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Report: Kim Jong Un a clone of Kim Jong Il

Yes, Kim Jong Un is a clone of Kim Jong Il

Reports from within the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claim that Kim Jong Il successfully cloned himself sometime in the 80’s using a crude, but effective technique widely available at the time. Kim Jong Un was the only survivor after thousands of failed attempts.

Kim Jong Un is virtually indistinguishable from depictions of Kim Jong Il at the same age, except that he is slightly more overweight. This is, of course, a product of North Korea’s economic successes and in no way a genetic factor.

As reports of the cloning spread throughout North Korea, citizens are wildly celebrating a future of endless military and economic victories thanks to the survival of their now immortal leader.

Western powers fear the nuclear-armed Kim Jong-Un, successor to the great empire of Korea. Unification of Korea will follow shortly, as the world applauds the greatness of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

4 replies on “Report: Kim Jong Un a clone of Kim Jong Il”

If he was a clone he wouldn’t have a different chin shape, hairline, different looking ears, and eyebrows. Just because all Asians look the same doesn’t mean there clones. There’s already enough false information being passed as true in North Korea, we don’t need yours here.

What person looks exactly like not only their father but also their grandfather? I’m not even saying this because I have a lot of asian friends and they look very different from their parents (because they contain 50% of each of their DNA). Now I’ve heard of taking after one parent more than the other but this?? And each generation have NO other children..and decide to reproduce around 60 some odd years of age?? Yeah uhhh them all looking the same is just weird. I hope some day they do come clean about their origins because it would be a fascinating glimpse into actual human cloning.

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