QAnon announces #GESARA #NESARA, FISA courts approve secret law enabling Global Financial Reset

INTERNET — In a startling turnaround, QAnon announced in a ‘breadcrumb’ that the liberty agenda of GESARA NESARA will soon come to replace the corrupt zionist financial cabal and destroy the Deep State in climactic and total “reset” of the economy, providing each and every citizen with monthly $5,000 payments and massive expansions of Social Security payments to the elderly.

For decades, the Deep State has SUPPRESSED the NESARA GESARA foundations by PERSECUTING their adherents as scammers and fraudsters.

In 1994, Patriot Clyde Hood formed the Omega Fund, which would help underwrite a TOTAL ECONOMIC RESET as outlined in the NESARA bill written by Professor Harvey Barnard. However, the Deep State soon SUPPRESSED this investment fund, and were later unmasked by the Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin. Hood served 12 years in prison after admitting to the scam, to avoid exposure much like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopolous.

Hood has since rebuilt the Omega Trust and one day plans to repay all investors triple their promised returns and take down George Soros and the IRS forever.

“Pull the tower”

QArmy White Knight insiders say the Rothschilds will be forced to pay back what they’ve stolen from the Omega Trust, allowing American citizens who also bought into the Trust to receive back Prime Bank Notes in the amount of their deposit, taking back not only the power to the people, but the money used to restore that power.

The NESARA and GESARA legislation, which was secretly passed on September 11, 2001 at the moment of the collapse of the South Tower, will only go into effect once it is announced. The Deep State has so far been successful in suppressing the secret law, but with the help of Q Anonymous, Donald Trump plans to Announce NESARA GESARA before Valentine’s Day, putting a final end to the Criminal Deep State IRS. Until that time, QAnon suggests that QArmy should avoid asking too many questions, keep calm, and Trust The Plan as it unfolds. The Storm has already passed. Russia is Done. Collusion is over.


To ensure so-called “governments” can’t eavesdrop or track payments to the Omega Trust, a person once needed to wrap their money in tinfoil before sending it through the Deep State mail system. Now, Cryptocurrencies have solved that problem, and you can invest bitcoins directly into the Omega Trust, courtesy of Lebal Drocer, Inc. here:


All proceeds will be directly invested in Gold and Silver immediately upon receipt, ensuring an end to inflation and a 1,000x return as your investment is redistributed.

5-D Chess: The future of economic freedom

Dr. Celeste Troubadour brings hope to millions, and is even rumored to embody President Trump himself, who draws ever closer to resetting the global economy.
Dr. Celeste Troubadour brings hope to millions, and is even rumored to embody President Trump himself, who draws ever closer to resetting the global economy.

Your bitcoin contributions, besides being used to buy up global corporations who lord debts over you to control your thoughts, are spent fighting for the freedom of truth activists such as Julian Assange. For example, funds donated to the above address are being used to provide legal representation in the case against Dr. Celeste “The Dove of Singularity” Troubadour, who was jailed after 9/11 for trafficking cancer curing medicinal marijuana.

His case, as it plays out in secret FISA courts, is one example of many how the Trust is being used to fight for you, to reset the financial system, free every last American from debt, and build the Wall. When NESARA GESARA resets the global economy and all debts are forgiven, the Trust’s vast Gold and Silver assets will mean prosperity for everyone, especially you. The Swamp is already Drained and your bitcoins are turned to Gold, just as ancient Alcehmists always Dreamed.

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I think the Blackout and 10 days of Darkness must happen first. Then the 3 day 24/7 program ran on your phone by the (Tesla) Star Link sattelite that will let us all know what the Cabal and Deep State has been doing all these years.
Then they will announce to all of us the new
Financial Quantum System Nesara Gesara.
Once it’s announced to all then it’s on like donkey Kong so make sure u have a copy of your Birth Certificate.

I agree with you, But the blackout does this mean no power?? I dont want the power to go out. Im looking forward to watching the movie,

I’m gonna drink that Kool-Aid as I celebrate my home ownership with no mortgage due, no income taxes, no IRS, all loans and credit cards paid off, more income, and it is all good. I had to wait a while, like we all did, but good things do happen to good people. Thank God for the US Military and Donald Trump. It is only fitting that we now learn that Donald Trump is adopted, and that his biological father was General George Patton. The son was kicking ass on the battlefield, just like his dad. Amazing story.

Excellent. It was announced on you tube Nesara Gesara is fully activated. Some big banks have been given the money for paying off loans. Have you heard where we can find out about our banks and loans?

Would love to see this happen, but do a search on this and you will see its been incorrectly dated for over 8 years now. Mike Lindell told us Trump would be Pres in August. Then Sept. Then December. We were told the GESARA was kicking in its last paymaster release 10-20. The day they drop my mortgage, my car payments, children’s school loans, and return my taxes to me is when I will believe this stuff is happening.
Not one spread of documented proof has be released to demonstrate any financial GESARA transaction has taken place.
Hopium. Pure HOPIUM.

WHY are you anonymous?
How do you know Its not true?
Maybe you Will be the one who is rudely awakened.

Is there a global bank that works with Nesara this close to the roll out? Nesara allows my information to be just mine. If I do it now my ex abuser tracks me through my SS#.

If anyone wants to remember the people that aren’t here to enjoy just their lives.. everyone should feel guilty not being patient enough to have a debt forgave.. I think about the towers coming down that day and know it was done on purpose. ..I can’t get out of my head what happened to the people on the planes? They didn’t hit the towers I don’t believe.. what did they do gas them all? What about all the people that died on the Titanic? Can you imagine waiting to die? I’m hope everyone takes a little bit of whatever they get and makes the world a better place somehow. I’m great ful for Donald Trump.and all that he has done for us. I can’t imagine where we would be if he hadn’t won.
Keep in mind the Lord Jesus is light when we need answers. He should be are only praise in the world. God sent him to die for us all.

I heard there is 900 people that was in Wittnes protection program. They already told some that’s alive is Elvis, Michael Jackson. Lady Diane, Kobe Bryant, robin williams and of course JFK Jr who is our Vice President They said everyone on that plane is alive They kept them all protective so they could help bring the deep state down. You have to do deep research to find things

you’re right! Its alot To digest. We must bê better To each other
And greatful for our blessings.

Yes Donald Trump is a deliver and we the people will possess the land just like they did in the time of Moses
History repeats itself when this is done the harvest comes in God will use his people who are standing to possess the land and bring in the harvest the biggest harvest the world has ever seen

I know past proved present just want to see if we still think valentines day 2021!!! That would be this week and this would be amazing!

Yeah it’s after. All times day and almost March 3 rd, I’m thinking SAVE THE CHILDREN was way worse than they had originally thought. Which caused the delay. Perhaps? So have you heard anything new? I’ve heard March 20th or
April 20 th, I hope not, that would mean I need to get an extension for our tax return. I can’t wait for the IRS to go away, been dreaming of it for almost a year!

April 15th, IRS will be gone sooner than they could work on your returns. Your returns will be shredded. Put disappearing ink on them. ????

It’s July 10 and the IRS is still here. I got a bill from them yesterday for $1,310. This is all BS.

Looks like It is now activated. Received direct deposit from IRS today. My student loan payment is again suspended. And deadline for income tax filing is extended to May.

THIS YEAR! THE YEAR TRUMP RETURNS AS OUR PRESIDENT AT LAST! TRIUMPHANT! Nothing short of Biblical will all this be, the saving of the children, taking down the cabal, deep state, satan, getting rid of msm, IRS, income taxes, mortgage for older homes, ew kind of money, new phones, no more 5 G or any G phones, no more microwaves and poisonous TVs that cook our brains! Bring in the med beds! I’m excited about those the most. Help the rescued children, our military, the elderly and sickly. Would also like to cure my son and husband and help me also.

i believe this is going to happen but when? Many are losing faith that is is going to happen when the dates keep getting pushed out, no matter how long they keep pushing things out something else will come up and push it out again. we need this to happen ASAP………….

We are not on our time for this to happen, we are on GOD’S time!!’!! What’s more important to you what you want or what is good for all those babies and children that are being torcherd and murdered by the satanic devil worshipers ! And getting rid of the evil in the world so we will have LOVE & PEACE in our new WORLD. KEEP PRAYING FOR EVERYONE CLEANING UP THE EVIL

Selfishness is still brewing. For all of the evil they took down & still are people need to learn to be more patient! My goodness did they just say losing faith? If we losing faith we don’t trust God to do what He needs to do in His time. God gives us what we need not whay we want. If its worth having the fight isn’t gonna be easy, its gonna be difficult! When it’s all over we will all appreciate our patience in the Lord for saving us all from the evil that could’ve been. So I say Amen to this message! Thank you for your wise words. God bless you!


We need to just stand we are in a battle look I’m 62 and have seen things you would not believe this is for not just our future but also that of our children and futer generations we must stand on God’s word in faith America was founded so that we could freely worship our God we are in covenant with him he will never leave us or forsake us trust him

God is GREAT I am still getting to know him and he amazes me everyday! I can’t wait to meet him in person! Glory to GOD!❤

Get if through your thick stupid heads. You have been snowed, lied to, taken, screwed. It’s all a big farce, scam, fraud. I can’t believe how many stupid people are in this world.

The Democrats cheated on the election, Much more children in more tunnels than they dreamed possible, and the swamp is deeper and denser that imagined,

Is the Nesara/ Gesara in affect now
May 17 2021
If a A & B company trying to sue you in court. What are my rights?
Court date MAY 25 2021

The children in the tunnels stopped everything. President Trump and others have vowed to find every child and save as many as possible and to make those involved pay, and they are paying. Military tribunals and executions. Crooked Hillary was hung. Brennan and clapper only got life but Brennan eventually was executed. Obama’s have been executed. Comey had the firing squad. Thousands more coming. I read that what isn’t leaked will be kept from the people. Lots of clones.

I got my entire tax return direct deposited in my Acct saying some tax thing changed and I got a refund plus my negative student loan has disappeared from my credit says closed and paid hmm?
Now I’m just waiting on that $5,000 a month payment which isn’t enough for all the BS enslavement that we have lived through but I’ll take it.

Shows how little research you do.

WE THE PEOPLE are rising .

Satan and his puppets have lost. The light has won.

God wins.

If you have a current mortgage it will be forgiven. If you purchase property there is one time tax built into a new loan but not compounded. All bank loan forgiven. This has already implemented in Iraq which I found Iraq News. This to your own self, your intuition, not the n

For all those who believe the Dems!! Explain why they are torturing & killing children? Explain why they are millionaires? If you can’t see the Evil in this it’s because you have Evil within you! CHILDREN are God priority what you do to them will be to you ! WO to those who touch the little children! GOD is done with this EVIL!!!! He always has the last word!

OMG, now I KNOW my family member is mentally ill.
Besides scamming gullible people out of their hard earned $, (just like the so-called Zionist and Rothschild cabal-have you EVEN read how Hitler rose to power? “Cabal, Jew bankers, Jews killing babies for their blood, etc”?), you are putting forth GESARA as the answer? ????

And you think Trump and all his industry bloodsucking cronies will happily abandon their power, stranglehold on regular folks? THAT IS SOCIALIST, Commie stuff. The capitalist system would be over.

Same old crap as the whole Sovereign citizen which bamboozled my family member into “paying” bills with the alleged account. The power was turned off and he nearly was arrested. I relate to the wish for freedom from wage slavedom but you are nuts if you think GESARA will occur…..

I hope u get busted for fraud.

Whenever this happens are you going to accept everything that was promised? If you do then you are worse than those who you claim are pulling this SCAM that you say it is, Our LORD & SAVIOR is the one leading the so called SCAM!!!’!!! I will pray for you non believers!!!!!!

He is the harbinger of the anti Christ. This nesera is a program satan has been trying to implement all along! Please wake up people! Next it will be the mark of the beast. FEMA camps here we come?


God Bless President Trump and everyone who backs him .. Save the Children .. If there’s anything I can do please let me know.

Hahaaaaha ….that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all day !! You must of been dreaming that jb won the election,I do know that he is gonna be getting a spa massage

Yes!!! Yes!!! Freaking tell them! Wouldn’t it be great if all who doesn’t believe in Trump and our God if they just keep wollering in the pitiful place they are in right now and Don’t rise up with the rest of the world!! Trump haters should stay in hell if they don’t realize what Trump is about!! That would be absolutely FAIR!!

You bunch of dumb f—s! You have no idea what Trump and company really think about all of you pathetic moronic idiots. Don’t worry. You will soon find out.

‘intel’ for these people must have a different definition. Perhaps Jethro Bodine could put it in simple terms for them, or Ellie May’s chimp.

You are correct they are greedy son of a bitches and god sees their ugly heart trump left his life good life to help us regular people cause he was sick and tired of this country going to shit because of high power money hungry fuck faces i just want to take a moment and say THANK YOU DONALD J TRUMP FOR WHAT U HAVE DONE TO SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM THE GRIPS OF HELL MAY U ALL WHOM HARMED A CHILD IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM ROT IN EVER LASTING FIRE TILL YOUR SKIN MELTS LIKE WAX WITH NO SIGN OF RELIEF FORVER HOW DARE YOU SICK FUCKS HARM ANY CHILD THANK YOU FOR BEING BRAVE DONALD J TRUMP AND OUR MILITARY AND FACING THE EVIL THAT IS PLAGUED ON OUR EARTH I LOVE U

Well said president Trump has been sent by God to help save the tortured children, to help correct the evil that has taken hold of the world.A slow agonizing torture of the evil and corrupt is what is deserved.

Got to love the dumb asses that think they are the only ones that really know what’s going on. Trump didn’t destroy the cabal. He didn’t drain the swamp, he filled it. Trump is the deep state. You think if he and the ‘secret military operatives’ were executing all these people, we wouldn’t find out about any of it? Also, even if that were the case, don’t you find that really disturbing that these people are not allowed a fair trial, let alone any trial? You can’t think that far in advance because your head is so far up your ass. Yep, Trump is just waiting until he can come back to save your sorry asses. He don’t give a rats ass about anyone but himself and you think he is going to be handing everyone money because ‘they were wrongly taxed’? Pull your head out of your ass and think for a change. The only World Debt Reset program that will happen is that of the beast system. You sell your soul forever for a lie.

Trump gave the power over to the military under the insurrection act. They are conducting the military trubunals in GITMO, DC, various other places. Treason, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide do not get a fair trial. They get executed.

?? just laughable.

You have alot to learn.

Pick a side. Good vs Evil.

This is not about Trump. Nor Sniffy dementia patient.

This is about Good vs Evil.

Guess what . The LIGHT won.

God wins- Always .

That’s right .Trump is an instrument of God and only doing the work of God ..It is about ridding the world of the evil that has tortured and killed thousands of innocent children and people and continues to kill them with vaccines in an effort to depopulate the earth by falsities to take over the earth and control people and get rid of those who cannot be controlled.
Trump is restoring our country to the free expressions and liberty’s our original Constitution of 1776 and forefathers fought for guaranteed us with the help of God ..God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump and our Military.

wow thank you for showing what you are, if this doesn’t tell you what you need to know I don’t know what else would. I love the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD and the TRUE PRESIDENT TRUMP.!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

AMEN……You just can”t wake the sheep, only God can. It will be in his own time for the darkness to turn to his light. We the believers know this

They are given a fair trial. The evidence is put in front of them at a military tribunal. Indisputable, but they are able to move on with the trial going thru the evidence or end it with a confession. No slick lawyers on the other side to try to throw it out on a “technicality”.
There are over 300k indictments, which can mean up to individuals of the utmost crimes. Gotta keep it moving. Thankfully there are military tribunals to do that.

If nesara is a tool of satan then why did satanist bush prevent it on 911 by blowing up the twin towers and stealing trillions from the pentagon?
I think all of you are off your meds

Right On! Because it is “for the people”. Heaven forbid. That can’t happen and they have proven that time and time again. Just look back and do the research

You’re confusing the cabal reset with Nesara/Gesara. JFK was trying to get it rolled out and take down the CIA. That’s why the assassination. It was signed into law in 2001. Cabal did the 9-11 event to prevent the announcement and implementation. Now Trump and JFK Jr. are going to make sure it happens.

Who is it, exactly, are you referring? Please keep in mind that the anitchrist and his mentor ( Obama and Killary ) have both returned home. Frying in that nasty sulfuric pit. With an unforgiving flame that’d cool them dead in their tracks. Only to die again. For all eternity. For the very crimes against ALL humanity ( God’s Children ) those evil tweakjob cabalists imposed upon us all. They truly are getting their money’s worth of the very pain and torture we’ve all endured, as Patriots, throughout time. Through the Nesara/ Gesara, God has placed and anointed President Trump for such a time as this. To restore the years the locusts have eaten and stolen. Under the cabalist regime, I was forced into indentured slavery without a place to call home for over half of my adult life. 2 failed abusive marriages, in which, I was the victim. Was forced out from my son’s life for over 10 years. Still had to pay child support. Could not see him because I was imprisoned over faked domestic violence charges. Nearly committed suicide over the mounting pressure of forced homelessness in the cold desert weather while busting butt to maintain a full-time job into that I vainly invested another year of my life. All the while, trusting that my Lord and my Saviour, Jesus Christ, has me in the palm of His Hands. Right smack dab in the middle of His Love. Which, He does. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be pointing these very things out to you. Only to conclude in this simple, little statement.
Patience is a virtue developed. A luxury afforded. And, a gift well worth waiting over 50 years to receive.
Remember all of this the next time you choose to offend the next person that’ll respond to you…In the Abundant Love of Jesus Christ.

I would just love to see how many of the non belivers are willing to give back any n all monies givein to them by this Nasara. i myself would gladly give anything thats givin to me if it would help in any way shape or form help those babies that had to edure this horrific life they`ve been forced to live thus far….. God bless the men n women that are putting they`re lives on the line to fight this until the end…..thank u President DJT.

the MSM really has YOU brainwashed, what do you think the deep State liberals and many of the republicans have done to children. HR Clinton was a sacrifice witch ,. know your FACTS . Research YOURSELF.

Uh, hunny that would be DEMONRATS and a few republicans, most republicans are good, not shills, not criminals and not SATANISTS, certainly not pedos or baby killers, that would be demonrat, liberal socialists, marxists anitifa monsters!

The deep state members will deny to the end. They , like the – judges will refuse to look at any evidence . They are depriving the American people the best President ever – President Trump .

Why do u think Trump is hated now by hollyweird and his so called cronies. President Trump is saving WE THE PEOPLE and the World. Exactly what JFK was going to do prior to the CIA killing him.

Ditto! I have been saying Hollyweird for a long time. Hollyweird Celebrities, global elites are at the center if Androchrome & Pedifilia. Trump is here to take them down. That is why in a nutshell the guilty hate him so much! I predicted Trump would win over Killary! P.S. I have been researching the NWO for a very long time. The Lamestream media are the puppets of the NWO!

Thank you Julian! I have been researching for about 6 years, ever since Hillary was saying she was going to run, I said, oh hell NO! I really didn’t like Trump from everything I read, saw, but the. Something told me, he’s a much better choice than that evil witch! I knew she was a murderer, I just did t know how bad! So then I started reading up on her, family tree, then Trump, in Brave and Dissenter search engines. I realized everything they said about Trump, Michael Jackson also was lies, all lies! Then I went deeper in 2019, deeper in May 2020, I knew that p,and Emil was a hoax, it’s a different strain of the flu we get every year, all year, but more serious than the flu for the elderly and immune compromised, weak and sickly. So I found out even more, including arrests! A few executions! John MC Cain, George he Bush, Pence, then Hillary and Bill, then it got even more interesting, so he’ll yeah I voted again for Trump, only to find out those demonrats cheated when I saw the numbers go from Trump to Byeden in lump amounts after midnight! That made me so mad! I almost broke my iPad. I’ve been to some rallies, saw JFK in the stands behind Trump in disguise, that was cool, had just found out a few months prior that he was alive too. What a FUN day that was! My first EVER Presidential Pre
Election rally!

JFK Sr was alive until recently, he formed Q. Jacquelyn is still alive. JFK Jr will be vice president under Trump. Princess Diana is still alive. Lot of folks we thought were gone have been in hiding for protection.

Right On. There is a growing list of dead celebrities who are not dead. It will be a shocker for many when they find out.

All you have to do is look up the membership roster of the Council on Foreign Relations and you’ll see all Americans that have been involved to overthrow this country in favor of the NWO for many years.

Lots of celebrities and Fake News already had military tribunals. See if you can identify any clones out in among the people. Twitter and Facebook continue to shadowbanned the truth.

YOU STE SO EXTREME and naive. You have no idea what this will do! It is going to help us, not hurt us! Leave Trump out of this, he has helped more people than you have your whole entire life and in only 3 1/2 years! Enjoy your time in the basement liberal TROLL! Trump is a Godly man by the way, Loves God! Shame on you!

Trump is the only one to step up to the plate who is not one of them, cannot be bought or sold, had nothing to gain by taking on the shitshow on a daily basis, over 50 assassination attempts, funded his own campaign, took nothing from the people, loves America, talks constantly about the corrupt evil establishment will be taken down and wealth be given back to “we the people”

So basic education failed you ???. People like you jump off cliffs and claim there is no gravity as they fall to their deaths ??? HOPE YA GOT YOUR VACCINE !!

I agree 100% , its June 5th and nothing
The big Qpsyop
New world order
Trump pushing vaccines killing so many
Trust in God

I have faith in THE CREATOR but like my father said believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. But I pray it happens the treasonous sadists need to be shot and it should be televised world wide as worming and to prove it to the world!

God’s people are the Jews!! God does not care about bit coin or money. In fact, you will have to choose Him or money. You guys are all being led down the wrong path. Trust in the BLOOD of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us and the forgiveness of our sins. Wake up to the right side of the bed or you’ll find yourself in hell – literally. The devil is a master manipulator- don’t be fooled!!


Gesara already in place in Mexico, El Salvador, Russia, etc. etc several countries. Only reason we haven’t had Nesara announced in the US is because of so much resistance. It is coming very soon. All must be done by end of August

Wow Mags is a hater extraordinaire. I guess they’re looking forward to having a Hitlery as President so that communism will reign supreme, which means you will not have any guns and people over 50 get whatever brand of eugenics they want. Everybody else gets put into FEMA camps. This is the NWO Agenda if you want to be a Democrat (Communist) otherwise be happy that President Donald Trump is doing what our creator has sent him here to do. He is ordained by God, as it has already been prophesized many times by many Prophets is even stated so in the Bible.

So be happy Nesara/Gesara is coming. The deep state has been pulling every trick in the world to keep it from happening but God wins in the end, always remember.

Do you even know what namaste means as you speak of the God of the universe? Didn’t think so, nor do you have any inkling of what you’re talking about, Trump IS A ZIOIST KABBALIST, damn ppl are so gullible!

The book of Revelations: will explain to you everything. God is using Trump, to reveal the Evil of the deep state, while he’s also setting up the stage for the NWO. The signing of the Peace Treaty Marks now the 1st accord of the Abraham Accords. The Bible specifically, breaks all the events of the end time Prophecy that will come to pass before the 2nd return of Christ. Israel is Gods chosen Land Genesis: 12-3 [The Lord made the Covenant with Abraham] and the Lord said; I will Bless those who Bless you, and I will Curse him who Curses you. Zechariah:12-9 It shall come to pass in that day, I will seek to destroy all Nation’s that come against Jerusalem. Everything taking place is Biblical, the words of God’s Prophecy is taking place right before our eyes. Once, the Temple in Jerusalem is finished being built. It is there when the Anti-Christ will seat himself at throne deceiving many where he will claim to be God, and at that point. It will be the Desolation of Abominations. End time ministries with Erwin Baxter is great! If your interested in learning more about it. ??God Bless You ??

Idon’t think g (@truthfortruth7) knowshow to read. Only hears demonrat talking points and repeats.


Amen, SOON TO BE THE 19 th PRESIDENT FOR THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! IT WILL BE SO BIBLICAL! No one will ever forget what has happened and what might have happened if the cabal had won that faithful day when Hillary killery could have won. Praise GOD whom all blessings flow! Amen

I read this posts and thought “what a D ick!’ Then I realized it was a Laura. Accordingly what vshould we call her?!

YOURE an ignorant NAIVE FOOL and a traitor to our country! Trump will set everything right and you will be so sorry for your blaspheme ways! May God have mercy on your very wicked tortured and twisted mind and soul!

All the trolls in this country will remain in this dimension, the 3rd dimension, and the believers will progress to the 5th dimension and there will be peace forever. You’d better make up your minds where you want to be.


Read Romans: you’ll discover that God has temporarily suspended “prophesy” during the dispensation of grace!

The despensation of grace, is that when he gives us some time to repent all of our sins and come to him for worship and praise and love? Or am I missing something. Thank you!

After decades of boiling us frogs thebliea and delusion will finally end
The decades of suffering and barely making end meet will be abolished.
The constitution will be the way of life and freedom and justice will finally be the road to the pursuit of happiness

I agree, so many books missing from our Bible, revelations set up too scare us all doom and glum. But God’s children know the truth, 1000 years of peace.all Glory to father God!

2021, but it’s delayed because of a combination of things, one is there where more children, more tunnels and D.U.M.B.s than they originally figured on, CCP so,diners, more than 200,000 have Ben fighting them down there and under the capital and inside and under the whitehouse and inside also. That’s why they put the fence up with the gates locked on the outside and the curled prison wire facing inwards, to keep the CCP enemies inside. It’s working too. I personally cannot wait for our debts to be paid off, so I can help my son and his fiancé get a place of their own! When I die they will get my house. It’s not huge, but it’s nice, almost completely updated, took me almost 10 years to work on all of it. I also have wanted to have a dog rescue to help with the population of dogs. I’d also like to foster 2 children at a time. I was a foster child myself and adopted. I had a very sweet childhood, very loving parents! Nesara Gesara would help so many lives, so so many people! We could have God in schools again and abolish laws that let pedophilia be legal! California has that law. Abomination!

Amen to that! You and I think alike. I’m wanting to do the same things as you when NESARA/GESARA is enforced. Help the children that have been victimized, abused and tortured by the deep state and pedophiles and help the animals.

Best wishes to you and your family and may God bless!

That’s all I can think about is helping with the children.. I would love to adopt 1 or 2 of them myself. Give them the love they so deserve.

Wrong year dear, 2021, it’s a tad late because of what I said in above comment. It’s on its way, GREAT things take time!

Remember this is God’s time. He doesn’t have a calendar to go by. It will happen when he is ready. We are all going to become very wealthy. Hang in. It’s coming.

And exactly how is that gonna happen that we all become wealthy noone is just gonna say hey heres a million dollars go have fun

I have a friend in intel. The biggest mistake anons make is predicting when events will happen. I can tell you everything written here is true. And it will happen in the right time.

Exactly! I have great intel also! Thank you! They need to be patient, ROME was not built in a day or a year. It will happen this year though. Been told March thru April will be YUGE months! Lol it will get her when it gets here.

Update from Charlie Ward.
President Trump signed the documents for NESARA/GESARA on March 3, 2021.
According to Charlie, we are very close to revaluing the financial system, to a global currency reset. 
We’re a few days away from that
From the patriot:
I have nothing to add to these statements except “Hallelujah” and ” Glory to the Lord.” Trillions of prayers, affirmations, meditations, and dreams are about to manifest! So it is.
Thank you Q-Team, thank you, President Trump, thank you, brave military soldiers who have saved children for the last 4 years, thank you to all the White Hats!
Charlie Ward:
▪️On March 3, Trump signed the documents on NESARA/GESARA. So, now it’s happening and very active! Everything that goes on behind the scenes is now fully revealed. We’re a few days away from that.

I had a round table with the leading experts of the quantum financial system. I am now very close to them, and they are going to tell me what I can talk about, and what needs to be kept secret for now. When we get through this, the money won’t matter…

I think they’ll let Biden bring down the stock market, so you can say: “Look what he did! We had a healthy economy, but you let that monkey in!»

▪️This is pretty close. I won’t say too much, but it’s very close… This week or next week, what I’m talking about will happen. March madness is real.

▪️You WILL HAVE cash. The Federal Reserve system is transferred to the Treasury, so the Treasury will control all processes. We won’t call it the Federal Reserve, it will be the Treasury. The Federal Reserve was a private corporation.

As far as I understand, I don’t know everything, but Donald Trump never wanted to punish the poor. Most poor people in China, India, and Africa don’t have bank accounts. There will be cash, banknotes and coins.

We can not say that in the future everything will change dramatically in terms of the usual perception of money, but remember about the USN, which is a banknote and a US coin. So, you will have banknotes and coins included in the new system.

I’m sick of hearing we are close. No one knows that. Oh yeah, Social Security is getting a big COLA raise next year. I know that a lot of us on SS need it now and now 6 months from now. I believe there will be no more Social Security Administration. They have sucked the life blood out of us and they owe us for that. I just wish the wait was over with the 10 days of darkness etc. and we could get out country back.


We don’t actually know this has happened. We are just told to “trust the plan.” If everyone knows this bad stuff is happening what a choice maneuver to make it appear that the darkness that everyone knows exists is being taken down. But no proof of course…

The prof is in your gut, heart and the pictures of thousands and thousands of children being saved every single day! Arrest warrants, indictment ive seen and the list of who was arrested and whether they were executed or serving life in GITMO or prison in Iceland. I’ve been told politicians and military who get life stay at Gitmo, Hollyweird goes to Iceland, also heard there was a prison on one of our moons, they might be there. CANT imagine 2 moons, Mars has a military base and our troops train there! Awesome! The truth about our sun, the solar system and earth will blow your hair off , if you are bald, it will blow the roof off your car! There are evil animals that were bred to feed on babies and children in the tunnels also, after they had been tortured, raped, abused and the Adrenochrome was harvested, the. What remains was fed to these animals, called ( Burrowers). I’m telling the cabal of the deep state were ALL evil! Every last demonrat amd 6 to 10 republicans or even more! All getting washed out, starting over for America, but brand new also!

Go on WARNUSE 18 you’ll find arrests, executions, house arrests, waiting for tribunals. Also, lookup reports by Judy Byington. She is an excellent reporter on what is happening with the human trafficking and others.


Ask yourself this, why would a family rich business man ever consider leaving his luxuries for office that was run by corrupt politicians? To give away his pay? To be hated by many? To defend everything he says, does, looks, thoughts, conversations, gestures, or simply just doing his job… but not above the law… within the law???? Answer… simple… for you… For America. He’s a smart man, he’s surrounded by smart people and he wants all people to prosper in this country, ALL!! I’m damn proud to call him my President of the United States of America.

The same reason all of them do: blackmail. For America and still shoveled trillions into banker pockets this year? SMH… it is a true delusion.

AMEN!!! I trust Donald Trump and I believe in the plan. Thank you Mr. Trump for making right the wrongs done in this country. I used to think there was nothing I could do to change things and just had to accept it. I now see that it didn’t have to be that way. The reason why “they don’t make ’em like they used to” is because they weren’t being made where they used to. I will wait on The Lord, Donald Trump and the military to clear the swamp. I CANNOT wait to see it unfold! I will get the Popcorn and watch how this horror movie ends and the good guys win. What a relief to know this is getting fixed!!!!!

Jesus is GOD and LORD, HE is in control no matter what we all think. And the LORD is using President Trump to help this country and the world.

Just as He used Moses repeatedly. Trump was called by God to do the impossible. I watched everything. He is a Master Chess player!! The greatest President in our history. Thank you Lord God Almighty. Thank You so very much!! ?

SUBSEQUENT STRATEGIES.—Beginning in 2021, the President, in coordination with the National Security Council and the National Economic Council and the heads of other relevant Federal agencies, shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a national economic security strategy—

Everyone one should read this. I just learned about nesara/Gesara and kept thinking of the saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. This article sure confirms that. Another article I read said the mark of the beast is the COVID vaccine because it’s not a vaccine. It has dna altering properties to make you conform, in so many words. I was a Trump supporter until tonight. I need to be on my face before God. I fell for the wolf in sheep’s clothing. If this article had any credence at all, this will be happening within this year for sure based on how things are moving. God bless you all.

Haven’t any of you seen the matrix? NEO is the chosen one! He is going to defeat Mr. Smith and the machines and free is from the matrix!

Q never posted anything about nesara or gesara ( ). Trump has never mentioned them either, as far as I know. This is not part of the plan. In fact, nesara and gesara seem to be part of the commie takeover plan. Has anyone actually read up on this stuff? The idea includes a universal basic income. There would be a central economic authority over the entire world and nations would be prevented from going to war because they would lose their financial backing if they did. Who gets to decide who eats and who starves? Do you know the psycho-social effect of a universal basic income? It’s the worst possible thing that could happen to us! Huxley’s nightmare is what leads you into Orwell’s nightmare unawares. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Refuse nesara and gesara!

I’m worried about that too. Dont get me wrong I’d like to see DS pedophiles swing , our money back, all interest on mortgages, car loans, credit cards etc… done away with. No irs. Maybe even 100,000 a family lol. BUT you give the whole world so much money they dont need to work um. No. I’d rather see that money go to restructure schools, roads, build homes for these tortured orphan kids and other meaningful things and not make us a lazy bunch. Not that it wouldnt be fun for a little while but then. Just not a good idea and sounds a lot like socialism. I hope we aren’t doing what the left did and not seeing the truth because of selfish wants.

In President Trump’s CPAC speech he talked about Nesara/Gesara. In his 2016 inauguration speech he eluded to N/G. Have you listened to ALL of his speeches/ words? Also if you watched the 2016 inauguration you would have realized much of the military was surrounding him. That has never happened an inauguration. That signaled that something very different was happening on that day. I know everyone is busy with life but he has talked about it. Not everyone has been listening. So many people dislike Trump because he seems very rude, brash, and uncontrolled but I personally believe much of that is an act. He is practicing the art of war. I do believe he will be the answer to all the corruption.our country has seen. I do believe God has set him to this purpose of restoring our country. God uses imperfect people to accomplish his great works. Keep watching. ?

Was wondering when someone would mention this, I followed Q from the beginning and don’t remember Q mentioning Nesara/ Gesara at all, I would have dumped Q straight away if that had happened, some you tuers who reported on Q mention it, but I never trusted them, I certainly hope Trump and Q are not connected to this, they have always spoken about a Christian Great awakening.not a New Age/New World Order one.

Not true – the plan you are speaking about is the New World Order that the DS cabal are desperate to roll out. That plan is full on Communism. One currency, one government and one religion (Satanism). Nesara/Gesara is power back to ‘We the people’, each nation is sovereign, independent and governs itself. True freedom! no income tax, free energy, release of 6000 patents healing technologies (Nicola Tesla) like med-beds, cancer cures. One flat sales tax on non-essential new goods only. Increased income for seniors. No wars, no nuclear weapons. Trump was asked to run for office by Q (a small group of military who want to free us of the FED and FIAT currency. Through the EO Mr. T has confiscated all assets from the pedos, and illuminati. Vatican – gone. 650 plane load of gold seized and brought back to US. Queen -gone all assets restored to US. Trillions and Trillions of gold bars. We are moving to the Quantum Finance System – Quantum consciousness – and everything quantum. Whatever we were traded on through our ‘strawman’ comes back to us. All the illegal taxes comes back to us. Honestly, we are going into a golden age. And it is going to be soon. The GREAT awakening.

Its very True, President kennedy started this Trump is finishing this It is not nwo. Look it up and read it. Np othere president wanted to do this. Federal reserve an iRS are illegal .They wanted t steal the money from the taxpayers.

Qanon doesn’t exist. Q exist and Anons exist. There was never a drop on the Q board that mentioned GESARA/NESARA.
JFK was going to implement prior to C_A having a hit on him.

I hope all nay sayers have done research and found NESARA/GESARA IS TRUE. It was secretly signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton in 2000, but Legislative body hid it. The Children are being saved and so is ALL of Humanity. Things are getting ready to be released, but it’s on God and Military’s time. Q and Anons and Military and POTUS Trump do NOT disclose until. It must be announced by POTUS Trump to go into effect and that is coming sooner than most can even comprehend life’s movie now. Be patient and Hold The Line! God, Our POTUS and Our Military have this. GOD Blessed them ALL and SAVED THE CHILDREN.

Thank You. You are spot on! God will see the people of America brought to a new Awakening. Just be patient.

Have you noticed those of us that believe share our research the naysayers just call names and don’t backup anything. We need to ignore them, we can’t help those who won’t accept it. In time they will see for themselves. We will have to be there for them and just smile………that will be our “I TOLD YOU SO”. Bless all my fellow patriots, enjoy the finale of this crazy movie we have been watching. Like our REAL PRESIDENT SAID….”THE BEST IS YET TO COME”. Jubilee is coming…love and hugs

Trump signed 209 countries last few years into Gesara!! Fact!!! Trump has mentioned Gesara Nesara ..Why do you think he says you will love how this story ends!!! He’s even talked about taking this country back for the people!… He’s draining the swamp!! This will all happen soon!! Why do you think he set up executive orders on foreign interference in our election? To seize all assets it’s a deep swamp folks!! Trump said they would cheat!! He set them up! Genius!! Trump and military let this all play out to let them commit the crime!! Treason!! Audits will prove it all! Trump had a group across the globe working with him and our military to take down all this evil so our world will be a better place for all of us!! The video of all the world leaders with Trump and he said Trust the plan.. the reporter ask what plan? Trump stated you will see!!! It’s all planned out like a game of chess!!! Trump will Checkmate soon!!! The evil people would never let us have a life of real love and freedom!! Changes had to happen before The One World Order that was pushed by Bushes,Clintons, Obama and Biden!! A lot are gone that we think are alive and many alive that we think are gone! Enjoy the show! God wins! Good beats evil and The best is yet to come!!! Have faith!!! Trust the plan!! God bless President Trump and our great militaries across the world! This has been a world wide effort!!! Humanity deserves no more evil so we can all live in harmony! So long these evil plans were set out to divide us! Thru race, thru wealth and even thru being a Democrat or Republican! Our lives,our families,our children and grandchildren are the real importance we should all be in support of! In God We Trust ..United We Stand… Divided we will fall!! Wake Up! Trump is put here to make life better for all of humanity! The vaccine was to stop them from keeping us in lock down like in the evil plan of 2030!! Trump said it was up to us if we wanted to take it.xqqq Trump is one step ahead of them! Trump has a lot on his shoulders! We all need to unite with Trump to save our children!! Human trafficking and satanic evil worship is real! It’s time we stop all this evil!! Enough is enough!! Please keep praying for Trump and our military! God hears our prayers!! Good will win over evil! Trump won the 2020 election too!! He will return soon! Audits all over real audits! We need to unite when these audits show the truth! Let’s hit the streets and get our real President back in power!!! We The People deserve our votes to be honored!!!! Trump won and We all know it!! Best movie of our lifetime is playing out right before our eyes!!! May God bless each of us and all of humanity! Nesara Gesara for all of humanity! In Jesus name I pray Amen

Thank you Jana Joiner!
Glad to have a fellow believer here. President Trump has trained his whole life for draining the swamp and Jr has spent a good adult portion of his life getting to the bottom of the history and details of the evil bloodline who have controlled this world since OT times, and promised he would bring down the evil that took his father down, and the Creator God appointed both of these friends to do what He(God) has prepared them to do.
God does NOT quit in the middle of what He is doing and neither does our beloved President Trump! Pretty sure VP JFK Jr doesn’t either, since he has taken on such unimaginable rolls, all behind the scenes learning even more through unassuming disguises. What a remarkable human being!!!
There is NO WAY that this that is happening is not through God’s direction and His love for humanity, that Satan, the evil god of this world, has tried his hardest to corrupt and destroy, hating the Redeemer God more, but hating and destroying His creation God designed in His own image giving them freedom to choose, and who provided eternal life for all those who trust Him, while Satan will spend eternity in a flaming Hades designed for him and his followers.
It is June 10, 2021. Everything is very fluid with thousands being arrested all over the world. Gesara/Nesara is already started or is very close. God’s timing is perfect regardless of our time or planned time. Fluid means a LOT of movement! Trump won the election by a landslide and the investigations have proved it.
We heard 3GD is going down or may have already fallen, and China has been freed of the Cabal. We also heard the military is getting ready to remove the fake president and put Trump back in along with Jr.
We look for any moment for the internet to go down and get completely scrubbed, and the new free Tesla internet and new free power to come in. We expect all the networks to go down and the new televised “Taking down the Cabal“ to be shown 3X 8hrs X 3 days ONLY, to be shown all over the world.
We expect Fauci to be arrested and be charged with crimes against humanity along with Bill Gates. Military Tribunals are going on at Gitmo, and several other locations across the world 24/7. Many are being executed for crimes against humanity and treason. Hollywood is disappearing, Wall Street is panicking, and the political systems are all going to hell.
This has been a red line being drawn in the sand between good and evil! Evil has been being taught it was good and has been being rewarded for it’s evil while good has been being called bad and being punished for the good it has done.
A world-wide revival is happening! God is freeing and bringing millions, (some stragglers) to Himself through His Son the Sin-Bearer, to be taken up with the church before He brings His wrath on the remaining unbelieving world.
Pray for the world-wide revival

Jana Joiner, thank you!!! Thank you, I whole heartedly agree…my thoughts exactly… We are truly blessed to be alive today to be apart of this Great Awakening …the process of Nesara/Gesara is in fact being implimented Now!!!

Remember his speech when all branches of the military walked up and stood briefly behind President Trump when he said ” the country will be given back to you,the people” then, they immediately turned and walked away . I believe he was letting us know at that point, the military was in charge..Sleepy creepy Joe has never had any authority. This show had to play out to wake up people to the corruption. Trump has alway shown us signs of what was to come. Looking back now so easy to see..
People we thought were dead are alive in protective custody people we think are alive are dead and actors playing them…It will shock the world when all is revealed.
Exciting jubilee

Wake up sheeple. This will be the greatest transformation America has ever seen, Q is a trusted group within the NSA . All of the information regarding nesara/gesara is available to everyone willing to find it. The wealthy don’t favor the legislation because they will lose the wealth they have spent their lives earning. The poor favor it because they have everything to gain . Educate yourselves and get right with God as you understand him.

I love all the comments, negative and positive. I am finding more and more belief in the Nesara Gesara plans. I at the same time am very concerned
in how all this will play out. I am within 2 years of retirement. What happens to all the money I have paid into social security? I was looking for that money to help my wife and I enjoy the rest of our lives.

Shane, you will be receiving far more than you would ever expect to receive under the cabal’s corrupted social security.

A couple of days after the towers went down, President TRUMP and a couple of his Engineers were inspecting what was left of the towers. HE has firsthand Knowledge of what happened…look closely at the News footage. I assume he has been on a mission since that time. Thank you President TRUMP for YOUR 21 Year search for the TRUTH! Sorry for my poorly informed fellow Canadians. I am a North American Aboriginal. What gifts “Creator” has not has not given me, seeing the truth was not one of them. Thank you “Creator” and thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP!

LW, the vaccine or “suicide shot” that you perhaps took was the mark of the beast ….the patent number was 060606. Do your research.

U.S. CORPORATION citizens will be required to sign a loyality agreement to get the Nesera payoffs and funds.
Two weeks later Gesera will go out to the rest of the world and they will sign the same agreement.
Then, everyone in the “world” including those in th U.S. who signed the agreements will be contractually obligated to the New World Order as WORLD citizens.
Then after that the only money that will be left in the world will be the single digital world currency.
The only way out of taking that MARK, is to have enough water and groceries to last 5 months. (May, June, July, August, September), then the one true God of the universe will return to Earth to pass his judgement on the ones who signed the contract.
This is the way I understand it, and am willing to pay any consequences for not recieving the Mark of the Beast.

Matthew 24:22
And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

This verse is for those who do not take the Mark. It is saying that most of the world will take the mark except for the elect who believe in Christ’s return.

Hi All… Don’t be to harsh on your brothers and sisters. We all wake up to the truth at different times and degrees. You can only support those who accept your help and that may not be all, who you want to help. What you can do is educate yourself to be ready for what comes, at whatever time it comes. When you’re prepared you can support those around you if they need help.
I wanted it to happen yesterday… it didn’t. I want it to happen today… it hasn’t. What that really means is I want this to become public to the sleepers. Behind the scenes the World is changing and nothing will stop this volcano from surfacing. For now stay alert, be prepared and support those you can when you can.

Still waiting and praying ,for our president law enforcement and all the people working to put America first

There waiting on 80% of the people to wake up. Trump is a kind gentle man and doesn’t want to freak out the ones still sleeping. When the EBS is finally released…depending on how much detail they tell us…it could harm people that are still sleeping. There are many shocking disclosures available. Some are saying “most everything you believe or have been taught has been a lie”

It’s 2022 now , and still not here !
However most don’t realize what all this entails !
This is not an easy task whatsoever , I feel it will be done in my life time , just really doesn’t bother me, even if it’s not done , well I don’t put my trust in mankind to begin with
My trust goes to the very One who created me !
Either way it goes
God’s Will
Will Be Done
Not Man’s Will

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