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Are Occupy Wall Street, Antisec, and Anonymous losing relevance?

New Anonymous is the new old Anonymous. @lowercaseanonymous ftw

We haven’t tried much, and it has all failed. Overlapping values, trending #revolution on Twitter, video evidence of wrongdoing – could not rescue our society from the bonds of greed, nor could it free us from tyranny. Peacefully.

In fact, a year later, we are less free. Every privilege we assumed was a right, and every ounce of security we felt buckled under the pressure of a thousand guns turned on 100,000 protesters, peace taken by force, and won’t be returned. Peacefully.

Anonymous could barely turn out a swastiget in Habbo Hotel, forget a fucking legitimate protest. These kids are young, mad, and they just barely know why. Scientology? If you want to protest a dangerous, dehumanizing cult responsible for the embezzlement and conning billions out of innocent people, why don’t you protest “Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and all the other evangelists who save.” Pick any branch of Christianity and you’ll find a more rampant, systematic con-job operation than Scientologists, in all their scientific wizardry, could invent.

Protesting at Wall Street proved, once and for all, that no amount of begging will dry up the greed overabsorbed into the sopping wet hearts of corporate American CEOs, bank presidents and politicians. Protesting the federal government without ten million dollars is like showing up to Wal-Mart without ten dollar bills. If you want something, be ready to spend. That’s Lesson Number One.

Lesson Number Two: In 1976, Buckley v. Valeo decided spending money on campaign contributions is free speech. Did a panel of judges, thoughtful men of experience and wisdom, really not stop to consider, “If spending money is free speech, then isn’t absence of money the absence of speech?” Alas, whether they did or did not dissent is yesterday’s question; now, more than ever, politicos are in the pockets of corporations, financial schemers and worst of all – bankers.

The conditional response to force, is sooner or later, going to be force. I am not condoning violence, but I see us going down that road – once the fragile computer geeks and straight women get out of the way, of course. Then, there’ll be true change. When men own men again, there’ll be revolt.

So what if Occupy Wall Street “opened the dialog” like it didn’t already exist in print. The Occupy movement was misrepresented in television, we all know it was, so stop watching television. They’re the ones you’re protesting, you stupid fucks!

#OWS was a “test run” for what, exactly? Future failures, or the police? Because I look at the police, and they got their exercise, alright. Every precinct near a medium-sized city got to play with a bunch of new toys and spray neat and interesting colors into people’s faces. People who just sat there. On a sidewalk. On phones. Shit, there were so many consumers at this anti-corporate protest, anybody old enough to remember the 70s is hard-pressed to see what is the matter with those rich kids on TV, getting maced and beaten.

#Antisec, trying really hard to attach to our anti-banking, anti-finance sentiments, is making up hacks and reaching for literally anything that makes them look rebellious, even the names of innocent, elderly citizens. No thanks, Sabu, I already have a phone book. Also, I should direct your attention to what I thought was an obvious fact: that you’re doing a valuable free service to the shit-eating 1% out there who couldn’t be hassled to pay experts to ensure the protection of their own customers data.

“Great vulnerability checking! I’ll write the check out to Anonymous.”

-CEO, Bank of Unfairica

The status quo is, in and of itself, cancer. Therefore Antisec is AIDS, Anonymous is cancer, and the Occupy movement will be a time on which we look back and say, “Damn, I should have stood up and hit that motherfucker back.”

[ Editor’s Note: Antisec was barely worth mentioning, and Old Brutus is an asshole for doing so. However their decline signals the disappearance of the last substantial online collective. The Antisec movement, having departed from LulzSec, is no longer funny, and in fact pointlessly contrary to their purported goals of creating instability by attacking networks. ]

6 replies on “Are Occupy Wall Street, Antisec, and Anonymous losing relevance?”

From the article:

Let me illustrate the gravity of this situation. When these kinds of laws have been passed and a couple of people have been disappeared, if you see a couple of police coming for you, the logical thing to do is to simply kill them from a distance.

Thanks. That guy is spooked.

Old Brutus hit this one on the head, “The Occupy movement was misrepresented in television, we all know it was, so stop watching television. They’re the ones you’re protesting, you stupid fucks”
No fucking shit, why the hell do these people help with the corporate media propaganda? Sometimes its word for fucking word. All media is spin and these retired generals you see are not retired at all you dumb fucks. Talk about brainwashed, come on guys wake the fuck up well you?
Look I’m 51 years old and I remember the 60’s and they were protesting Ronald Reagan back then and he turned out to be fucking president. what the fuck is that? This guy made George W. Bush look like a fucking nuclear scientist. Just this last summer they put a statue of him in the UK & people here in america want to put his face on mount rushmore & the five dollar bill.
On top of that before Reagan there was Dick Nixon who Secretary of state was Henry Kissinger, now this was in the early 70’s. Do you know this guy is still advising your leaders today? And its fucking 2012! Oh yes he is too so Google it or just read about the so called terrorist attack in India at the Taj Mahal Hotel on Nov 27, 2008. Do you know who left there one or two hours before that went down? Yes Henry Fucking Kissinger. Read Christopher Hitchens book on him to see what a nice person he is.
My point? well all this flower power shit didnt work then and its not working now. Like Old Brutus wrote,”In fact, a year later, we are less free” I do not want people killing each other in the streets but that is coming sooner or later trust me. and some say thats what they want, I’m starting to believe it by the shit their doing to us.
They just do what ever they want and no one says a word. They put us all in groups to divide us and we all went like good little sheep to our own little groups. When they pick on one group the other groups do not care because its not their group. It is a easy plan but it works. Anyone talks of peace they get a punch in the face or mace and stunned gunned and others sit by and watch it go down. some say Gandhi was for peace and protested peacefully well they better watch the movie Gandhi again.
You people are crying about Syria when the same thing would go down here if you stepped out of bounds. If you think thats a lie then have 100 people step over the ropes and walk where you want to protest and see what big brother does to you. Or think about this, people have been killed in america over parking tickets and less.
Want to see what true brothers do when one is in trouble? watch this and try to think of it when your out there with your sign saying we are the 99% and their kicking the shit out of someone.
We “ALL” walk back to the road free or we dont walk back at all. We do not ever leave anyone behind or stand by when one is getting beat up. They beat one of us then they have to beat the rest of us too. They arrest us then we fight it all they way and fill their courts up with tens of thousands of cases. We never take a plebargen, no we fight, we fight, WE FIGHT!
P.S. I was joking, lets just do what they tell us, come on guys they do know better then us (¦-}>

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