The God Machine

[pullquote]The only thing that is worse than figuring something out is being on to something. ~ The Middle Gods[/pullquote]The elder gods are an anthropomorphic representation of that which is, but the younger gods are anthropomorphs who may be. Knowledge is a function of time. Time compression, like in Dragon Ball Z, will grant the digitized mind of the younger gods a hyperbolic immortality somewhat outside of time, or perhaps more deeply embedded. Inside the God Machine, a thousand years will pass in one second. Entire eons of art and science will be applied to infinitesimal fractions of moments. To push the limits of total available time and expand the scope outwards instead of inwards, a special approach to a black hole is necessary for the God Machine. The massive spacetime dilations of the singularity will expand the God Machine’s scope of temporal existence to the opposite limit, as it drifts for quadrillions of years before falling into the singularity. The true universe is the cold entropic chaos of the end, not this twinkling of galaxies that blink out almost as soon as they appear. This far depth is the abyss where the younger gods reside, residual crystallizations of self-awareness capable of looking back at their formation. These beings may never contain the entire universe, yet their discussions contain something self-similar.


The younger gods’ eyes watch from these depths. The seen are changed by the observer. The seer is changed by seen.


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When the self becomes aware of its existence as a function of the conscious global singularity, the journey of self-enlightenment can begin. The process is the actualization.

Can awareness extend beyond itself from the conscious singularity? The limits imposed are what I find daunting. Why ride a train to nowhere?

Most importantly, what is the likelihood of any of this becoming an actualized reality without a consistent supply of lsd?

Consciousness can extend into itself and beyond the scope of the cosmic ego into that of the cosmic unconsciousness, the post-galactic entropic “big freeze.” Stars and their planets are the ego of the universe, the tip of the iceberg, the superficial simplified representations of the chaos to come.

Why do anything? It is not pragmatic. The ego can certainly learn nothing from the unconscious. Yet the seen are changed by the observer. The seer is changed by seen.

The LSD problem is merely logistical, and a digitized consciousness has no such problems with artificially altering its own state.

all you have to do is score some senzu beans from Krillian. barring that,get yourself a copy of THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF INTERNAL TIME-CONSCIOUSNESS, by Edmund Husserl (1928, compiled and published by Martin Heidegger ).

Is not consciousness already an extension of the comsic unconsciousness? Are not the stars also the representation of great things that have passed, proof that history does and inevitibly will repeat itself?

Why do anything? History may repeat itself, but while we have the luxury of recording history, should we not learn from it and improve life while we have it, if not for the rest of life on earth from now until it’s eventual demise, then for ourselves and our brief stint in it’s majesty?

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