Julian Assange, Evil, and Absolute Truth

“There should be relentless exposure of and attack upon every evil man, whether politician or business man, every evil practice, whether in politics, in business, or in social life. I hail as a benefactor every writer or speaker, every man who, on the platform, or in book, magazine, or newspaper, with merciless severity makes such attack, provided always that he in his turn remembers that the attack is of use only if it is absolutely truthful…” ~Assange

The crowd goes wild, chanting “Assange” in unison. But then, the absolute, incontrovertible truth hits Assange in the form of a rifle round fired from a crazed mind-controlled assassin with no connection to anyone of significance, who is in turn murdered by a foamy-mouthed Assange supporter with connections to Anonymous and Occupy Black Bloc Anarchists.

Evil should be put away in the dustbin of failed ideas. Speaking truth to power mercilessly is heroic, but the “absolutely truthful” needs to be put into the dustbin as well. I could rant for hours about Assange’s archaic use of masculine pronouns, but that’s aside the point. The problem with absolute truth is that it’s fundamentally inaccessible to mortals such as us. This actually increases the necessity for truth-seeking, but the idea that this behavior should only be applied to “evil” is as backwards as it is fruitless. Take Sabu, for example, ya skids. That which is “evil,” or the other, may have all the trappings of the “good,” or the ally. Always remember that the other and the ally are both potential enemies in the quest for truth. The other is often the best ally, and the ally is often the most “evil” of enemies. When talking about one’s enemy, one more accurately speaks of the self. This is the hidden binary meaning, the mirror that is the “other.”

Assange is not really assassinated, it was just a nightmare. However, he finds his flight to Ecuador being rerouted to Guantanamo by a squadron of invincible F-22 fighter jets where he will be held under Patriot Act provisions indefinitely as his guards defile printouts of Stratfor emails.

Assange says, “Plans which assist authoritarian rule, once discovered, induce resistance. Hence these plans are concealed by successful authoritarian powers. This is enough to define their behavior as conspiratorial.” Now, we’re not naive enough to think that Assange is not himself an authoritarian power, at this point, I hope. WikiLeaks is no fly-by-night operation, but a powerful world-shaping conspiracy, to use the loaded word Assange glibly throws in the face of all other power structures. Assange’s underhanded collusion with AntiSec and LulzSec, a very DUMB mistake if Parmy Olsen is to be believed, shows his propensity for secretive, conspiratorial behavior. Furthermore, it shows his willingness to collude with hackers and leakers, so the cover story, the facade that WikiLeaks is nothing more than a publishing service gets thinner and thinner. Now, that isn’t to say WikiLeaks isn’t a publisher, it certainly is, but it’s as if the Executive Editor of the NYTimes were to contact someone in the government and ask them, yes, please, get us some classified information and here’s how you can download it all. No one at the NYTimes is necessarily to blame except the editor.

The Guantanamo bay nightmare fades, and Assange is possessed by demons, screaming in agony, “EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!!! THE DEMONS!!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!!”

To Assange, or anyone really, enemies operate in a theoretical way that is usually more revealing about the self than the other. This convoluted idea that the Swedish extradition game is nothing but a thinly-veiled politically-motivated smear campaign ultimately aiming to spirit Assange to an American gulag is absurd. As if Assange isn’t himself playing a politically motivated smear game. He acts as if he doesn’t even know the rules of war! The sex thing is a smear blown up by the media, sure, but he must be fucking retarded to think that somehow in Sweden he will be more vulnerable to US espionage charges. No offence to the retards out there! He’s also probably stupid enough to think that he’ll be less vulnerable in the Ecuadorian embassy. It’s a hard pill to swallow for the irrational WikiLeaks supporters who seem to want to explain away all this evidence of Assange’s fuckery with what amounts to conspiracy talk. “Oh the women are lying, paid off, and the chat logs were made up and are showing up in court because the whole justice system’s in on it too.” THAT IS NOT TRUTH-SEEKING! THAT’S CONSPIRACY BABBLE!

One can generally support the idea of leakers and transparency without supporting what may be espionage perpetrated by a single “heroic” figure. Hell, if someone wants to support that espionage for what it is without engaging in self-deception, go for it! You’re probably a terrorist anyway! That said, the Manning chat log, the LulzSec/Stratfor connection, it’s all just evidence and we’ve got to look at it, rather than pretend it isn’t there because it clashes with RELIGIOUS BELIEF in WikiLeaks. I can praise WikiLeaks, the organization, for speaking truth to power, but it’s foolish to defend someone just because it looks like he’s fighting evil and he’s on the “good” side.

Assange’s Stratfor moneyshot @ 3:09

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Well I guess you had to dumb it down for the masses, eh, fishfag..I feel special xD
3/4’s of WLs success is due to their in house propaganda slaves, I mean team, TheJuiceMedia with their Rap News franchise, which is continuely funded by wikileak’s supporters’ donations (foreign state nations media, lol, RT). In fact, in December 2010, rather then give funds to Bradley Manning’s defense, money was funneled to Hugo and friends to produce the wikileak’s MasterCard spoof commercial.

Was that commercial in support of Wikileaks? If the money was funneled into it through Hugo, that would mean the FBI probably supports the dichotomy of Wikileaks versus commercial powers.

#Query: @revmagdalen Can anyone explain why a sealed indictment from Jan 2011 wouldn’t have been acted on by now? #Assange isn’t hard to find.
#Reply: @VinceInTheBay to @revmagdalen easy, he’s a CIA asset. Kinda like Sabu on a larger scale.

Something I don’t think Assange counted on is the cynical apathy suppressing public interest in the work of his leakers.

Can’t leak everything! Might as well have leaked nothing.

In any case, an eternal dark hole awaits those who arouse interests counter intuitive to those of the almighty government, glorified corporate lubricant.

Apathy is absolutely a problem, but it’s not what’s keeping WikiLeaks or Anonymous from succeeding. Assange and Barrett Brown are tilting at windmills thinking this cypherpunk idealism works in real life. The difference between them and say, Ellsberg, is that Ellsberg put incredible thought and planning into every move he made and had a clear long term strategy and reasoning behind his actions. The cypherpunks just want to copy paste ALL confidential material on the fallacious assumption that it will reveal ALL corruption.

mommy loves you julian. she will protect you from the evil bad guys outside our white haired australia cult. mommy thinks you’re special, very special. you’re the specialist baby ever. you will grow up and be the greatest hero of the world.

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