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Westboro Baptist poses as Anonymous, publishes their own d0x

INTERNET–The perennially fag-obsessed Westboro Baptists have, once again, posed as members of Anonymous–this time releasing their own personal information. While the media sings praise for the vigilante work of Anonymous, Fred Phelps sips bourbon. The stock of his church has gone up, yet again, as the media transfers their attention from the recent school shooting onto a religion designed specifically for the purpose of receiving negative attention. As fucking always.

[pullquote]”Anyone can be Anonymous”[/pullquote]Phelp’s church, plugging each tragedy into a one-size-fits-all protest scheme, has threatened to picket the sacred shooting grounds, which of course will deepen the truly authentic pain these families are dealing with in a profound way that of course has [everything, nothing] to do with religion.

[pullquote]”That little robot woman was as guilty as the man who had married Masson, or as Marie, who wanted me to marry her.” ~ Meursault[/pullquote]So, my friendly internet friends. I’m sitting here, interacting with a keyboard and a monitor, and I wonder if Westboro Baptist isn’t right about something. Religion is the fucking problem. Not gun control. Not lack of gun control. Religion.

We are blinded by that religion called blame. Too many guns. Not enough guns. Mental Illness. A single evil man. Not enough mental health care. These are only the effects of the shooting–the babble of confusion afterwards as we collectively try to rationalize our guilt. These are our rainbow-colored Westboro signs proclaiming what it is God must Hate.

We must not admit something about our culture of alienation is very sick; in fact it is the most disturbing taboo. Anything but us. Please. Blame anyone–or preferably any thing–but us.

2 replies on “Westboro Baptist poses as Anonymous, publishes their own d0x”

your losing readers in here or what the fuck?

Anyone remember that freak that walk in on that school board meeting with a gun? Well one guy with a gun saved the whole fucking school board there.

Need i say more?

P.S. I listen to your blogradio

P.s.s if wbc protested the death of my kids here in MN I think I know what I would do. I think!

Pic says it all

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