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The logical conclusion to the Occupy Movement: The Great Collective

Occupy has proven the power of Social Media. Protests are more visible, sustainable, and effective than ever before. However, the movement is struggling to maintain momentum as it reaches the inherent boundaries of protest.

The Great Collective is the logical conclusion to Occupy, the decentralized masses with no leaders and no agenda, not a political party, a collective.  Effective campaigns can now run with little or no money using crowd-sourcing, viral marketing, and social media.

The decentralized Occupy model is inherent in the structure of Social Media. Occupy’s life is not the flesh that is sitting in the park, facing down Stormtroopers. It’s the people watching, organizing, and supporting via the Internet. This throbbing neural pathway which has burned itself into the great network of social networks is absolutely determined to overthrow all power which has no true legitimacy. Occupy is only the first rumblings of something much, much bigger.


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go billy! i mean tis is not funny, like all your other stuff, but i see some insight. no nazi-fanboy stuff as usual. wut happend, change in medication?
p.s.: teh sopa ting yesterday wus lightly funny so.

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