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Barrett Brown released from Prison — What has changed?

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Barrett Brown, who famously transformed into a spider and attacked Anonymous Anthropologist Biella Coleman while in the midst of a torturous Diesel Therapy, is set to be released from Federal Prison on Tuesday. Here’s a small list of the important facts he should know before tweeting plans for a legitimized, legal revolution.

  1. The largest Anonymous accounts are now in the hands of an anarcho-fascist fake political theorist, Heather Marsh. She writes crappy books and has the most inflated and bizarre wikipedia page of all time — even compared to Brown’s, which was propagandized in repeated edits by members of Brown’s Project PM. Read: Nobody really cares too much about Anonymous and it’s basically dead. Any operations done in its name can generally be filed under “fake news” and tend towards fascistic terror.
  2. Wikileaks is now a fascistic propaganda operation highlighting leaks that inspire right-wing fantasies of a Democratic party pedophile cabal (see “Pizzagate”). This parallels Heather Marsh’s Harry Potter fantasy operation #OpDeathEaters, which hilariously sought to rebrand pedophiles as pedosadists, because etymology determines the meaning of words (lol).
  3. During the election, the quasi-Mormon science fiction propheteer Christopher Nemelka donned the Guy Fawkes mask, declared himself the sole voice of Anonymous, promised to continue the neoliberal economic policies of the United States, and garnered millions of views in a viral youtube video that was nearly an hour long. Hit him up if you’re looking for a hit of Advanced Horse.
  4. The Anonymous-affiliated ‘Team Poison’ hacker Junaid Hussain, known as Tr1ck, was killed in a drone strike after joining ISIS.
  5. Sabu, the FBI snitch who Brown defended, has returned to twitter and can be trolled at @hxmonsegur.
  6. Andrew Aurenhemier, also known as Weev, is not just trolling and is an “actual” nazi. He peed his bed when it was reported that he is now a terrorist and consultant for ISIS. The so-called alt-right is a “race realist” white-nationalists-in-denial movement that throws out exuberant sieg heils at meet-ups “just for the lulz.”
  7. Andrew Breitbart’s ghost now haunts the white house, depriving Michelle Obama of sleep.
  8. Alex Jones’ right wing fantasia is a real, actual place where @realDonaldTrump is president of the entire world and that’s a good thing. The long expected revolution has finally happened, and now future terror attacks will actually not be false flags.

16 replies on “Barrett Brown released from Prison — What has changed?”

Figures you posted this past my bedtime. I am old AND old people need LOTS of sleep & a shit ton of prune juice. Meanwhile, in that 1337 jester account, all those menopausal ladies have the night sweats, & like the @realdonaldtrump they’re up all night to get lucky tweeting up a storm.
And it takes a fake to spot a fake, no .. **Tom Ryan’s jester winky face**

**starts twitter pool for bb’s eventuality of multiple parole violations** (READ: RELAPSING)
Oh the delicious irony that Danny and bb are released back into the wild around the same time. footnote: hopefully Danny makes it and bb finally dies in a fire.

CORRECTION (rethink): Pedobear John ‘the mouthrapist’ Tiessen can either drown in a bathtub and/or die in a fire, on tiny chat.
:::Cues David Bowie’s “Cat People”:::
‘See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years
Colder than the moon
It’s been so long
And I’ve been putting out fire
With gasoline’

I’d say grown some balls pedobearmouthrapist (of a 17 years old, read underage victim), but you probably fondle and molest them too.

I can’t believe we have coverage all the way from barrett brown’s rise to, various meltdowns, subsequent arrest, imprisonment and now release.

Fucking weird, man.

Lelz @ the pizzaheads (is that a twitter account yet) spreading the lulz (first time in long time the noun fits verbage or verbage fits the noun, (is it national discourse or a case of cognitive dissonance, tee hee). My favorite thread of twitter tinfoil for the day:
“The medias reaction to #PizzaGate made me believe it 10x more”
I know this is the Xmas rush time at the little woodshoop of whore$ fishfag, BUT ya something of the digital print & radio variety would be fitting just about now in the fake news dept., Santa, I mean Satan.

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