Try Free TerrorMax supplement to enhance internet and sex experience

A Marimba and a Ukulele arpeggiate in two interwoven sinusoidal waves, conjoining along four possible harmonies designed to activate strands of RNA with resonances only possible at LebalDrocer’s patented sampling rates which top out at 10 petaHertz, altering your behavior patterns permanently and at the same time lulling your verbal centers into a highly suggestive state. “Some say Terrormax is just short-term nutrition. It’s got nothing but starches and salt! These fake news internet sockpuppets and their fake Korean missiles, so predictable. So Stupid! Fuck you! You’re fucking worthless. You don’t deserve Terrormax.”

Gripping so hard on the tablet that LEDs short under your thumbs, teeth gritted and your face an inch from the light, your eyes roll back under the skull at the power. “You’ll be the next HITLER! Right here in your hand, the ALEPH foretold of in myth, a window to the world, with you, God HIMSELF over every grain of sand. Be as CRUEL and HORRIBLE as you want. Yes, and take your Terrormax. It was invented by the military, by NASA, and now it’s yours. EVERYTHING IS YOURS WITH TERRORMAX, FOR THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW UNIVERSE — AND IT’S YOURS.

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TerrorMax (patent pending) & pr0n goes great with a side dish of fake news. Js.
Facebook and Twitter should do more to combat fake news, says GCHQ
‘Facebook has come under particular scrutiny after a proliferation of fake news stories went viral during the US presidential election campaign, including one story that claimed the pope had endorsed Donald Trump.’

‘Julian A$$ange stated privately this month he’s turning himself in if Manning gets out’ #AlterNATIVEfACT$

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