“YouTube Homesteader” Jesse Stafford Dead after Construction Accident

Jesse of Pure Living for Life died Friday in a tragic home building lifestyle decision gone wrong.

INTERNET — Jesse Stafford of Pure Living For Life passed following a tragic construction accident, Friday evening after trying to repair his new home’s leaking roof.

Pure Living For Life recently drew controversy from the YouTube Homesteader community after Jesse went “on-the-grid,” rigging a 300 amp line directly into his garage’s bedroom.

“The first snowfall ripped all the screws right out of our house,” Jesse uttered in this fateful last video, titled Is this THE END of JESSE on Pure Living for Life?!? The video, which includes graphic footage of Jesse’s death, has received over 10,000,000 views, earning his surviving partner, Alyssa, a Platinum YouTube button.

“Yeah, I’m not so sure about these products,” Jesse moaned, “We doublescrewed the whole house and they still didn’t hold. Everyone said they were good screws but I guess what does the internet know.”

The house’s famous Structural Insulation Panels, buckled and dangling into the badly cracked foundation, funneled a stream of water directly into the exposed 300 amp electrical box.

“Now I know a lot of YouTube safety people are going to say this isn’t safe, but I’m going to install a bigger ridgecap, which should finally be big enough, put the glue down first this time, and see if another 7 cans of foam will fill in the extra gap. THAT should solve our little ‘electrical’ problem.”

Climbing up a hand-made wooden ladder, Jesse howled into the wind as Alyssa tried to stabilize the drone. “Now this will get some clicks! Woooo!!!” Fans noticed this was the first time Jesse had ever worn a toolbelt, but instead of tools he had filled each pouch with cans of insulating foam and clipped even more cans to the back.

Fans noticed that the timber frame structure of the house, which was attached to the foundation only with a few toenail screws, is shown totally detached earlier in the video. Moments after removing the first piece of the leaking ridgecap, an immense creaking can be heard as several of the Shelter Institute’s joints give way and another corner of the timberframe slips off the foundation. As the Structural Insulation Panels are shorn across the splitting roof, a cloud of sytrofoam obscures the view of the cameras. Several minutes pass, and the drone footage shows a scene that only gradually becomes clear. Alyssa is standing in her garden next to a ball of foam that has engulfed Jesse. A hundred jars of Verde Salsa are embedded in the surface of the foam.

Jesse’s cause of death has not been determined, but Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador of the Bonner’s Ferry Hospital told reporters, “All seven of the cans of foam split open within a second, and because there were two different brands with just the right catalysts, the foam expanded almost explosively and set up before he even hit the ground. Whether he was squeezed to death, suffocated, cooked by the immense heat, or was somehow poisoned by the toxic gases remains to be seen. It was likely some combination of all of these, but it looks like the foam at least shielded him from the worst of the fall from the roof.”

Alyssa has retreated from the public eye for the moment and there is no word on the future of Pure Living for Life.

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In reading this article it’s clear that it’s fake. It shows a person fixing a cap on it pipe for a wood stove. That’s Jesse working on the pipe from the wood stove on the cabin not the house. No wood stove in the house.also I went through six months worth of news articles for the Bonners ferry. Everyone who dies there is about 90 years old. Exciting news stories consist of poisonous plants and a fire truck. From the wording style I think this is from the guy that called himself Future Hindsight.

love good sarcasm and parody.. Pretty obvious that is exactly what this is.. someone has to much time on their hands. grins

What a absurdly ridiculous story!!!! I can’t even say it’s good fiction! Just stupid! And What does the communistic scythe and hammer symbol mean? Is this propaganda of some sort?

While followers and fans are genuinely concerned for what is going on with the family, this BS that is from 2018 came up. Oh, YUCK!

I am so sorry for your greif.I just found Feb.2020 what has happened.I wish you luck in what ever you and your child do from now on.

Sounds like something Jesse himself would write to escape prying eyes. Too bad, will be up there around June to see for myself.

After I saw this post I looked around on the internet for the obituary for Jessie I could not find in a bit for in a funeral home’s website or not or a newspaper website nor did I find any videos on YouTube that’s specifically quoted newspaper or funeral home posting

You had me going for a minute, and then i realized it was all just B.S…… I honestly hate to think Jessie wrote this story himself especially with all the loyal subscribers they had to their channel. I mean really only a scumbag would do something like this.

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