Jon McNaughton: Surreal Political SuperGenius Artist from the Future!

Here is a perfect deconstruction of the very idea of free will. Only the famous and powerful are showered with money, paid attention to, and unchained. The man on his knee, failing to break the shackles of his own contract with society, fails to notice that the child is the only other person than Obama who is still free.
This image depicts the Divine Papyrus Talisman, known to common folks as the Constitution. In front of the White House, presidents ironically on the Left kneel down in reverence to the icon of democracy. Presidents ironically on the Right cower in fear of this document and the “Other,” the demon, the Black, holds up his hands in terror. His visage glows evilly, somehow on an entire different plane than the the rest of the scene. The evil characters cling to heretical “Other” texts.

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That shit looks like the crap Thomas Kinkade paints. Politics on black velvet in the style of Elvis, lolz…except in the second picture I swear that ‘ginger Elvis’ looks like suspiciously like Barrett Brown!

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