Trump to star in ‘The President’ a new Reality TV show on Fox

“Ye fyad”

TRUMP TOWER — Donald Trump announced he has assembled a press pool, in a move that shocked reporters. Traditional print and television journalists will not be given any access to Trump. Rather, he’s assigned several teams of reality television filmmakers to document his presidency.

Trump said, “I want to communicate with the American people. I want them to see the tough decisions I have to make and why I make them. That show will be The President on Fox, and it’ll start on the day I’m inaugurated. And on the very first day, you’re going to see. I’m going to be firing a lot of people. More than ever. It’ll be great tv and it’ll be a great America — just tune in and see it. I’m gonna Drain the Swamp.”

Other filmmakers will document his personal and family life. “Melania’s talking to Food Network. She’s a great cook. Wonderful. Another show, First Family, will air on NBC, and you’ll see the other side of me. I am a warm and caring father, and Melania’s just perfect. We’re good people. You’ll forget about all the lies of crooked Hillary. You’ll see.”

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“Resistance and change often begin in art, and very often in our art—the art of words.” –Ursula K. Le Guin
We’re all just cogs (useful social mafia sh(r)ill or twitter village idiot$ in the wheel of political theater.

Activists and police trade blame after Dakota Access protester severely injured – The Washington Post
‘Anti-pipeline activists accused authorities of firing a concussion grenade that tore open the woman’s arm while she was distributing water Sunday night, while police said officers on the scene in Cannon Ball, N.D., did not deploy anything that ‘would have caused such damage.

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Canadian PM Trudeau’s (RCMP/CSIS codename: Himbo) Statement on Fidel Castro’s Death Met with Ire, Humor
‘The statement spawned the Twitter hashtag #TrudeauEulogies, which quickly began trending as people emulated Trudeau’s upbeat tone & lack of criticism.’
‘”While controversial, Darth Vader achieved great heights in space construction & played a formative role in his son’s life,” tweeted @markusoff, riffing on the Star Wars movie villain.’
+1 to the Himbo

Pizzagate is the best post-election troll, besides the culling of twitter again re: trollocaust 2.0 (2016 version) **yawns**

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