Chris Nemelka: Advancement Opportunities

Christopher Numb Milka’s new book is about advancement of person, place, and time.

It resembles his previous works in every way, except this one is called Advancement Opportunities and You: Christopher Nemelka’s guide to enlightenment through entheogens, having sex with Chris, and doing heroin, probably also with Chris.

He is married to the Oxford comma, even in titles. But what is Christopher NOT married to? A wife!

Now that’s advanced.

This has been a test. If you are reading this message, all systems are nominal.

A short radio test will follow.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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i miss back when wikileaks was likeable

Wackyleaks was never likable. And Scientific Journalism was just another buzz phrase to suck you Millennials

LulzSec on Twitter: “Sabu doesn’t know, but someone hacked his webcam. Should we release more pics?” / Twitter

Now this is funny

Oh it seems sum bitches at the FBI got drunk at their Xmas party n’ started tweetin’ from the original @lulzsec twitter account for teh lulz (since 2017). Unless it’s AVAnon, the one that got away with all that BTC ?.

You had a ‘night terror’. There’s a doc on the subject. I saw it at the docs festival a couple of years back. It’s b/c you’re thinking & missing your friend.

hello and welcome to a very special edition of internet hate radio. radio hate is brought to you proudly by lebal drocer, inc the only REAL corporation to own living human beings in he 21st Century

FOX News

the internet chronicle is a source of lag and delay on society, po[isoning developing minds before they can form meaningful bonds to the state. papa daddy trump dawg pimpin hoes in the white house, by the piss load.\\

he etats the pussy. he does meth and only sleeps soundly on wet rubber sheets. he tweets the beautiful babies on secret DM. nobody knows what they are saying.

on hate radio.

still alive¿ yea, its a shame. how was ya homo christmas¿ gay, i hope. if ya in need for any new years resolutions, my tip bury the rape frenzy, ritual scarifications are the next big thing. or genital tattooing. be hip, be avantgarde, for de arts u know. and shit.

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