Trump Grabs Bump Stocks and Citizens Fear a Wall Around America as FEMA Camps Go Online

Trump bumps Bump Stocks and breaks another campaign promise!

Tuesday, the Trump administration banned bump stocks without passing any legislation, putting an end to “legal machine guns” with direct executive action contrary to the constitution of the United States of America. With the same signature, Trump declared a state of Emergency and a permanent government shutdown, thus opening hundreds of FEMA camps around the nation.

This collapse in Second Amendment rights marks another departure for the Trump administration from candidate Trump’s campaign trail promises, as well as a new low figure in the history of presidential approval numbers. Now forced to disarm and surrender their bump stocks, some citizens are looking differently at Trump and his plans.
Larry Smeisser, founder of the Tulsa gun club, told reporters, “Even during a so-called ‘government shutdown,’ the Trump administration sneakily deprived American Citizens of their right to protect themselves. The writing is on The Wall, folks, and that wall sure ain’t gonna be there to protect you from the FEMA camps, now will it?”
Smeisser was angry, slamming his fist into the tattered paper target, “In just two years of his presidency, Trump has grabbed more gun rights than Obama could manage in his two terms, and he’s done it unconstitutionally without passing legislation. And he ain’t paying his damn troops! It’s a sad day for gun’s rights and the NRA didn’t even complain. They’re banning everyone who speaks out on their forums, and the place is obviously full of trolls and bots supporting the ban. I just hate to see what’s happening.”
Barrett Brown, former leader of the hacktivist collective Anonymous, spoke out after hackers downed the official White House website in a digital sit-in attack to protest the move, “I’ve read the border patrol files. Their final intention with The Wall is ultimately to keep Americans from fleeing the oncoming collapse. America will be an open-air concentration camp in the coming weeks. Many political dissidents, such as Commander X, Glenn Greenwald, and John McAfee are already fleeing to South America, and I am making my plans immediately, before the wall goes up. But if Trump has his way, that escape might be closed off forever.”
Alex Jones, once a staunch supporter of Trump, has now had a drastic change of mind, “Well, we knew all along Trump was handpicked by Hillary in her pied-piper strategy, thanks to WikiLeaks, but now Trump only means more of swamp politics, weaker guns, less freedom. If she’d tried what he’s doing now, it couldn’t have happened. There would be massive resistance. This is a dictatorship taking over in real-time, people.”
Jones paused and panted in anger during a part of his live feed that was later removed from video, “Trump’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the worst blood-sucking baby-raping kind of Bohemian Grove ritual freak imaginable, and I hate to think me or my audience had anything to do with supporting his election. But it wasn’t our fault. He was the Great Deceiver, people. The wall is to close us in, keep us in and declare an emergency, all the FEMA camps are coming online as we speak, right now. And it looks like we’re on the eve of destruction and I have only been the prophet of the Antichrist. But now I’m going to fight. And we’re not going to let this happen.”

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