Trump Grabs Bump Stocks and Citizens Fear a Wall Around America as FEMA Camps Go Online

Trump bumps Bump Stocks and breaks another campaign promise!

Tuesday, the Trump administration banned bump stocks without passing any legislation, putting an end to “legal machine guns” with direct executive action contrary to the constitution of the United States of America. With the same signature, Trump declared a state of Emergency and a permanent government shutdown, thus opening hundreds of FEMA camps around the nation.

This collapse in Second Amendment rights marks another departure for the Trump administration from candidate Trump’s campaign trail promises, as well as a new low figure in the history of presidential approval numbers. Now forced to disarm and surrender their bump stocks, some citizens are looking differently at Trump and his plans.
Larry Smeisser, founder of the Tulsa gun club, told reporters, “Even during a so-called ‘government shutdown,’ the Trump administration sneakily deprived American Citizens of their right to protect themselves. The writing is on The Wall, folks, and that wall sure ain’t gonna be there to protect you from the FEMA camps, now will it?”
Smeisser was angry, slamming his fist into the tattered paper target, “In just two years of his presidency, Trump has grabbed more gun rights than Obama could manage in his two terms, and he’s done it unconstitutionally without passing legislation. And he ain’t paying his damn troops! It’s a sad day for gun’s rights and the NRA didn’t even complain. They’re banning everyone who speaks out on their forums, and the place is obviously full of trolls and bots supporting the ban. I just hate to see what’s happening.”
Barrett Brown, former leader of the hacktivist collective Anonymous, spoke out after hackers downed the official White House website in a digital sit-in attack to protest the move, “I’ve read the border patrol files. Their final intention with The Wall is ultimately to keep Americans from fleeing the oncoming collapse. America will be an open-air concentration camp in the coming weeks. Many political dissidents, such as Commander X, Glenn Greenwald, and John McAfee are already fleeing to South America, and I am making my plans immediately, before the wall goes up. But if Trump has his way, that escape might be closed off forever.”
Alex Jones, once a staunch supporter of Trump, has now had a drastic change of mind, “Well, we knew all along Trump was handpicked by Hillary in her pied-piper strategy, thanks to WikiLeaks, but now Trump only means more of swamp politics, weaker guns, less freedom. If she’d tried what he’s doing now, it couldn’t have happened. There would be massive resistance. This is a dictatorship taking over in real-time, people.”
Jones paused and panted in anger during a part of his live feed that was later removed from video, “Trump’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the worst blood-sucking baby-raping kind of Bohemian Grove ritual freak imaginable, and I hate to think me or my audience had anything to do with supporting his election. But it wasn’t our fault. He was the Great Deceiver, people. The wall is to close us in, keep us in and declare an emergency, all the FEMA camps are coming online as we speak, right now. And it looks like we’re on the eve of destruction and I have only been the prophet of the Antichrist. But now I’m going to fight. And we’re not going to let this happen.”

QAnon announces #GESARA #NESARA, FISA courts approve secret law enabling Global Financial Reset

INTERNET — In a startling turnaround, QAnon announced in a ‘breadcrumb’ that the liberty agenda of GESARA NESARA will soon come to replace the corrupt zionist financial cabal and destroy the Deep State in climactic and total “reset” of the economy, providing each and every citizen with monthly $5,000 payments and massive expansions of Social Security payments to the elderly.

For decades, the Deep State has SUPPRESSED the NESARA GESARA foundations by PERSECUTING their adherents as scammers and fraudsters.

In 1994, Patriot Clyde Hood formed the Omega Fund, which would help underwrite a TOTAL ECONOMIC RESET as outlined in the NESARA bill written by Professor Harvey Barnard. However, the Deep State soon SUPPRESSED this investment fund, and were later unmasked by the Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin. Hood served 12 years in prison after admitting to the scam, to avoid exposure much like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopolous.

Hood has since rebuilt the Omega Trust and one day plans to repay all investors triple their promised returns and take down George Soros and the IRS forever.

“Pull the tower”

QArmy White Knight insiders say the Rothschilds will be forced to pay back what they’ve stolen from the Omega Trust, allowing American citizens who also bought into the Trust to receive back Prime Bank Notes in the amount of their deposit, taking back not only the power to the people, but the money used to restore that power.

The NESARA and GESARA legislation, which was secretly passed on September 11, 2001 at the moment of the collapse of the South Tower, will only go into effect once it is announced. The Deep State has so far been successful in suppressing the secret law, but with the help of Q Anonymous, Donald Trump plans to Announce NESARA GESARA before Valentine’s Day, putting a final end to the Criminal Deep State IRS. Until that time, QAnon suggests that QArmy should avoid asking too many questions, keep calm, and Trust The Plan as it unfolds. The Storm has already passed. Russia is Done. Collusion is over.


To ensure so-called “governments” can’t eavesdrop or track payments to the Omega Trust, a person once needed to wrap their money in tinfoil before sending it through the Deep State mail system. Now, Cryptocurrencies have solved that problem, and you can invest bitcoins directly into the Omega Trust, courtesy of Lebal Drocer, Inc. here:


All proceeds will be directly invested in Gold and Silver immediately upon receipt, ensuring an end to inflation and a 1,000x return as your investment is redistributed.

5-D Chess: The future of economic freedom

Dr. Celeste Troubadour brings hope to millions, and is even rumored to embody President Trump himself, who draws ever closer to resetting the global economy.
Dr. Celeste Troubadour brings hope to millions, and is even rumored to embody President Trump himself, who draws ever closer to resetting the global economy.

Your bitcoin contributions, besides being used to buy up global corporations who lord debts over you to control your thoughts, are spent fighting for the freedom of truth activists such as Julian Assange. For example, funds donated to the above address are being used to provide legal representation in the case against Dr. Celeste “The Dove of Singularity” Troubadour, who was jailed after 9/11 for trafficking cancer curing medicinal marijuana.

His case, as it plays out in secret FISA courts, is one example of many how the Trust is being used to fight for you, to reset the financial system, free every last American from debt, and build the Wall. When NESARA GESARA resets the global economy and all debts are forgiven, the Trust’s vast Gold and Silver assets will mean prosperity for everyone, especially you. The Swamp is already Drained and your bitcoins are turned to Gold, just as ancient Alcehmists always Dreamed.

Snowcrash in 2018: A hopelessly optimistic dystopia

Neal Stephenson’s breakout ‘post-cyberpunk’ novel, Snowcrash, injected a heaping dose of realistic hard science fiction to slap down the more fanciful mind-uploading cyberpunk worlds of vague geometric ‘data’. Instead, Stephenson imagined a video-game like ‘Metaverse’ very much like many virtual worlds and massively-online games that exist today.

“Didn’t anybody tell you that I was a hacker?” Hiro tells an opponent after hacking him to pieces in an online sword fight. In 1992, this didn’t mean that he was a cheater, it just meant that he was a skilled computer programmer.

Snowcrash “Gargoyles” are nerds who wear bulky computers on their body, too immersed in an augmented reality to carry on a decent conversation. Today, high powered pocket computers, ‘smartphones,’ make nearly everyone a gargoyle.

Time has revealed this seemingly cynical novel’s boundless optimism, and it’s not just a handful of small ‘jetpack’ moments like these. Stephenson’s antagonist, L. Bob Rife, is the stereotypical bad guy depicted by Silicon Valley monopolists even today. His plot to control the ‘technological priesthood’ through ancient religion is foiled by Hiro’s swashbuckling antics. But the telecoms who handle the internet’s hardware aren’t controlling anybody’s minds or forming vast unaccountable monopolies that have any influence except over the bottom line at YouTube and Netflix. This is, in fact, the same antagonist that Silicon Valley has forced onto the world through so-called “Net Neutrality” campaigns even as their libertarian-individualist-disruptive monopolies usher in a disturbing and terrible age of right wing mind-control that makes the mind-control dystopia of Snowcrash look like the Hundred Acre Wood. The hacker elites are not the target of mind-control. If only. They are the hapless and often red-handed purveyors of ‘fake news’ propaganda, anti-semitism, and other horrors out of last century, rather than ancient Sumeria.

Hiro Protagonist works for the CIC, a privatized CIA, which pays good money to internet users for uploading videos and other content. If only neoliberalization ate the military intelligence institutions and turned them into some entertainment apparatus like YouTube, except with fair pay! The one important thing Snowden’s revelations have shown the public is how privatized military intelligence is only opening up possibility for more and more abuses. In Snowcrash, the relics of the US government are depicted as the bad guys, colluding with the unregulated mind-controlling L. Bob Rife. It is more than a bit curious that one of L. Bob Rife’s central missions is importing vicious criminal refugees to the US, and chief among them is a Native American sexual predator.

While still a bit edgier and more fun than its bland and shitty counterpart, Ready Player One, Snowcrash has aged very poorly over just the last few years. If it predicted anything, it was only the narrow and terrible world that Silicon Valley and their heroic hackers have built for us today.