STRATFOR Documents reveal NDAA designed to combat Occupy Wall Street

Unlawful arrest! Unlawful arrest!

NEW YORK–New evidence uncovered by the recent STRATFOR hack, which sparked an Anonymous civil war, suggests that NDAA was passed so quickly specifically out of fear that Occupy Wall Street would become a violent revolution.

In this leaked e-mail the STRATFOR analyst writes, “[…] The Occupy Movement is extremely dangerous […] if they continue to refuse conforming to the established political process,” and chillingly, “NDAA should be immediately passed as quietly as possible so these groups can be dealt with cleanly.”

If you are associated with the Occupy Movement, now would not be a good time to buy a gun. In fact, now would not be a good time to have your face seen at any Occupy-related event. The federal government has decided that Occupy is a threat, and now it has the right to indefinitely detain you without charge. Some remaining Occupations have already drawn up plans to keep an ongoing roster of participants at each location, in fear that they will become a class of political prisoners.

One group contacted us on Thursday, with concerns about an especially extreme group of Occupants from Oakland who were setting up an Occupy training camp in Death Valley. According to our source, Occupy Oakland has been unable to contact a single member of the Death Valley camp for at least a week, who have been likely detained under the NDAA provision allowing indefinite detention of civilians without trial.

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    1. Again… thats not the actual text. Its a copy/paste. We want to see the EXACT text from the Strat doc. Where in the original released document are these words indicating OWS as a danger?

  1. You want me to give you the original document. Sorry I did not hack Stratfor so this isn’t possible. To see the document on pastebin, you can also click in the link provided in the news story we are both commenting on.

  2. Don’t flatter yourselves thinking that NDAA was passed because they are worried about the Occupy Movement. The NDAA is just part of the puzzle for the NWO. The U.N.’s Agenda 21. If you are not familiar with it Google it.

    If you are a Far Left Wing Environmentalist, a fascist or communist you will love that shit.

    If you value your personal freedoms, not so much.

    Obama is more concerned with Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights so the NDAA along with the FEMA Prison Camps are have been updated.

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