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Tea Party Nation exercises fascist control of information

Tea Party Nation was recently raided by Anonymous and thousands of Tea Party Cultists found themselves viewing NSFW porn and gore. Since then, their “Forum,” which actually consists entirely of threads by Judson Phillips, has clamped down on the free expression of outsiders.

Listed specifically as satire and entirely relevant to the conversation, links to Chronicle.SU led to the banning of Kilgore Trout from Tea Party Nation’s fascist forum. No abuse took place on the part of Trout.

Free Speech is not one of the platforms of the Tea Party. The Tea Party has been known to side with Chronicle.SU in criticizing the Left’s attacks on free speech, but their anti-satire stance has rewarded Tea Party Nation moderators with the honorary title of Hypocrites.

The Tea Party Nation’s behavior is nothing short of Fascism. Invoking the threat of Anonymous was all it took for the moderators to seize complete control over all ideas that are put forth on their “Forum.” The fact that nearly 99% of threads are written by the founder of Tea Party Nation speaks for itself~Kilgore Trout

8 replies on “Tea Party Nation exercises fascist control of information”

The Tea [Corporate] Party didn’t get where they are today by being open-minded. Fascism and groupthink have propelled them to great success – defined previously no better than by likes of the Soviet Union or the Brown Party.

Anonymous did not raid Tea Party Nation. If anything it was a group of kids flying the Anonymous flag on a private raid which is not accepted in the Anonymous collective. Therefore you cannot say that Anonymous raided Tea Party Nation.

its funny both sides are like “oh if they’re so against free speech why are they attacking me????” like the Tea Baggers expect anonymous to give a fuck about anything hahahhaha anonymous is both good and evil and EVERYTHING ELSE. anonymous can save the world and be a hypocrite at the same time… how? because it just can

That fascist prick is just trying to steal money. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything else.

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