Charlie Sheen dead at 49

Charlie Sheen died in a plane crash on Friday evening. The name of the other victim, right, has not yet been released.

HOLLYWOOD—Fans mourn the loss of Charlie Sheen, famed star of Two and a Half Men and controversial proponent of recreational drug use.

While flying his private plane, authorities say Sheen became engaged in autoerotic asphyxiation and lost consciousness.

Search teams located the wreck Friday evening. Cocaine, heroin, and a bag of cannabis were found packed into the aircraft’s wing, which was on its way to Mexico.

Family has not commented on the ignominious circumstances of Sheen’s death, but his fortune has been disbursed to the DARE anti-drug abuse organization.

Sheen recently expressed interest in returning to Two and a Half Men, after being replaced by Ashton Kutcher during the depths of another one of Sheen’s episodic drug binges.

A memorial service will be held for Sheen at the Crystal Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.

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