TH3J35T3R steals credit for UGNazi fuck-up

Islam, JoshTheGod, UGNazi member and founder of, was arrested by undercover agents Tuesday for credit card fraud.

Manhattan– The internet police monitored the illicit activities of “hacker” Mir Islam in order to effectively establish undercover agents in his midst. Hilariously, an agent brought him an FBI-issue credit card pre-loaded with OMG DON’T TOUCH THAT MONEY funds. The agent said it was a counterfeit credit card pre-programmed with legitimately stolen credit card numbers. Islam – being a lazy, ignorant bastard – believed what the federal agent told him and was subsequently arrested after he tried to use it. Somehow, the jester is taking credit for this.

The FBI:

Mir Islam, a.k.a. “JoshTheGod,” trafficked in stolen credit card information and possessed information for more than 50,000 credit cards. Islam also held himself out as a member of “UGNazi,” a hacking group that has claimed credit for numerous recent online hacks, and as a founder of “Carders.Org,” a carding forum on the internet.

Last night, Islam met in Manhattan with an individual he believed to be a fellow carder – but who, in fact, was an undercover FBI agent – to accept delivery of what Islam believed were counterfeit credit cards encoded with stolen credit card information. Islam was placed under arrest after he attempted to withdraw illicit proceeds from an ATM using one of the cards.

Today, the FBI seized the web server for and seized the domain name of, taking both sites offline.

FBI Takedown by the Numbers
Source: FBI

In May, UGNazi’s supposed identity was revealed; however, exposure did not deter attacks on things th3j35t3r loves, which did not necessarily piss off law enforcement agencies, either.

Nor did it prevent him from going on the record about the Six Flags attack in his passive accent and limiting high school alpha male persona.

Pointless slapfighting ensued and, with the exception of rustling Roseanne Barr’s jimmies, nothing really got accomplished until today, when agents on federal payroll did their jobs proving once again that a college education and eight hour workday are all you really need to protect what’s left of a restless, decaying society.

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i’ll think about it. on a side note you’re not obligated to reply cuz i use the name geo.
hope that clears up some confusion

anyway i’d like to start a thread about the upcoming election.
what do you guys think about gary johnson?

We almost got an interview with Mr. Johnson but he switched days on us and Tyler Bass couldn’t agree to it.

What questions do you have about him? I’ll do a story.

no specific questions, just a general inquiry of your (genuine) opinions on his character. i don’t know much about him other than the interview i saw on the daily show.
imo he’s worth voting for simply because he isn’t romney. i mean, i think we can agree romney would be a disaster. sure, obama’s administration gave guns to mexican drug cartels and didn’t get the economy turned around in the slightest, but romney is sure to gut what’s left of the middle class and put us in another war we don’t want.
i’m dreaming of thinking any of it matters, i know. but let me dream. no, dream with me.

They’re ALL for doing what our generals want. The presidency is literally a contest to see who can show the most support for the American war machine and Gary Johnson still wants to win. I mean – he knows he can’t – but he wants to, and he’ll kowtow to the Military Prison Industrial Complex very much in the same way as Obama, Bush I & II, Clinton . . . Reagan.

I have no faith in the presidency anymore and I am convinced the only way Americans can “take the country back” is to vote, but not for a party candidate. I guess the internet’s going to have to get behind somebody who wasn’t introduced by a TV from the Senate floor.

Obama and Romney are going to play the same game. Obamney. So would Johnson or Ron Paul. The fanaticism I see behind Paul reminds me very much of that I saw with Obama, but I have no faith in that man because of his connections to white supremacy and hate mongering. Like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson espouses a “philosophy” of military non-interventionism and “limited government.” Like Ron Paul and Barack Obama, Gary Johnson, too, could not break himself – or our country – from the comforting, slightly-too-tight hug of military omnipotence.

John McCain used to be on the Daily Show, too. They loved him while I was still in high school, because he would talk to them and say stuff that made Comedy Central viewers feel good. Comedy Central is owned by Viacom, who just want you to feel good and buy high quality products, and vote for whichever candidate you are stupid enough to trust because they made you that way by parading him favorably through the Daily Show. I love the Daily Show, but I hate political parties. And I hate Gary Johnson.

yeah, i get the comedy central thing. it’s a snake eating it’s own head. they’re basically mocking us to our faces and most people still don’t get it.

and i agree the only ‘real’ way to instigate any positive change is for the public to get behind a candidate not raised on the senate floor or by investment bankers, etc. anyone fighting for a party can’t be someone that will fight for the whole country, and that’s where the problems come into play. the two parties both have prejudices and whoever is on the other side of the winning party is more likely to feel the negative effects of their election. or w/e.

i wonder though, if it’s possible to change the country from outside the political realm. i mean, are we just being to pussy to get the change we whine for?
or have we just realized that it’s impossible? idk..

but anyway, i agree with that entire comment.
it’s depressing, but it’s all too true

we need a collective paradigm shift, a massive change in ways of thinking across the board. you’re right to be discouraged about slow change in government. that’s just the tool, not the hand. what we need is viral education, so people aren’t fooled by politicians and their tricks. we need a move towards a postmodern, post-structural point of view where we give up on absolute Truth for the sake of real discussion about truth.

or we can sit back and laugh while the whole thing goes up in flames. i’m leaning towards that.

i’m not ready to watch the world burn. i feel like that shift in thinking is ready to be set in motion. i think all it’s going to take is a few of the right people to find their voice. not just anyone, but someone who can relate to the population the level fucked we’re all getting in a way that won’t immediately turn off farmer joe. but also, they would need to offer solutions, the obvious of which is total unity against tyranny.

we can’t expect a perfect world, even once we get our shift. there will always be stupid people, but there’s no reason they have to have majority. what we can have though, is a renaissance of thought, where we start focusing on science and logic and history and philosophy, instead of what snooki had for breakfast. i’ll never understand how people are willing to let their brains waste away watching the lives of some famous for nothing, or even famous for something pieces of shit.

but enough ranting, i’m getting nowhere. you guys are usually smart, you have connections right? lets at least give it the ol anarchist try. if we can’t get start an overhaul on the paradigm, would it not be satisfying to say you tried?
maybe not, maybe once your in the ground it won’t matter anymore. i can’t buy booze yet though so it’s hard watching the world burn.

It’s plumber Joe, geofag….and u think we should let u vote, ahahahaha, NO!!! Come back when u have hair your balls & your doesn’t crack anymoar…

would that it were possible. historically, we find, seemingly, not one instance of what you are suggesting. and instead, what we DO find,is the continual re-occurrence of large groups of people making choices based on simplistic (emotionally satisfying) beliefs of complex issues.certitude = comfort and re-assurance. uncertainty = fear/discomfort/anarchy/world-with-no-ground-underfoot.

You’re not even old enough to vote geo ‘teh puppet boy’ , get back to your parents bsmt, where u belong!

damn i fucked that up.

i do have a specific question.

do you think he has the capacity for bringing change?

So glad I do not live in Americunt and it’s weird you ‘geniuses’ around here think that voting will fix that which is beyond repair. There is this little thing that has been plaguing the American system since bob knows when, it’s called election fraud, even more prominent since the introduction of electronic voting machines.

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