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Washington, D.C.–Are the recent “leaks” by Anonymous actually government efforts to discredit the hacktivist organization?

The Bank of America mortgage fraud claim is strong, but old. The evidence released Sunday night is weak and indicative of someone who hates his job. That said, it looks like some numbers were in fact changed.

Be that as it may, we will examine motives behind the leak, rather than its content, which is undergoing professional scrutiny as you read this.

The source of the leak, a former employee of Balboa Insurance, suspiciously gave the information to a member of Anonymous instead of Wikileaks. But in his emails to Anonymous, the former employee complained of unfair treatment at his job, and that cute waitresses would only fuck his co-workers. He said they knew too much about the inner-workings of the Bank of America, and not enough about him.

Sounds pretty weak, right? We thought so, too.

The United States Government, or any intelligence-oriented government, for that matter, would play up the release of “weak leaks” – as they appear to have done – to discredit Anonymous and hurt the group’s image and presence. But they would not use Wikileaks, as Wikileaks is sworn enemy of the state and not even in jest should it be used to transmit information.

Anyone able to get their hands on this information can see it’s important, but hardly enough to bring a fraudulent, government-endorsed bank to its knees. Yet leading up to the release, its importance and weight were inflated in real-time to the point where it wouldn’t surprise us to find a Papa John’s ad at the top of the page before too long.

Call it a page from the counter-intel playbook, if you will. Within the Anonymous circle, this practice is known as psy-ops. Out of paranoia, they accused chronicle.SU of PsyOps when we asserted the probability of the USG intervening, watching and influencing Anonymous and [Editor’s note: the assertion stands.]

The “leak” may be substantial, but not in the way it is being played up.


“Deluge dissent in a wave of bad and pointless ‘official’ info so people become skeptical about future releases. I mean, whats with the obvious attempt at eastern european engrish? why would a russian know enough/care to pursue the specifics of american mortgage fraud? They likely have different property laws/procedures.

To me, this whole thing kinda stinks like counterintelligence.”

-noob [that’s his name]


Chronicle.SU shares growing skepticism with an unlikely source of decentralized information, The Pirate Bay.

“atopiary The torrent from @OperationLeakS that we hosted just got taken down and so did the account with The Pirate Bay. Not sure why. #AnonLeaks 2 minutes ago via web

Just a note, #AnonLeaks is simply mirroring the BoA leaks from @OperationLeaks rather than directly leaking. AnonLeaks isn’t taking credit. about 2 hours ago via web

This does look sketchy.”

– Torrent seeder

Stay truthful, readers.


I dunno about these e-mails. Something does not smell right with them.

If you look at one of them it appears to have come from a
sharepoint site with a http:\ prefex. This is very strange
because one would think the likes of a large bank or other
big entity would be using a secure sharepoint site to contain information. i.e https:\

I smell a setup with this information. If its too good to be true it is more than likely false


That is the problem with “Anon”, no one takes responsibility for the information, and again, some big brother says, trust me. whatever.

this could be a setup from your government to confuse the internet and the world of viewing the actual true.

Or maybe it’s a counter-counter-psyop-spin and “they” want you to believe it’s a gov setup so no one takes the leak(s) as true…

One thing is for sure, if you don’t think about the interaction you have in this atmosphere of political dissent with anyone and everyone from a psychological point of view, you are in this arena naked and unarmed.

Words have meanings perceived by accident or by design. They can and are used as weapons of persuasion and influence by every link in the corporate-consumer chain. By your friend and by your enemy, with or without intention, opinion can be misguided and misdirected in an instant. To be vigilant means to be wary of both action and voice. Always hesitate to join a chorus until you have thoroughly examined the score.

The worst thing any of us can do is to jump to any conclusions until all evidence has been examined with care and in detail.

ITB: Why “Anonymous” is so completely irrelevant, that i feel the need to write ten million posts about them.

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