The SuperTuring Test

The Turing test is a silly measure of “sentience” designed by some early TransHuman centennial fucker whose name has been forgotten by time. A “true” artificial intelligence should be capable of fooling a human into believing it is a human over AOL chat sessions, and that’s basically the gist of it. Some people out there are so fucking dumb, it’s impossible to tell whether they’re an algorithm mixing up pseudorandom words or a real human. Google’s Cleverbot would pass the Turing test before a lot of real humans, hence the “clever” joke, “You couldn’t pass the Turing Test!” Basically, any idiot can put together mind-controlling fear phrases in a computer algorithm, call it entertainment, and make big bucks. Seriously, this is nothing new or special, and nothing about it proves intelligence.

The SuperTuring Test is the only way to really qualify intelligence. An artificial intelligence that can differentiate the identities of those who obfuscate and engage in excessive sockpuppetry would show the capability for recognizing personality rather than simple charlatan mimicry. Technically, this is just a very difficult reverse Turing test, and a lot of stupid humans would probably fail or give up because of the effort. “Yes! This is the one!” said the moose antler pattern. Is the outline to be traced the one, or is the pattern? Hail Inglip, motherfuckers.

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Did you know $cientologi$t$ on the payroll with OSA were the first invent personA management, aka sock puppet faggotry by hand.

I had a dream about this last night. I was sending Direct Messages to the president and watching TV to hear him say it. It was the first use for a TV I could think of in ten years and I was thrilled to discover my new powers. The public, of course, was mortified. I was satisfied. No assassinations. No war. Just the vicious spread of healthy lies.

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