the inventor’s nickname is closely associated with Jesus’s return via the invention of special methods to limit End-Times Prophecy type world damage.

As the public makes these associations, heads will roll around the system that become very sinister, as to warrant the 2nd coming.

@ Anon its not the WHITE MAN its the KIKES !! ASHKENAZI = JEW !!! you are easy to brainwash arnt you? what a cheap shot.
and dont worry Ross dosnt work for militia complex he´s just an average internet paid troll.
the goverment only hire such lowlifetrolls but dosnt means he´s part of the big picture.
ross is a try hard inbred shill nothing else.
a pure laughing stock in our community.
dont feed the troll. left him alone this sodomite pedophilia definding faggit
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they “believed” that the climate could become out of control so they decided to spray the entire world. and apparently prevision about activity of the sun were inverted. stupid fucking mad men at the top of a stupid fucking pyramid. this society should collapse it was predictable anyway…

That humidity amospheric jargon is false. I’ve seen the normal contrails of airlines and the x shape patterns of chemtrails in the sky at the same time. There is a cover-up. Another, so-called conspiracy-the government would deny is, why did our United States government hand out free phones and erect cell towers- some disguised as trees and so forth. Unless they have a less than benevolent agenda?

May 25, 2021
The evil motherfuckers are spraying the shit out the skies in Connecticut. Line after line after line. Sick of it! A pox on the pilots willing to poison their fellow citizens. Traitors, one and all. Don’t give me a word of ‘just following orders’. Fuck off!

These trails are condensation trails and are not intentional.

Here’s the science. Water in the exhaust comes out of the engine as invisible vapor. Then, as it mixes with the cold environment air it condenses and freezes and you have a visible trail. 

If the environment at flight level is dry with low relative humidity, the ice quickly evaporates and the trail disappears. 

However, if the environment at flight level is humid and with a high relative humidity,  the ice can’t evaporate. It can last many hours. The cloud eventually morph into cirrus indistinguishable from naturally formed cirrus.

Chemtrails are real the intended purpose is multiple The idea is to alter the weather so the population will accept carbon tax because it will save the world..FALSE we need carbon to survive we do NOT NEED TO COOL the earth…nothing I mean NOTHING GROWS IN ICE! If temperatures rise we are way better off than cooling…starvation is the main thing the Tribe wants depopulation…brought on by famine …they want the whole world…depopulation by ANY MEANS…LGBTQ have very few children, abortion .drug use,fertility blocking 🚫 vaccines, slow kill vaccines, destruction of nuclear family, encouraging people to not reproduce, endless wars and CHEMTRAILS ARE THE ENDGAME..WAKE UP

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