The Social Media World War Spring

World War 4: Modern Warfare hits shelves tomorrow
World War 4: Modern Warfare hits shelves tomorrow

KIEV — Ukraine’s new government launched “anti-terror” military operations to eject Russian mercenaries entrenched in Eastern Ukraine. Mercenaries with these same fatigues were supported by the nationalist bike gang cavalry in taking Crimea from the new American-backed European Union “Nazis” in Kiev.

These are default lies, insulting to anyone with a shred of intelligence, which are plucked from the ocean of data available now that participating in a never ending focus group, “social media,” is the most popular pastime for internet users. The scary other is generated in a mutual relationship between the audience and the panderer, and this relationship is heightened where broadcasting equipment goes full facebook, twitter, youtube and eventually the audience and the panderer merge to generate an exceptionally convincing pander. This is a high-def photographic rendering of every ideological contour instead of the stylized oil canvas panoramas of the Nazis, Communists, or the victorious United States of America.



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I see the word Nazi and it makes me think of Jamie Jo Turner, I mean Jamie Jo Brinkman/Corne/Lambertz, so I guess she must be really busy these days dividing her time between being an FBI informant in the US for the American Spring/Bundy Ranch seige and now being a CIA operative with #OpUkraine. :::returns to playing ‘call of duty’

Oh look… is it a stockbroker? Is it a quantity Surveyor? Is it a church warden? NO! It’s Bicycle Repair Man! Yes! whenever bicycles are broken, or menaced by international communism, Bicycle Repair Man is ready!

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