Tuskegee Airmen ready to defend Obama’s regime

The Tuskegee Airmen now control a fleet of “homeland security” drones and serve the personal interest of Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Sortero.

TUSKEGEE, AL. — Dissidents inside the Obama administration have unveiled sinister plans, at considerable risk to their lives, which detail a widespread conspiracy both to suppress Republican voting and deny Romney’s likely inauguration.

Should the so-called “oath-keepers,” a group of freedom-loving servicemen dedicated to the American Constitution, rise up against Obama’s regime, a detailed plan will be put in place to ensure Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda.

Firstly, the Tuskegee Airmen will “lock down” the airspace above America. This all-black group of Obama loyalists will instantly disable all air defenses and establish a no-fly zone over American territory. With command over the air, any organized insurgents on the ground will be easily eliminated through the use of drones. At this time, NDAA will be put into full effect and all FEMA camps will be activated. Most conservative Americans will be imprisoned before the reprogramming and subsequent massacre.

Next, Sharia Law will be put in place. All police forces will be disbanded nationwide and replaced with FEMA youth corps, who are a highly militant, well-trained body represented disproportionately by Leftist Blacks and Latinos loyal to Obama. The judicial system will be replaced with a hierarchy of local and regional Imams who will likely implement the death penalty for practice of Christianity.

Finally, Obama will solidify his alliance with Chinese and Arab countries. The purpose of this “alliance” will be to “spread the wealth” around the globe, especially to those countries which do the least work. No longer will America be the greatest country, but rather, it will be the global welfare and entitlement provider.

With nowhere else to turn, Loyal Americans will have to side with Europeans and Australians who are already struggling under Sharia Law. With the whole might of the American Empire at the hands of a Muslim, there is very little hope left for Freedom and Liberty.

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